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B-Rescued Names

If you recognize anyone let me know and the photo is yours. If someone already claimed it, I can send you a copy or feel free to "copy & paste.

  Boyd Beluafs from Blackfoot, Idaho

Hennan (or Kennan) Black, Provo, Utah
 Kay Barton "Cy", Monticello, Utah
M. (W.), Blum (Blue), found in Cedar City, Utah.   Reverse side says: Born Oct. 20, 1854, near Bunker Hill, _____, Indiana
         Dale Beck (or Peck) Salt Lake City, Utah
S. H. Borror(?) Written in faded pencil. Found in antique shop in Provo, Utah.
Jim Brennan, found in Cedar City, Utah.

W.S. Bacon, found in Indianapolis, Indiana

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