David Loveland, son of Aaron Loveland & Susannah Chapman

   Thare was one David Loveland come to me and said that he would buy my white mare and give me a good price for her. He would let me have a good cow that was forward with calf and the balance in good white wood lumber delivered at Hollodays mill about a mile and a half from my house. I asked him how lumber sold in that country. He said it was ready sale and good pay at eight dollars a thousand and he would give me fifty dollars for the mare and let me have the cow at sixteen dollars. I asked him how old the cow was. He said she was four years old. I asked him whire his cow was, he said she was at father Lowreys, his wifes father. They was to keep her untill the grass was grown so cattle could git a good living. I did not go to see the cow but he said she was a good cow for milk.

   Well I let him have the mare, more to save the mares life than I did for the pay for I thought he had not agreed to give mutch over half what she was worth. He was a Yankee.




   Connecticut Vital Records to 1870 (The Barbor Collection) Vol: Glastonbury, Pg. 51

    Found on AmericanAncesters and Ancestry.com

Journal of Sanford Porter, Pg. 139, residing in Liberty, Trumble County, Ohio, approx. 1820