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St. Jame’s Church Records,Great Barrington, Mass.

Lanesboro, June 9, 1771, baptized:


Reuben, son of Gilbert Evarts & Rebecca, his wife

Abraham, son of Abraham Bristol & Mary, his wife.

Sarah, daughter of Elijah Rowel & Mabel, his wife.


June 13, 1771, joined in marriage:


Samuel Smith & Mary Hickox



Nobletown, June 23, 1771, baptized:


Elias, son of James Bagley & Sarah, his wife.

Elsse, daughter of Coonrodt Burghardt & Judith, his wife.

Judith, daughter of Lemuel Cleveland & Margaret, his wife.

Lydia, daughter of Squire Pixley & Sybel, his wife.

Ache, daughter of Peter Burzee & Mary, his wife.

Phillip, son of Abraham Rase & Catherine, his wife.

Hannah, John & Nabbe, son & daughter's of John Stewart & Lydia, his wife.



Sheffield, June 27, 1771, baptized:


Phoenix, wife of Jacob Warren.

Rhodah, daughter of Job Westover & Rachel, his wife.

Rhodah, daughter of Seth Egleston & Rachel, his wife.

David, son of Jacob Warre & Phoenix, his wife.



Lanesboro, June 30, 1771, baptized:


Nathaniel Wetch, an adult

Mary, Elijah, Sarah, William & Samuel, sons & daughter's of Elijah Powel &

   Mary, his wife.

Polly, daughter of Benjamin Farnum & Hannah, his wife.



New Canaan, July , 1771, baptized:


John, Jeremiah & Samuel, sons of Elijah Hurlburt & Eleanor, his wife.

Levi, son of Elijah Bostwick & Rebecca, his wife.



Tyrrigham, July 4, 1771, baptized:


Susanna, daugther of William Posdick & Doritha, his wife.



New Cocord, July 14, 1771, baptized:


Charles, Timothy & John, sons of Timothy Right & Rebecca, his wife.

Thomas, son of Jacob Young & Rachel, his wife.

Thomas, son of Thomas Garvey & Mary, his wife.



Nobletown, July 28, 1771, baptized:


Rachel, daughter of William More & Christian, his wife.

Benjamin, son of Israel Walker & Jane, his wife.

John, son of Andros Rase & Rebekah, his wife.

Francis, son of Francis Wolcot & Lydia, his wife.



Great Barrington, August 11, 1771, baptized:


Mary, daughter of George Statia & Rebecca, his wife. Born December, 1768.



Nobletown, August 18, 1771, baptized:


Gabriel, son of John Burzee & Hannah, his wife.

John, son of Robert Meaker & Rebekah, his wife.

Christene, daughter of Moses Kerley & Olive, his wife.

Joined in marriage: Abel Whalin & Lydia Bigsby



Great Barrington, August 25, 1771, baptized:


Rebeckah, daughter of Daniel Ingersoll & Molly, his wife.

John, son of Michael Holenbeck & Mary, his wife.

Isaac, son of John Minkler & Sophia, his wife.



New Concord, Sept. 1, 1771, baptized:


Ebenezer Lewis, son of Reuben Hurlburt & Elizabeth, his wife.

Mary, daughter of Eliada Pettit & Mary, his wife.



Lanesboro, Sept. 15, 1771, baptized:


Tirzah, daughter of Abiel Platt & Rhoda, his wife.

Abner, son of Asa Barnes & Lois, his wife.



Nobletown, Sept. 22, 1771, baptized:


Ann Hunt, an adult

Eleoner, daughter of Joseph Elwood & Martha, his wife.

Temperance, daughter of Wm Goodrich & Temperance, his wife.



Great Barrington, Sept. 29, 1771, baptized:


Betsy Maria, daughter of Gideon Bostwick & Gese, his wife.


Oct. 2, 1771, joined in marriage:


Mr. Truman Wheeler & Huldah Cadwell

Mr. Warham Lee & Lydia Noble



Egrement, Oct. 3, 1771, baptized:


Martin, son of Asahel Joiner & Eunice, his wife.

Elizabeth, daughter of Simeon Noble & Esther, his wife.

Rhoda, daughter of SamuelEnnis & Deborah, his wife.

Elijah, son of Elijah Cornwell & Jane, his wife.

Mary, daughter of John Morrison & Ezuba, his wife.

Daniel, son of Daniel Read & Ann, his wife.



Lanesboro, Oct. 6, 1771, baptized:


Joel & Mehittabel, son & daughter of Matthew Johnson & Sybel, his wife.



Williamstown, Oct. 7, 1771, baptized:


Anner, daughter of Samuel Clark & Ame, his wife.

Huldah, daughter of John Smedley & Deliverance, his wife.

Catherine, daughter of Jacob Past & Catherine, is wife

George, son of Henry Westighouser & Mary, his wife.

Jesse, son of Gideon Smith & Mehittabel, his wife.

Mary, daughter of John Hunsinger & Margret, his wife.

Joan & Catherine, daughter's of Jacob Smith & Mary, his wife.

Jacob, son of John Kilborn & Ann, his wife.

Mary, daughter of John Rice & Hannah, his wife.

Tamer, daughter of Zadok Bostwick & Dorckas, his wife.



Spencertown, Oct. 10, 1771, joined in marriage:


Thomas Johnson & Keziah Ketcham

Zepheniah Holcomb & Traphena Niles



Stephentown, Oct. 15, 1771, joined in marriage:


Elisha Eglestone & Abigail Holcom



Burnetfield, Oct. 15, 1771, baptized:


Alexander Hubbs & Mercy, his wife, adults. Samuel, Dorckus, Jared & Alexander, their children



Stephentown, Oct. 16, 1771, joined in marriage:


Gershom Odel & Betrice Odel


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