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St. Jame’s Church Records,Great Barrington, Mass.


Future entries I shall give under each town, and not in the order Mr. Bostwick entered them.  
                                   (Note from the next pastor.)



                                 Great Barrington




June 27.     Isaac, son of Coonrodt Van Deusen & Rachel.

July 11.      Ard, son of Benjamin Stillwell & Mary.

July 15.      Jabez Phelps,an adult. Died the next morning.

July 25.      Abigail, daughter of David Willard & Martha.

Aug. 15.     Anne, daughter of Charles Persons & Catherine

                    Lucretia, daughter of Reuben Welton & Rhoda.

Oct. 3.        Mary, daughter of John Rase & Mary.

                    Mary, daughter of Nathan Lyon & Mary.

Oct. 7.        Joined in marriage: Hendrick Burghardt, Jr. &

                    Hannah Spoor; John Gun & Mary Burghardt.

Oct. 15.      Buried, Thomas Torrington, aged 10 yrs

Oct. 17.      Huldah, daughter of Joseph Davis & Obedience

Nov. 14.     Eleonar,daughter of Lambert Burghardt & Ann

                    Mary, daughter of Jason Bartlett & Annah.

Nov. 28.     Fitie, daughter of Gideon Bostwick & Gesie.

                    Mary, daughter of John Freese & Desire

Dec. 25.      Jared, son of William Goodrich & Temperance.





Jan, 23.      Gerredt, son of Peter Burghardt, Jr. & Mercy.

Feb. 15.     Parthenia, daughter of Nathan Canfield & Lois.

Feb. 27.     Catherine,daughter of Andreas Burzee & Naomi

Mar. 16      Joined in marriage, Wm Beatman & Rachel Teall.

Apr. 5.        At vestry meeting, chose John Hickox, clerk;  

                    John Hickox, Ensign John Burchardt, church                               wardens; Nathan Scribner, John Burghardt &

                    John Culver, choristers.

Apr. 10.     William, son of Christopher Burzee & Jonche.

May 29.     Andras, son of Richard Houk & Jogamancha.

July 3.        Stephan, son of John Gun & Mary

Aug. 14.     Hannah Scribner, an adult.

Aug. 28.     Catherine, daughter of Ensign John Burhardt &


                    Mercy, daughter of Abraham Scut & Emiche.

Sep. 11.      Andreas, son of Michael Holenbeg & Elizabeth.

Sep. 13.      Joined in marriage, William Chambers & Chloe


Sep. 24.      Joined in marriage, William Scermerhorn &

                    Lovice Ingersoll.

Oct. 3.        Joined in marriage, William Benjamin & Abigail


Oct. 6         Joined in marriage, Oliver Ingersoll & Hannah


Oct. 9         Lydia, daughter of Joseph Dwight & Lydia.

Dec. 5.       Hannah, daughter of David Arnold & Mary.

Dec.8.         Joined in marriage, Parish Cobern & Philoris





Feb. 5.       Thomas, son of Michael Holenbeg & Mary

Feb. 15      Eber & Ira, sons of James Welde & Anne.

                    Dorothy, daughter of Anne Allen.

Feb. 28.      Joined in marriage, Thomas Ingersoll & Elisabeth


Mar. 5.       Sarah Davis, an adult

Apr. 2.        Johnson Frederick, son of Reuben Welton &


Apr. 16.      Jacob, son of Coonrodt Sharp & Sarah.

                    Obediah, so of John Seley & Anne.

Apr. 17.      At a vestry meeting, chose Ensign John

                    Burghardt, Martin Remmele, John Hickox,                                 church wardens; Nathan Scribner, John

                    Burghardt, third, Coonrodt Sharp, John Culver,

                    Asa Brown, Choristers.

May 28.     Gesie, daughter of Matthew Van Deusen &


July 16.      Catherine, daughter of John Rase & Mary.

July 20.      Elisabeth, daughter of Asa Brown & Elisabeth.

July 30.       John, son of Peter Goud & Catherine.

                    Sophia, daughter of John Minkler & Sophia

                    Hannah, daughter of Lucretia Hall.

Aug. 25.     William, son of Samuel Cleveland & Margret.

                    Mary, daughter of Francis Van Volkenburgh &


Aug. 27.     Coonrodt, son of John Van Deusen & Catherine.

Sep. 24.     Peter, son of Jogham Johnson & Abigail.

Oct. 22.     Betsa, daughter of Joseph Davis & Obedience.

Nov. 19.     Gesie, daughter of Gideo Bostwick & Gesie.

                    John (third), so of Coonrodt Van Deusen &

                    Rachel. Gerredt, son of Hendrick Burghardt, Jr.,

                    & Hannah.

                    Jinne, daughter of Nathan Scribner & Sarah.







Jan. 14.      Moses, son of Peter Burghardt, Jr. & Mercy.

                    Bethel, son of Jonathan Prindle & Margaret

Feb. 8        Married, Isaac Hurlburt & Elisabeth Hurlburt.

Feb. 13      Remember Desire, daughter of Remember Baker

                    & Desire.

Feb. 19.     Married, David Waneright & Reube Younglove.

Mar. 14     Married, Jonathan Norris & Rhoda Noble.

Apr. 28      Matthew,son of Isaac Van Deusen, Jr & Catherine

June 2        Jemima, daughter of Jeremiah Wormer & Gesie.

June 9        Rebeccah, daughter of John Freese & Desire

June 17      Elisabeth, daughter of Benjamin Bankson &


June 30     Darius, son of Isaac Rase & Eve.

                   Michael, son of Andreas Bursee & Naomi.

                   Elisabeth, daughter of Christopher Burzee &


                   Christena, daughter of Lambert Burghardt &


July 6         Christene, daughter of Berent Minkler &                                    Catherine

Aug. 4        Phebe, daughter of Ebenezer Stone & Mary.

Aug. 18      Rachel & Sarah, daughters of Eber Stone &                                 Dinah.

Aug. 25     Thomas Horton, son of Oliver Ingersol & Hannah

                   Gerredt, son of Abraham Van Deusen & Gesie.

Sep. 1         Asa, son of Asa Brown & Elizabeth.

Sep. 11      Buried, Lydia, widow of Capt. Robert Noble.

Sep. 16      Olive, Miriam & Peter Curtis, children of Midian                      Oles & Molly.

Sep. 22      Richard, son of Abraham Gilbert & Bethiah.

                   Buried, Jacob, son of Coonrodt Sharp & Sarah,                           aged 19 months.

Oct. 20      Christopher, son of John Burzee & Elisabeth

Oct. 27      Married, Caleb Hill & Mary Tyler.

                   Eve, daughter of Coonrodt Burghardt & Judith

Dec. 24      William, son of Jehoiakim Burghardt & Sarah.






Apr. 10     Married, Eli Lyon & Sabra Hickox.

                   At a vestry meeting, chose Mr. Peter Burghardt &

                   Mr. Martin Remelee, church wardens;

                   Mr. Barnabas Scott, clerk; Mr. Rice Hall, 

                   Mr. Nathan Scribner, Mr. John Culver & Mr. Asa                        Brown, choristers. Agreed to pay the Rev. Mr.

                   Bostwick the same salary for the last year as he

                   had the preceding, and that the last rate bill,

                   which is in the hands of Mr. Coonrod Sharp, be

                   the proportion of each one’s rate.

June 23     Buried, Fitie, wife of Isaac Van Deusen (the first),

                   aged 75 yrs.

June 28     Lovice, daughter of Joseph Davies & Obedience.

July 3        Married, Benjamin Noble & Polly Betts.

July 27      Lucy, daughter of Eber Stone & Dinah.

July 31      Joniche, daughter of Hendrick Gose & Mary.

Aug. 13     Whiting, son of Wm Noyce & Elizebeth.

Aug. 24     Miriam, daughter of Levi Seeley & Annah.

Sep. 14      John Bouton, son of Stephen Resco & Ruth.

Oct. 12     Gerredt, son of Coonrodt Burghardt, Jr. & Rachel.

Dec. 25     Gesie, daughter of Coonrodt Sharp & Sarah.

                   Elisabeth, daughter of Thomas McGraw & Ann.





Feb. 19     Mary, daughter of Peter Goud & Catherine.

Feb. 26     Lydia, daughter of Nathaniel Pixley & Sarah.

Feb. 28     Sarah, daughter of Lemuel Cleveland & Margret.

Mar. 1       Lucy, daughter of Rice Hall & Lovania.

                   John, son of Caleb Hill & Mary.

Mar. 5       Hannah, daughter of Bulah Buel & Hannah.

                   Catherine, daughter of Hendrick Burzee &                                  Rachel.

Mar. 29    Married, Jesse Warner & Rhoda Fenton.





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