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St. Jame’s Church Records,Great Barrington, Mass.



Mar. 7        John, son of John O’Brian & Ester.

                   William, son of Jonas Seeley & Sarah.

Apr 12       Mary Ingersoll, adult, daughter of Cpt. Peter


Apr. 21      Buried, Mary Ingersoll, daughter of Cpt. Peter


May 9        Cate, daughter of Rice Hall & Lorane.

May 26      Married, Thomas Davis & Lydia Sutton, negroes.

June 27     Andreas, son of Martin Houck & Deborah

July 5         Buried, John Hickox

July 11       Erastus, son of Andreas Burzee & Naome.

                   Abraham, son of Christopher Burzee & Hannah.

                   Sabra, wife of Edward Darby.

Aug. 1        Gesie, daughter of Gideon Bostwick & Gesie.

                   John, son of Hendrick Burghardt & Hannah.

Sep. 26      Mary, daughter of Abraham Burghardt & Fitie.

Oct. 7        Richard, son of John Gose & Fitie.

                   Buried, Hendrick, son of Abraham Van Deusen &


Oct. 10      Garriche, daughter of Nathan Scribner & Sarah.

Oct. 24      Fitie, daughter of John Spoor & Vashti.

Nov. 16     Buried, Josiah Smith

Dec. 5        Mary, daughter of Peter Burghardt, second &







Jan. 18       Barnabas, son of Barnabas Minkler & Roxey.

Feb. 20      Richard, son of Jeremiah Wormer & Gesie.

Feb. 23      Married, Stephen Sibley & Jemima Hopkins.

Feb. 27      Nelly, daughter of John Smith & Dorothy.

Feb. 28      Charlotte, daughter of Wm. Frazier & Edna.

Mar. 16     Married, Isaac Houck & Fitie Van Deusen.

Mar. 20      John, son of John Burghardt, fourth, & Elizabeth

May 15      Sally, daughter of David Wainwright & Ruby.

May 22      Eber, son of Ezekiel Stone & Mary.

May 26      Married, Cpt. Thomas Ingersoll & the widow of

                   Mercy Smith.

July 3         Nedde, son of John Coffee & Experience.

                    John, son of John Seeley & Loruhami.

July 6         John & Cate, children of Wm O’Hara & Cate.

Aug. 14      John, son of Benjamin Hatch & Christine.

                   Anne, daughter of Stephen Olmstead & Lucy.

Aug. 28     Tabatha, daughter of Abraham Spoor & Mary.

Sep. 29      Married, David Walter & Sarah Doty.

Oct. 5        Elizabeth & Frances, daughters of Rufus Dodge &


Oct. 10      Buried, the above Frances Dodge.

Oct. 18      Married Wm Gammel & Polly Pemelee.

Dec. 3        Buried, Mrs. Catherine Holebeg, aged 81, who left

                   136 descendants.

Dec. 14      Married, Lamber Burghardt & Fitie Van Deusen.






Mar. 8       Baptized, Heman & Betsa, son & daughter of Josiah

                   Dewey & Fitie.

Apr. 13      Anne Foster, daughter of Dr. Lemuel Barnard &


May 5        Buried, Gesie, daughter of Cooradt Sharp & Sarah.

May 31      Jedediah, son of Berent Minkler & Christian.

Jun 25        Erastus, son of Rice Hall & Lorane.

                   Peter, son of Lamber Burghardt & Fitie.

                   David, son of John Houck & Catherine.

                   Selone, daughter of Isaac Perry & Nancy.

July 13       Married Lambert Houck & Evering Gauje.

July 23       Hannah, daughter of Nathan Scribner & Sarah.

Aug. 6        Cornelius, son of Christopher Burzee & Hannah

                   Hendrick, son of Joh Burzee & Elizabeth.

                   Isaac, son of Basteo Rosman & Polly.

Sept. 3       Jerusha, daughter of Juddemur Hubbard & Jeruse.

Sep 17       Sarah, wife of David Walter.

Oct. 1        Gesie, daughter of Peter Burghardt, Jr. & Mercy.

Oct. 22      Elizabeth, daughter of Matthew Bunt & Eleanor.

Nov 2        Married, John Church, Jr. & Anne Holenbeg.

Nov 23       Joseph Hawley, son of Col. Elijah Dwight & Anne.

Dec 20       Charlotte, daughter of Isaac Reed & Ann.

Dec 25       Elijah, son of Gidio Bostwick & Gesie.

                   William, son of Nicholas Rase & Gesie.






Jan. 4         Buried, Garredt, son of Abraham Van Deusen &

                    Gesie, age 10 ½ years.

Jan 10        Abraham, son of John Freese & Desire.

Aug 10       Fitie, daughter of John Church Jr. & Anne.

Aug 24       Betsa, daughter of Rice Hall & Lorania.

                   Benjamin, son of Benjamin Bankson & Judith.

Sept. 5      Mary Ann, daughter of John Gun & Mary.

Sept. 7      Benjamin Bliss, son of Epraim Porter & Anne.

Nov 15      Patrick, Riab & Latte, children of Clemet Leman &


Nov 16      Hendrick, son of Isaac Perry & Nancy.





Jan.15        Married, Isaac Van Deusen, Third & Christina.

Feb.17       Elisabeth, daughter of Michael Cheley & Susanna.

Feb 25       John J. Van Deuson & Hannah Houck.

Feb 26       Andrew Burghardt & Catherine Van Deusen.

Mar. 8       Catherine, child of Isaac Houck & Fitie.

Apr. 5        Hermanus, son of John Burzee & Mary

May 17      Rachel, daughter of Ezkiel Stone & Mary.

May 18      Buried, Mrs. Mercy Ingersoll, wife of Cpt. Thomas


Jun 14        Mary, daughter of Hendrick Burghardt & Hannah.

July 26       Rachel, daughter of Joh Holenbeg & Mary.

Aug. 6        Buried, Catherine, wife of John Van Deuse.

Sept. __      Sarah, daughter of John Spoor & Vashte.

                   Married, Capt. Thomas Ingersoll & Sally Backus.

Oct. 18      Abraham, so of Peter Burghardt & Mercy.

                   Lena, daughter of Derick Spoor & Dorothy.

                   Lintie, daughter of Isaac Rose & Aaraoitia.






Jan. 19       Buried, Lt. Hendrick Burghardt, aged 82.

Feb. 7        Eleaor, daughter of Lambert Houck & Eruba.

Feb. 26      Keziah & James, children of John Stewart & Lydia.

                   Electa, daughter of Hannah Stewart.

May 29      Peter, son of Isaac Rose & Aarantie.

Jun 22        Hendrick, son of Hendrick Burghardt & Hannah.

Jun 30        Buried, ye above Hendrick.

Jul 10         Jacob, son of George Notewere & Huldah.

Sep 9         Buried, Widow Smith, in her 86th year.

Sep 18       Jacob, Benton, Electa & Phineas, children of

                   Jonathan Pixley & Mabel.

                   Benjamin, son of Nicholas Burzee & Charity.

Oct. 16      Anna Maria, daughter of Dan Chappel &


Oct. 2        Buried, Solomon Williams.

Nov.13      Catherine, daughter of Isaac Van Deusen &






Jan.19        Jin, negro woman of Isaac Van Deusen, Sr.

Feb.22       Jonathan, son of Jonathan Pixley & Mabel.

Feb. 24      Buried, the above infant.

Apr. 13      Witte Buckley, daughter of ______ Bigg.

Apr. 25      David Patterson, adopted son of Eleazur Demming

                    & Sarah.

                   Hannah, daughter of John Van Deusen, Jr. &                                  Hannah.

Apr. 29      Fitie, daughter of Jacob Van Deusen & Mary.

May 13      Lovice, daughter of Nathan Webb & Rachel.

July 8         Elizabeth Wormer & Mercy Hamli, daughters of

                    Joseph Crocker & Polly.

July 22       Catlinche, daughter of Michol Burzee & Charity.

                    Achsah, daughter of Christopher Burzee &


Aug. 5        Anson, son of Rice Hall & Lorane.

Aug 13       Alonson, son of Isaac Van Deusen, fourth & Eve.

Aug 31       Buried, Mrs. Stympson.

Sep. 2         Sally, daughter of Peter Burghardt & Mercy.

Sep 25       Married, Elijah Boardma of New Milford & Mary

                   Ann Whiting.

Sep 30       Married, William Whiting, third & Sarah Ann


Oct 20       Hannah, daughter of Peggy Montgomery.

Oct 28       Christene, daughter of Isaac Price & Nancy.

Nov 28      Maria, Mary Miller & Cuff, negros

Dec. 9        Adolphus, son of John J. Burghardt & Elisabeth.

Dec.11       Buried, the Hon. Wm Whiting, Esq.





Jan. 4         Married, Abraham Houck & Ether Chapman.

Jan. 20       Catherine, daughter of Isaac Rose & Arianche.

Mar.28      Married, Antony Stymson & Thankful Foot.

                   Also, Mr. George Stanley & Miss Catherine


May 30     Anne & Sally, daughters of James, negro & Mary.









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