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Joseph Cooper

Journal of Sanford Porter, Pg. 66, residing in Augusta, Oneida Co, New York, approx. 1811

Thare was a Joseph Cooper had made a claim and I had my claim by the side of his. He had got a little shanty upon his. He was of my age, born the same day. His father lived down on the crick among the Colbys not more than a mile from Abners. After I had laid my claim, I went back to Abners. I made it home at Abners and Susas.



Well I had nothing to do now. I could not go to work on my claim for the snow would soon come so deep that I could not go from Uncle Dakes night and morning to work on my claim. I had calculated to camp out thare with Joe Cooper but he gave out going up thare to work that fall and winter and decided to stay at his fathers until spring and I thought I would go out to work some whare that winter.


Joseph Coopers not coming to work on his claim disappointed me, for we had agreed to come in his shanty together so as to be handy to our work but now I had to go to Abners night and morning, to and from my work. But I suppose he thought it would be better to stay with father and mother. I don’t think he ever done anything more on his claim. He had only built a shanty on it.




   Western New York Land Transactions, 1804-1824                 






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