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Lydia Bartholomew Moltby, wife of Jonathan

Journal of Sanford Porter, Pg. 58, residing in Vershire, Orange, Vermont, apprx. 1811

The young people had a custom of having a frolic or a dance (usually called a ball) at Thanksgiving day. In the afternoon and night, they would have pick couples, have a (somilly?) of three or four young men to pick out and couple all those they wanted at the dance. I hapended to be picked with my pardner for one couple. They would have as many as could be accomdated in the big hall at the old widow Molbys tavern. Thare would be 20 or 30 couples. They would ______ splendid super in the fore part of the evening and a way in the night have all called and they would hand round baskits, pyes and cakes and cheese, ginger bred and beere and sweetened licker sutch as would pleas the taste and cheere up the feeling. It was a first for Thanksgiving whether we felt thankful of not. We had it to pay for (or pay for it) but it would not cost over five dollars a couple, some times not that mutch.

Gazetter of Towns, Gazetter of Orange County, Vermont 1762-1888, History of the town of Vershire,Part 1, Page 496                   found at or (free)


"Jonathan MALTBY, born July 10, 1746, came from Hebron, Conn., to Vershire, in 1783, was one of the first settlers in town, and located on the place now occupied by Danford BLANCHARD. He was the first proprietors' clerk, the first inn-keeper in Vershire, and owned a large amount of land. He died in 1801, and his widow kept the tavern many years afterwards. They had four sons and four daughters. Jonathan MALTBY, Jr., settled on the farm southeast from his father's, now owned by his grandson, W. F. MALTBY. Josiah and Jesse removed to Illinois. George W. passed the most of his life here, serving in various town offices, and died at Post Mills. Jonathan, Jr., married Susannah HOSFORD and .reared fourteen children, all of whom attained adult age. George W., the youngest, is the only one now living, and he has served many years as justice of the peace."







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