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M- Rescued Names

If you recognize anyone let me know and the photo is yours. If someone already claimed it, I can send you a copy or feel free to "copy & paste.

Jars, Harry (?) & Mullir (?) Mirlelinaham, found in Indianapolis, Indiana.

     George Morris, Eastern State Mission
Kathryn E. Mohrbach (Mohrlach?) Feb. 11, 1911, age 5 months 5 days. Found in antique shop in Provo, Utah.
   Mer________   Munk, Howell, Utah

Barn on the Melvin Farm, dated June 1929.  A cyclone came through and blew out the side.

Paul & Estel (Esbel) Myers and Leonard

Robert A. Millers mother, Mrs. Alice Thompson

Miss McCrumb, found in Indianapolis, Indiana

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