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Marriage Records of the First Presbyterian Church

               Syracuse and Vicinity , New York

              Edited by A.J. Northrup, Pub. 1902

Officiating Minister: Rev. John Watson Adams, D.D.






June 4: Reuben Tinker to Miss Betsy Downer. Both of Camillus.
June 5: Mr. De Pew to ____ ____. Vicinity of Syracuse.
July 12: Richard Tarpany to Miss Catharine Crans. Both of Cicero.
July13: Moses D. Burnet to Miss Helen Creed. Both of Syracuse.
Aug. 3: Alfred Gates of Troy to Miss Amoret Cossit of Syracuse.
Sept. 19: Thomas Warner of Cobbleskill to Miss Maria Marble of Syracuse.
Jan. 29: Mr. ____ Porter of Salina to Miss Eliza Parsons of Syracuse.
March 29: Mr. ____ Anderson of Salina to Miss ____ McFarland of Salina.
April 15: Mason Lee to Miss ____ Weaver. Both of Syracuse.
April 30: Mr. ____ Freeman to Mrs. ___ Toby. Both of Syracuse.
May 12: Augustus F. Brockway to Miss Maria Brockway.
May 27: Ashley Brooks to Miss Mary Webster. Both of Sullivan.
Aug. 29: William K. Blair to Celestia Owen, Both of Syracuse.
Nov. 27: Samuel Wilson to Maria Ten Eyck. Both of Syracuse. Colored.
Dec. 17: Robert Scadden, of Auburn, to Eliza Fay, of Brooklyn Co., Conn.
April 8: ____Pratt to _____Burill. Both of Syracuse.
April 17: H. Raynor, On. Hollow, to Mariah Hanchett, Syracuse.
April 23: Charles T. Miller to Charlotte Young. Both of Orville.
May 22: William Allen to Miss Lucy Nichols. Both of Onondaga.
June 2: Gabriel Crapsey to Miss _____ Bennet. Both of Syracuse.
July 13: Thomas Geoarge to Juliann Hoyt. Both of Syracuse.
Sept. 23: Frederick Prince of Weedsport to Miss Marian Marvin of Syracuse.
Jan.1: John Love to Miss Nancy Cornell, and Mr. Cedmus Clark to Miss
          Betsy Wandell, all of Lysander. At Mr. Whitney’s.
Feb. 26: Mr. ___Munroe to Miss Angeline Moss. Both of Lodi.
March 28: John Reed to Miss Cleora Thayer.
Sept. 29: George J. Tucker, Esq., of Lenox, Mass., to Miss Eunice S. Cook, Syracuse.
Sept. 30: Northrup Clark of Utica to Jane Scouton, of Syracuse.
Oct. 15: George Colvin to Elizabeth Raynor, Onondaga Hill.
Oct. 22: John Frisbee of Elbridge to Miss Adaline Booth of Syracuse.
Nov. 13: Elder Timothy Torrey of Chautauqua Co., to Mrs. Margaret Wickham,
               of Manlius. At Mr. Hoyt’s, east of Elder Gilbert’s.
Nov. 16: James Meldram to Miss Polly Butterfield. Both of Syracuse.
April 29: Mr. ____Wells of Cortland to Miss Sally Gaylord of Syracuse.
June 26: James Huff to Mrs. Eveline Whalen, Both of Syracuse.
Aug. 11: Mr. ___Frier to Miss ____Keeler. Both of Syracuse.
Oct. 14: William James to Miss Adaline Marble. Both of Syracuse.
Oct. 20: William Abbott, of Clinton, to Miss Lucretia Green, of Clay.
Dec. 25: Daniel Brooks, of Lysander, to Mrs. Rosanna Finch, of Syracuse.
Feb. 28: Jonas Mann, Jr., to Miss Margaret Wilson, of Geddes.
March 24: John Shields to Miss Aseneth Simmons. Colored people.
March 31: Edward Davidson to Miss Harriet Hay of Belisle.
May 22: Ebenezer Meekham to Mrs. Rebecca Monk.
Sept. 29: John L. Campbell to Melinda Gilbert.



Jan.1: Josiah Wright to Miss Celia Bliss of Springfield, Mass.
Jan. 9: Levi Robbins to Miss Eliza Wells of Baldwinsville. At Baldwinsville.
Jan. 11: Miss Adelia Ostrom to Mr. Asahel Huntley of Salina.
Jan. 13: Ferris Hubbel to Miss Mary Warner. At Geddes.
May _: Mr. ___Ferris to Miss ___Wells. Both of Syracuse.
June __: Alvah Graves to Miss Polly Austin, of Onondaga Hill. At Mr. Comstock’s.
July 11: William Dygert of Mathew’s Mills to Laura Houghtaling.
Oct. __: Mr. ___Moshell ot Mahalia Garrison. Both of Syracuse.
Oct. 29: William J. Kniffin to Miss Mary Freeman. Both of Oswego.
Oct. or Nov.: Frances H. L’Esperance to _____  _____, at Mr. Putney’s.
Nov. __: Thomas Betts to Hannah Varney.
Dec. 8: Asahel Taylor to Nancy Morgan.
Dec. 22: George Checksfield to Ann George.


Jan. 3: James Hughs of Geddes to Sally Brown.
Feb. 13: Joseph Bradley to Miss ____ Towne.
              Thomas G. Alvord of Lansingburg to Miss Amelia Kellogg of Salina.
March _: Noah Evans of Onondaga to Miss _____ ______.
May 1: Lieut. Marcy to Mary Mann.
May _: Thomas Owens to Miss Leora Ormsby. Both of Camillus.
June 4: William Fisk to Sophiah Parker. Both of Worcester, Mass.
June 21: Elias W. Leavenworth, Esq., to Mrs. Mary (Forman) Hyde.
Aug. 26: Theodore Burnham of Mexico to Elizabeth Stedman of Syracuse.
Aug. 29: George Hudson to Miss Mary Ann Wilson.
Oct. 18: John Michael Wornir to Catherine E. Roechir.
Oct. 24: Ralph R. Phelps to Betsey Ames.
Nov. 21: Dominic Andrus to Miss ___Ladu.
Dec. 19: Mr. ___ Green to Miss ____McDougal. Both of Syracuse.







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