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Marriage Records of the First Presbyterian Church


Jan. 16: Daniel L. Estus to Saphrona Snyder.
Jan. _: Edward White to Jerush King. Both of Hatfield, Mass. At Robinson’s                            Tavern.
Jan. _: E.M. Knapp of Salina to Mrs. ____ Janes of Syracuse. At Rhine’s Tavern.
Jan. _: James P. Vanalstine to Abigail Shears. Both of Camillus. At Keeler’s Tavern.
Feb. 3: Mr. __Burns of Oneida Village to Miss Mariette Fay of Clay.
Feb. 4: Thomas Clark to Miss Cordelia Whitney. Both of Syracuse.
Feb. 17: Sterling Morehead of Philadelphis, Pa., to Miss Ann Leslie of Syracuse.
April 1: John Dann to Miss Eliza Town. Both of Syracuse.
May 8: John H. Huston (or Hutton) to Maria Eady of Syracuse.
June _: Charles A. Wheaton to Miss Ellen Birdseye. Both of Pompey Hill.
July 4: Augustus Scoville to Miss Elpha Bowen. Both of Salina.
July 21: Mr. ___Rector of Syracuse to Miss ___Cadwell of Jamesville.
Aug. 7: Moses Huett to Mary Ann Rounds of Skaneateles.
Sept. _: John F. Wyman to Elizabeth Tousley of Syracuse.
Sept. 27: Abraham Valentine to Sally Hildreth of Newark. At Austin’s Tavern.
Oct. 14: Mr. ___ to Miss Rebecca Dana of Syracuse.
Oct. 20: Thomas B. Fitch to Miss Ursula Ann Elliott of Syracuse.
Oct. 28: Calvin H. Luther of Naples, Ontario Co., to Miss Rebecca Dana of Syracuse.
Nov. 21: Daniel Woodruff to Maria Varney. Both of Syracuse.



Jan. _: Warren Tripp to Miss Betsy Stolp of Onondaga.
Feb. 12: Solomon Huntly to Mrs. Abigail A. Platto of Syracuse.
April 28: Abraham Thompson to Mary Thayer of Geddes.
April 29: Mr. ___Skinner to ____Longstreet of Geddes.
April _: ____Jackson to Eliza Ann Griffin. Colored.
Oct. 31: Bliss Huntington to Miss Dimmes Phelps of Syracuse
Nov. 4: George Bolton to Miss Charlotte Hecox of Syracuse.
Nov. 23: William Alexander of Groton, Tompkins Co., to Miss Marietta Van Tassel of
Dec. 24: Isaac Briggs of Skaneateles to Maria Taintor of Syracuse
Dec. 27: P.W. Linds of Utica to Sarah Jane Griffeth of Syracuse.



Feb. 9: John H. Pool of Johnstown to Miss Hannah Aikin of Clay.
Feb. 12: Samuel Bonta to Louisa Hutchinson Manley. Both of Syracuse.
March 29: Mr. ___Mathews to Miss ___Moshell, near Liverpool.
July 4: Anson B. Perry of Skaneateles to Harriet Cook of Elbridge.
July 31: John Higgeson to Marian Megogy.
Aug. 9: Henry Thomas to Minerva Loop of Syracuse. Dutch.
Sept. 25: Aaron Watkins of Clay to Nancy Ten Eyck. Colored.
Oct. 4: Dr. Nathan R. Tefft to Miss Emily Strong, Onondaga Hill.
Oct. 24: Benjamin Wheeler to Catharine Dunn. Witnessess, old Mr. Wheeler
              and wife. In canal boat.
Nov. 29: Asa Talcott of Jordan to Mrs. Martha D. Mead of Syracuse.
Nov. 30: James G. Tracy of Albany to Sarah Osgood of Syracuse.
Dec. 21: John Clancey to Margaret Hunter.
April 9: Barney Lincoln to Mary P. Keeler
June 1: Dr. ___Chapman to Eugene Pease.
June 7: Samuel Davis to Isabella Carmichael. Liverpool.
Oct. 3: Joshua Quero to Fidelia Bissel.  On. Hollow.
Oct. 10: Dr. Powers, New York, to Louisa Hess.
Oct. 11: Harry Parmeter to Polly Hoppins, Lafayette.
Oct. 22: John Galvin to Eliza McDonald, Cazenovia.
             L.O. Phinny to Elizabeth Southard.
Nov. 2: Mr. Seymour of Pittsburgh, Pa., to Miss Tousley.
Nov. 16: John Swereen to Mary Clute, and Frederick Strongman to Rosanna Hilker.
Jan. 1: Albro Dowd to Mary Vandusen of Geddes.
Feb. 4: Daniel Norton to Harriet Curtis.
April 24: Annan Williams to Mary Lathrop.
May 26: Mr. Bacon of Michigan to Miss Emily Rice of Salina.
May 31: Edward H. Bracket to Mary A. Crane, Salina
June 3: William Kingdon to Margaret Gale.
July 5: John Davis to Elizabeth Harrall. At white lead factory.
July 5: Cyril H. Bracket to Eliza Lathrop.
Sept. 26: Samuel A. Gould to Emma Wilcox.
               Edmund Knower of Oswego to Harriet Strong, Onondaga Hill.
Oct. 4: James Frost to Elizabeth Thayer.
Oct. 5: John Brown to Elizabeth Shepherd.
Jan. 9: Abel De Long to Sally Vinall of Jamesville.
Feb. 7: Mr. J. Spencer to Margaret Jones, Onondaga.
June 19: Martin Freeman of Cortland to Martha Rose of Syracuse.
June 25: Charles H. Weed of Amboy to Miss Esther Anne Tuttle of Syracuse.
July 4: John McBride of Elbridge to Mary Gregg.
July 29: Mr. Hale to Miss Guitteau, of Geddes.
Aug. 7: John Fleming to Elvira Wheaton.
Aug. 10: James McLeod of Elbridge to Agnes Dorwood.
Aug. _: John Grier to Bridget Hughs of Geddes.
Oct. 8: Charles Whedon of Camillus to Jane Maffit.
Oct. 12: Lorenzo Barker to Marian Lookintelly. At Keeler’s Tavern.
Nov. 20: David Allen of Georgia to Emeline Parker of Lodi.
Dec. 11: Hiram Randall to Charlotte Kendall of Geddes.
Jan. 7: Samuel Gardiner to Lydia Maria Huntington of Onondaga.
Jan. 9: Mr. Hatch of Cazenovia to Miss _____ _____.
Jan. 19: Robert Briggs of Ogdensburgh to Mary Bannister.
             William C. Town to Ann Eliza Varian of Spafford, at Onondaga House.
Feb. 18: Ezra Eastman of Manlius to Eliza Burnal.
April 12: Jonathan (John) Denny of New York to Ann Wilson of Orville.
April 24: Peter Leonard to Catharine Delenbach.
May 13: William Bolton to Margaret Bennet.
Sept. 16: William Henry Cable to Mary Rodgers.
Oct. 3: James W. Turner to Marcella G. Wood. Both of Seneca, Ontario Co.
Oct. 6:  Palmer Litts of Rome to Catharine Pierce.
Nov. 11:  Rensselaer Van Rensselaer of Albany to Euphemia Mary Forman of Syracuse
Dec. 15:  John F. Benjamin to Diana Hasbrook of Liverpool.
Jan. 18: Adam Eaton to Linna Gross.
Jan. 26: George C. Kirk of Weedsport to Olive E. Boynton of Syracuse.
Feb. 27: Edward H. Boyd of Albany to Anna Maria Dana of Boston.
              Adney T. Clifford of West Mendon to Jane E. Woolsey.
April 11: Thompkins Babcock to Margaret Van Alstine.
June 5: Peter Courran to Mrs. Laura Parks of Split Rock.
Aug. 10: James R. Lawrence to Miss Eureka Spafford.
Sept. 2: Gardiner B. Northrop to Maria Wall of Phoenix.
Sept. 25: Alonzo Morley to Polly Hopkins. At Kirk’s Inn.
Oct. 13: Norman Vosburgh to Catharine Bingham.
Nov. 4: John W. Hall to Margaret Elliott. All of Lysander.
Dec. 17: Silas Hand or Hard to Jane Lorondo.
Dec. 23: Oliver Sikes to Miss Rebecca Frost.
Dec. 24: William A. Warren to Henrietta Doolittle of Canastota.
Feb. 17: Hiram Brintnall to Cynthia Pratt. At Brintnall’s Tavern.
Feb. 24: Kasson Frazer of Manlius to Adaline Van Slyke of Syracuse.
March 4: Henry T. Fellows to Miss Maria Wood.
March 11: William Craig to Mary Lane. Both of Syracuse.
March 31, Ezekiel Keeler to Henrietta Wood.
April 7: Mr. Stearns of LaFayette to Olive Marsh of Livingston Co.
April 24: Anson A. Avery of Salina to Abigail F. Ross, of LaFayette.
May 10: Aaron Lovecraft of Rochester to Althea e. Veasie of Syracuse.
June 27: Mr. Marsh of Michigan to Mary Taylor of Syracuse.
July 6: Alexander Rumrill of New York to Mary Alvord of Salina.
Sept. 6: James Noxon to Elizabeth Cadwell.
Sept. 27: James Denham of DeWitt to Miriam Burril of the same place.
Oct. 8: George R. Smith of Buffalo to Hannah Rebecca Graff of Syracuse.
Oct. _: William Kingsbury of Columbus, Illinois to Elizabeth McKee of Mt. Morris,
            Livingston Co.
Nov. 15: William Killick of Rochester to Cornelia Buckland of Harford, Conn.
Dec. 27: Waterman Lyon of Groton, Tompkins Co., to Maria Hurd of Woodbury, Ct.



Jan. 18: John White of Salem, Washington Co., to Sarah Conway of Cicero.
Jan. 22: Richard Lawrence of Seneca Falls to Elizabeth Merrit of Tyre(?)
Jan. 24: Theodore Heinman to Catharine Siler, Germans.
Feb. 22: Amos Gillet of Syracuse to Miss Maria Miller of LaFayette.
March 1: Garret P. Elmendorf to Maria Barnes.
March 8: John Phillips to Charlotte Bolton,
March 14: Selah Woodworth to Harriet Barton of Camillus.
March 25: Fitch Bentley to Lavina Sperry of Waterloo.
April 27: Theodore F. Andrews to Jane Agnes Hopkins.
Sept. 7: Mr. Mason Merrill of Waterloo to Miss Harriet Mason of the same place.
April 29: Luther Darrow of Genesee County to Julia Ann Hobart of Onondaga.
May 15: William H. Hoyt of LaFayette to Angeline M. Coats of Fabius.
May 20: Henry H. Rolf to Theodora Hook.
July 13: Sylvester R. Town of Canandaiggua to Mary Savage of Lodi.



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