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Mr. Eastman

Journal of Sanford Porter, Pg. 33, residing in Vershire, Orange Co, Vermont, approx. 1809

It now began to be cold wether, cold days and frosty night and the people made a practice of roasting beechnuts and black walnuts to crack evenings in the winter to pleas them selves and visitors and trade. Was a man by the name of Eastman that had a large hill pasture and thare was great many beachnut trees grew on the hill and Mr. Eastman used to let people gather a fiew at a time. He wanted all the neighbors to have a share. Joseph went and got liberty to get a fiew. He had a horse with him and he filed three sacks as full as he could make lye on his horse and hed home and hold the sack on. Justin Warriner, my wifes brother went and got liberty from Eastman to go into his paster and git butternuts. He got wagon and two horses, went and got a full wagon load, about as many s he could take home. The pasture whare the butternuts grew was not in sight of Eastmans house but Eastman found out that Joseph and Justin had taken a good many bushels more than he expected thay ware a going take. He was telling one of the neighbors about it. “Well,” he said, “that Jo Porter is a rascal. He came to me and wanted to get a fiew butnuts. I gave him liberty to go and git some, he went and got as many as he could pack home on his horse. He is a mean chap, but that Justin Warriner, he is a man. He wanted to get a fiew and he with a span of horses and wagon and took as many as he could hall home _____, that Justin Warriner is a man evry inch of him. He is none of your little small soul chaps, he will make a living whire honest men would stop.”

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