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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia                   Register Of Baptisms  1758 - 1773                                               St. Joseph's Church
                                                    1763 cont.
Jager,Anna, of Mathew and Mary Jager,b. Apr.20,baptized May 23,
           sponsors John Miller and Anna Siat.
Jones, Ruth, adult, baptized  Dec. 2, sponsor Catharine Lemy.
[Juwel?], Mary, of Philip and Mary [Juwel?], b. June___,1761,baptized Aug. 2,
           sponsors Daniel Mignati and Mary Bridy.
Keanan, Elizabeth, of Henry Keanan and [Latiss?] , b. Aug. 4, baptized
           Sept. 6, sponsor Mary Kennedy, witnesses John Macaghan and
           John Wilson.
Keanan, Rebbecca, of Bryan and Susanna Keanan, adult, baptized July 11,
           sponsors Terence Fitzpatrick and Barbara Haug.
Kelly, William, of and Anne Kelly, b. Mar. 26, baptized April 16, sponsor
           John Moor, witness Catharine Shephard.
Kessler, Frederika Catharine, of Andrew and Catharine Kessler, b. July 25,
           baptized Aug. 11, sponsor Frederika Catharine Schlausen, witness
           Valentine Tschalus.
Klein, Elizabeth, of James and Elizabeth Klein, b. May 11, baptized June 19,
           sponsor William Schwerber, witness Mary Gertrude Tschuster.
Kramer, Francis, of Henry and Catharine Kramer, b. Oct. 16, baptized
           October 20, sponsors Francis and Barbara Sener.
Landry, Peter Matthew, of Peter and Anne Landry, b. Sept. 21, baptized
           Sept. 22, sponsors John Broc and Margaret la Vache.
Leblanc, John Baptist, of Daniel and Margaret Leblanc, b. Dec. 9, baptized
           Dec. 10, sponsors Joseph Leblanc and Mary Babin.
Leblanc, Mary, of Henry and Mary Leblanc, b. Jan. 29, baptized Feb. 25,
           sponsors Nicholas Bernard and Catharine Swan.
Lechler, John George, of George Ernest and Mary Lechler, b. Sept. 11,
           baptized Sept. 25, sponsor Catharine Spengler.
Lederman,John,of John and Mary Catharine Lederman,b. Mar. 29,
           baptized Apr. 3, sponsors John Becker and Christina Elizabeth                        [Umessin?].
Maglon, Hugh, of Laghlan and Mary Maglon, b. Sept. 11, baptized  Sept. 15,
           sponsors Andrew Maglon and Mary Willson.
Maguire, Mary, of Richard and Rosa Maguire, b. Mar. 6, baptized Apr. 17,
           sponsors John Rediger and Mary Hughs.
Mayer, Elizabeth, of Joseph and Gertrude Mayer,b. Oct. 31,baptized Nov. 3,            sponsors Peter and Elizabeth Hegner.
McDonald, John, of Darby and Mary McDonald, b. Jun. 17,baptized June 19,
           sponsors William Fitzharris and Rebecca Evet.
McDonald, Mary, of James and Bridget McDonald,b. Dec. 31,1762, baptized
           Mar. 13, sponsors John and Anna Lion.
McKenny, Margaret and Anna, twins,of Hugh and Mary McKenny,
           Margaret b. May 25, Anna b. May 26, baptized May 26, sponsors,                    John Casey and Honora Conely for Margaret, John Kennelly and
           Mary Kennedy for Anna.
McKnight, John, of John and Catharine McKinght, b. Jan. 3, baptized Feb. 9,
           witness Elizabeth O'Neal.
Metzgar, Catharine, of John and Cecilia Metzgar, b. Aug. 23,baptized 
           Aug. 28, sponsors John Hoffner and Catharine Dun [Dunn?].
Mignati, Joseph, of Daniel and Mary Mignati, b. Jul. 21, baptized Aug. 7,
           sponsor Christina Archbold.
[Mir?],Anna Mary,of John Baptist and Magdalen [Mir?], b. Sept. 15,
           baptized Sept. 18, sponsors Francis Mouton and Anna Savoy.
Mullabi, Francis Xavier, of Thomas and Christina Mullabi, b. Dec. 10,
           baptized Dec. 29, sponsor Anna White,
Murray, Catharine, of William and Eleanor Murray, b. Oct. 17,  baptized                  Dec. 11, sponsors Mathias Lemy and Catharine Mackey.
O' Brian, John, of Mathew O' Brian and ____ , baptized Dec. 13,                                    conditionally.
O'Cain,Mary Magdalen, of Oliver and Margaret O'Cain, b. Aug. 6, baptized              Aug. 6, sponsors Simon O'Cain and Magdalen Doiron.
O'Doran, James, of Hugh and Rosa O'Doran, b. Feb. 26, baptized Feb. 27,
           sponsors Joseph Eck and Catharine Spengler.
O'Kain, Peter, of Oliver and Anna O'Kain, b. Jan. 21, baptized Jan. 21,
           sponsors Francis Savoy and [Ogithea ?] Dupries.
Pierie, Mary, of John and Miry Pierie, b. Dec. 23, 1741, baptized Apr. 2,
           sponsor Christina Mullabi.
Raulater, John, of Peter and Judith Raulater, b. Feb.1,1761, baptized
           Sept. 30; the mother acted as godmother in default of another.
Reardon, Catharine,of Daniel and Credely [Cordelia?] , b. July 2, baptized  
           Dec. 8, sponsors Peter Dietry and Susanna Butin,
Reardon, John,  Reardon, same parents, b. Feb. 28, 1761, baptized Dec. 8,
           sponsors Peter Magill and Magdalen Dietry.
Reding, Thomas, to John and Catharine Reding, b. Jan. 6, baptized May 7,
           sponsor William Welsh, witness Abigail Moor.

Reichart, Joseph, of Joseph and Mary Apollonia Reichart, b. Oct. 4,baptized            conditionally Oct.16, sponsors Joseph Kientz and Elizabeth Stauter.

Russ, Rachael, of Eleanor (Nelly) Russ, baptized Dec. 27, privately.
Savoy, Mary Margaret, of Francis and Margaret Savoy, b.  Feb.16, baptized
           Feb.16, sponsors Joseph Debotan and Anastatia Leblanc.
Schad, Anna Mary Elizabeth, of John Peter and Mary Elizabeth Schad,
           b. Feb. 16, baptized Mar. 27, sponsors George and Anna Mary Metz.
Schilling, John Philip, of Philip and Eva Schilling, b. Apr. 15, baptized
           Apr. 24, sponsors Michael and Catharine Wolf.
[Schmidt?], James, of James and Elizabeth Shmith [Schmidt?], b. Oct. 2,
           baptized Dec. 25, sponsors Patrick O'Neil and Bridget Pointon
Schnable, Michael, of Andrew and Eva Schnable,b. Oct. 22,baptized Nov. 6,            sponsors Michael and Eva Khuen.
Schoch, Margaret, of William and Catharine Schoch, b. Jan.4, baptized
           Mar. 22, sponsor Margaret Haider, witness Andrew Roth, in
           New Jersey.
Schreiner, Mary Christine, of Anselm and Elizabeth Schreiner, b. Jan.16,
           baptized Jan. 23, sponsors Paul and Anna Christina Essling.
Siran, Josephine Mary, of Peter and Mary Siran,b. Aug. 26, baptized  
           Aug. 26, sponsors Joseph Leblanc and Mary Magdalen Babin.
Stoneman, Henry,of William and Gertrude Stoneman , b. Oct. 6, 1758,
           baptized Mar. 27, sponsor John Lions.
Stoneman, Joanna, same parents, b. May 17,1753, baptized Mar. 27,
           sponsor Susanna Kearney.
Stoneman, Sarah, same parents, b. June__, 1756, baptized Mar. 27,
           sponsors Owen Sullivan and Mary Lauville.
Stoneman, Salome, same parents, b. Sept. __, 1761, baptized Mar. 27,
           sponsor Mary Lauville.
Thurnbach, Adam and Mary Catharine (twins), of Christian and Susanna                Catharine Thurnbach, b. Nov. 25, baptized Dec. 6, sponsors Adam                  and Margaret Geiger for Adam, Philip Wrentzel and Catharine                        Griesmeyer for Mary Catharine, in New Jersey.
Viel, Catharine, of Christopher and Catharine Viel, b. May 30,  baptized                  June 5, sponsors Charles and Catharine Schmid.
Viliar, John, of Anthony and Eva Villar, b. June 24, baptized Aug. 21,
           sponsors Joanna Hang and Elizabeth Stauter.
Vincent, Joseph,of Joseph and Genevieve Vincent, born, baptized Feb. 3,
           sponsors Marin Leblanc and Margaret la Vache.
Vincent, Margaret,of the same parents , b. Feb. 3, baptized Feb. 3,                            sponsors Peter Vincent and Mary Magdalen  Babin.
Wallis,Mary Magdalen,of Michael and Anna Mary Wallis,b. Jan. 20,
           baptized Jan. 23, sponsors Christian Schiitz and Mary Magdalen                      Wallis.
Welsh, Christopher, of Solomon and Mary Welsh, b. Apr. 6, baptized 
           Apr. 10, sponsors John and Magdalen Steling, Mary Mills witness.
White, Catharine, adult, baptized April 21.
Wiester, Nicholas, of Peter and Anna Mary Wiester, b. Sept.14, baptized
           Sept.18, sponsors Nicholas Raub and Margaret Haider.
Wilcox, Mary, of James and Prudence Wilcox, b. Jun. 11, baptized July 4,
           sponsors John Gatringer and Catharine Spengler, in Chester, Pa.
Wilhelm, Anthony, of Gerard and Elizabeth Wilhelm, b. June 11, baptized
           Jun. 13, sponsor Anthony Ottman, witness Regina.
Wurth, Charles Joseph, of Joseph and Barbara Wurth, b. Oct. 2, baptized
           Oct. 6, sponsors Charles and Catharine Schmid.
_______, Joseph Simon, of Alexis and Catharine , b. Oct.28, baptized  Oct. 29,
           sponsors Susanna Debotan and Mary Babin.
_______, William, of parents unknown, baptized Nov. 4, witnesses Michael                and Margaret Schonaltz.
_______, Mary Magdalen, b. Sept. 10, baptized Sept.10, ceremonies supplied
           Sept.11, had been baptized in danger of death by Paul Miller, an
           intelligent man.
_______,John baptized May 23, sponsor Margaret Redmond.
_______, Anna, of Anthony and Catharine , b. January __, baptized June 12,
           sponsors Joseph [Ribari?] and Susanna Robinson.
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