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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia                  Register Of Baptisms For  1758 - 1773                                             St. Joseph's Church
                                                          1772 cont.
North, Thomas, of Thomas and Margaret North, b. Feb. 16, baptized
         May 21, sponsors Brian and Mary O'Hara.
O'Brien, Margaret, of Thomas and Judith O'Brien, b. Apr. 16, baptized
         Apr. 26, sponsor Sarah Tims.
O'Neil, Elizabeth, of Arthur John and Rose O'Neil, b. Nov. 6, 1771,
         baptized Apr. 19, sponsors John Fagan and Anna Rush.
O'Hara, Charles and Elizabeth (twins),of Brian and Mary O'Hara,
         b. July 3, baptized privately July 3.
Page, Henry, of William and Elizabeth Page, b. July 14, baptized July 18,
         sponsors Walter Fitzgerald and Mary Callaghan.
Plusch,Dorothy, of Joseph and Dorothy Plusch,b. Feb.10, baptized
          Feb.11, sponsors Caspar and Elizabeth Hayle.
Powel, John, of________ and Anna Powel, b. Jan. 29, baptized May 12, 
         sponsors John and Elizabeth Hanley.
Roth, Nicholas John, of and Roth, b. Aug. 31, baptized Sept. 6, sponsors 
         Nicholas and Anna Schnaller.
Ryan, Michael, of Philip and Anna Ryan, b. Apr. 20, baptized May 18,
         sponsors Michael and Joanna Robeson.
Sauervvald, Catharine, of Michael and Margaret Sauerwald, b. Aug. 21, 
         baptized Aug. 22, sponsors Anthony and Barbara Gross.
Savoy, Mary Margaret, of Peter and Mary (Lequeul) Savoy, b. Jun. 24,
         baptized conditionally Jun. 25, sponsors James Forester and
         Margaret Lequeul.
Scheimer, John Bernard, of Frederic and Magdalen Scheimer, b. May 30,
         baptized Jun. 28, sponsors John Bernard Brow and Catharine
Schilling,Stephen, of Philip and Eva Schilling,b. Aug. 26, baptized Sept. 4,
         sponsors Stephen, Jr., and Mary Ann Forage.
Schlotz, Susanna Catharine, of Philip and Susanna Schlotz, b. Mar. 11, 
         baptized Sept. 15, sponsor Catharine Spengler.
Schreiner, Anna Christina, of Anselm and Elizabeth Schreiner, b. July 21,           baptized July 23, sponsors Paul and Christina Essling.
Senner, Mary Ann, of Francis and Anna Mary Senner,b. Sept. 8,baptized 
         Sept. 11, sponsors James Klein and Anna Klein.
Soderick, Elizabeth, of John and Margaret Soderick, 14 years old, 
         baptized Feb. 24, sponsor Margaret Dogherty.
Springer, Catharine, of John and Mary Springer, b. Sept. 19, baptized 
         Sept. 20, sponsors Nicholas Essling and Catharine Miller.
Sweeney, James, of Edmund and Elizabeth Sweeney, b. Nov. 26, 1771,
         baptized Feb. 9, sponsors Patrick Dogherty and Anna Morning.
Swiney, Mary, of Patrick and Catharine (Hurley) Swiney, b. Jun. 28,
         baptized Jul. 12, sponsors Philip Neal and Mary Fitzgerald.
Thurnbach,John,of Christian and Susanna Catharine Thurnbach,
          b.Aug. 4, baptized Aug. 16, sponsors Henry and Barbara Geiger,
Tims, Anna, of Henry and Anna Tims, b. Jan. 7, baptized Mar. 30,
          sponsor Francis Sohl, in Chester Co., Pa.
Tisdall, Mary, of Thomas and Elizabeth Tisdall, b. Feb. 3, baptized Feb. 9,
         sponsors Nathaniel Preston and Mary Farrell.
Viel, Rudolph, of Paul and Mary Viel, b. July 9, baptized July 12, sponsors
         Rudolph and Sibylla Viel.
Walter, John George, of James and Frances Walter, b. Feb. 18, baptized 
         Jun. 28, sponsors Peter Eimold and Sarah Sohl, at Pikesland, 
         Chester Co., Pa.
Westermayer, Mary Magdalen, of John and Ottilia Westermayer, b. abt 
         Mar., bapt. Aug. 9, sponsors Sebastian and Gunegunda Hoffman.
Will, Elizabeth, of Phiiip and Elizabeth Will, b. Apr. 9, baptized Apr. 12,
         sponsors John Spath and Anna Hewson.
Winter,Elizabeth Sarah, of Patrick and Eleanor Winter, b. Jul. 18,
          baptized Jul. 26, sponsors George and Eleanor Conely.


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