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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia                  Register Of Baptisms For  1758 - 1773                                            St. Joseph's Church
                                                                1773 cont.
Regimenter, Peter, of Peter and Mary Magdalen Regimenter, b. Jun. 28,
            baptized Jun. 29, sponsor Peter Eck.
Reider, Daniel, of Francis Joseph and Anna Mary Reider, b. May 12, 
            baptized May 15, sponsors Daniel Cobole and Barbara Welker.
Ridiger, Anna Mary, of John and Margaret Ridiger, b. Apr. 19, baptized
            Apr. 25, sponsors John Vanie and Anna Mary Nagel.
Rittisheim, Anna Sarah, of John and Catharine Rittisheim, b. May 16,
            baptized June 16, sponsors Anthony and Anna Sarah Aman.
Ruck, William, of Samuel and Christina Ruck, b. Jun. 24, baptized Sept. 7, 
            sponsors Anthony and Catharine Lechler.
Ryan,Mary,of James and Sarah Ryan,b. Jun. 8,1765, baptized conditionally
            Aug. 26, sponsors John and Catharine Hoy.
Sauerwald,Laurence, of John and Magdalen Sauerwald,b. Jun. 26,baptized
            July 4, sponsors Laurence and Magdalen Schonus.
Savoy, Anna Josephine, of Peter and Mary Savoy, b. July 9, baptized July 9,
            sponsors John Gatringer and Margaret Josephine Blanchard.
Sealy, William, of Michael and Elizabeth Sealy, b. Dec. 18, 1772, baptized
            privately, Oct. 25, sponsor Anna Mary Merschler.
Schilling, John Theodore, of Philip and Eva Schilling, b. Nov. 6, baptized 
            Nov. 7, sponsor John Rudolph, Mary Margaret Rudolph,witness.
Schreiner, Anna Christina, of Anselm and Elizabeth Schreiner, b. Aug. 29,
            baptized Sept. 5, sponsors Paul and Christina Essling.
Schneider, Mary Barbara, of Henry and Barbara Schneider, b. Mar. 3,
            baptized Mar.7,sponsors George Ernest and Mary Magdalen
Sharp, Robert, of Robert and Mary Sharp, b. Jun. 30, baptized July 4,
            sponsors James Mullen and Catharine Dardis.
Shaw, James, of Moses and Bridget Shaw,b. July 21,1771, baptized May 21,             sponsors Patrick Howlan and Elizabeth Ruger.
Simons, James Francis Patrick, of James and Mary Simons, b. Oct.10, baptized             Oct. 24, sponsors Francis and Hannah Doyle.
Spath, John Christopher, of John and Margaret Spath, b. May 5, baptized
            May 9, sponsors Christopher and Catharine Frances Wagner.
Stafford, John, of James and Mary Stafford, b. Jan. 15, baptized Mar. 7,
            sponsors Patrick Jennan and Bridget McNamara.
Stahler, Elizabeth, of John and Christina Stahler, b. Feb. 23, baptized
            Feb. 28, sponsors Thomas and Elizabeth Tisdall.
Stalter, Martin, of Nicholas and Elizabeth Stalter, b. May 24, baptized Oct. 21,
            sponsor Martin Bachman; at Charlottenburg, N. J.
Strack, Daniel, of William and Elizabeth Strack, b. Jun.16, baptized Jun. 21,
            sponsors Daniel and Annie Dogherty, while traveling.
Tally, Mary Ann, of and Catharine Tally, 6 years old, baptized July 21, 
            sponsor Catharine Tally; a slave of Catharine Tally.
Tisdall, Catharine, of Thomas and Elizabeth Tisdall, b. Oct. 8, bapt. Oct. 10,
            sponsors Stephen and Catharine Bardin.
Trim, Martin, of James and Mary Elizabeth Trim, b. Dec. 5, baptized Dec. 12,
            sponsors Martin Wiber and Catharine Wagner.
Varrel, Matthew, of Francis and Elizabeth Varrel, b. Feb. 22, baptized Oct. 10, 
            sponsors Emmanuel and Mary Ohms.
Waas, Francis Joseph, of Sebastian and Anna Mary Waas, b. Nov. 3,1772,
            baptized Apr. 12, sponsors Francis and Agatha Senner.
Walker, William, of Samuel and Mary Walker, b. Apr. 20, baptized Oct. 24,
            sponsors Elizabeth Walle, William Ledgert witness.
Walter, Francis, of John and Rebecca Walter, baptized May 20, sponsors
            Francis Kirk and Susanna Doyle.
Ware, Elizabeth, of Thomas and _______Ware, b. May 19,1772, baptized
            Mar. 9, sponsor Anna Kelly.
Watts, Elizabeth, of Samuel and Mary Watts, b. Jun. 3, baptized Jun. 27,
            sponsors Francis Mullabi and Elizabeth Murray.
Wex, James, abt 18 years old, baptized May 20, sponsors James Walter 
            and Margaret Wider.

White, John, of John and Rachel White, b. Nov. 21, baptized Dec. 12, sponsors 

            Thomas Donaho and Sarah Greswold.
Wilcox, Elizabeth, of John and Rebecca Wilcox,b. Mar.15, baptized Sept. 5,
            sponsor Rebecca Wilcox.
Williams, Robert, of George and Margaret Williams, b. Apr.13,1771,
            baptized May 23, sponsors Patrick Grin and Anna Manan.
Wingart, Anna Catharine, of John and Anna Elizabeth Wingart, b. Apr. 21, 
            baptized May 23, sponsors Hubert Marian and Catharine Demuth.
Winters, William, of __________ and Mary Winters,b. Sept.11,1772, baptized
            privately May 4, sponsor Eleanor Conneley.
Wurth, Philip James, of Joseph and Barbara Wiirth, b. Apr. 30, baptized
            May 1, sponsor Catharine Schmid.
Wurtzer, Mary Magdalen, of George and Eva Wurtzer, b. Jan. 28, baptized
            Apr.12, sponsors George Ernest and Mary Magdalen Lechler.
[Zig?],Miriam Catharine, of John George and Gertrude Sig [Zig?], b. Jan. 31,
            baptized May 14; in New Jersey.


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