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Reuban Green

Journal of Sanford Porter, Pg. 36, residing in Vershire, Orange Co, Vermont, approx. 1809



Mr. Reuban Green taught our school two winters. (The two before this.) He was a shoe maker by trade. I worked with him this coming winter to learn the trade. I did not go to school that winter and he did not keep school that winter.




Pg. 36-37


I have said that I went to work with Reuben Green to learn the shoemakers trade. I worked with him that winter and learned to make shoes and boots and I learned something more. I learned not to tell so many lies as he did. People come and brought their lether with them and wanted shoes or boots made soon for the want of them and he wanted git all the custom he could and he would tel them to leave their lether and they should have what they wanted done tomorrow night or day after tomorrow and so on until he got the shop croweded with lether. He would promis and promis when he knew it was not fisible for us to come within a week or two of fulfilling the promises he had made. They come an would come after their boots or shoes. Still not done, but we will have them done by tomorrow night or the day after and so kept on and we would work just as fast as we could days and until after midnight, sometimes until day light would appear in the east. They would make some exchuse, he had to do this or that or had to go here or thare when he had not scarsly ben out of the shop. The people got disappointed so often, at last would take their lether away and go to some other shoemaker to get their work done.

  There was a man, Israel Comstock, him and two of his daughters, young woman that worked. Worked at the business all the time and done their work well. They would not dispoint people but would fulfill their promises unless some unavoidable accident happend and Mr. Green was out of business and shut up his shop and I left him.


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