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Rodney Lewis, husband of Hulda Porter

Journal of Sanford Porter, Pg. 102, residing in Augusta, Oneida Co, New York, approx. 1818


They would be thare tomorrow morning to breakfast. I had got it in my mind that I could git Mr. Sharp to hew and lay of the frame and boss the work. I new him to be a smart go a head man and I thought I could git Nathan and Bill Porter and Rodney Lewis and David Astra and Bina Fairbanks to chop and skore and I got onto my horse and away I went full speed to see the men that I had picked out in my mind.




     I could not well bare to stay on the place and I sold out my farm to my brother John. He wanted to git a place for his son in law by the name of Rodney Lewis. He had married Huldah Porter, one of Johns daughters and she was blind and John wanted to have them live near by him and the rest of them.

     Lewis was born and raised in Canida and did not like the laws in the States and John was afraid he would slide off and take Hulda with him to Canida. 




   1820 United States Census





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