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S - Rescued Names

If you recognize anyone let me know and the photo is yours. If someone already claimed it, I can send you a copy or feel free to "copy & paste."

Printed on back: Cousin Ricca Schultz. Found in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Evelyn Strobel

Wallace L. Schaeu, Centerville, Utah
Howard S. Schock, Four and a half months old. Found in Antique  Store in Provo, Utah
Joe Swanson, found in Cedar City, Utah. Picture taken at ATkinson's in Moline, Ill.

John Shermman, found in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Wallace Schaeu, ____Walters, & Dale Porter, New York State
Jack L. Smith, Salt Lake City, Utah
             Gottlieb Stucki, Logan, Utah
                Eastern States Mission
Bert Smith, found in Cedar City, Ut.
Mary Jane Sanderson, found in Cedar City, Utah
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