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Samuel Wallice

I made some shoes for the neighbors but thare was two of our neighbors never bothered the shoe makers. They had eight or ten children in eatch family but they would not git their children either hats or shoes, summer or winter. They went to school all winter bare foot and the girls nothing but some old stocking feet. They eatch of them had good farms for that country. Good farm houses and  barns and orchards and a plenty of cows and sheep and horses. They ware as well off an any farmer in that country but they said they had worked hard for what they had got and they would not let their children waste it by taring round with other children at school or any whire else. Some of them ware men and woman grown but they would not let either the boys or the girls work for other people to get any thing they needed. One of the mens name was Samuel Wallice and the others name was Barzilla Yates.

Journal of Sanford Porter, Pg. 42, residing in Vershire, Orange Co, Vermont, approx. 1810-1811
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