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                                  Wells Rammy/Ranney

Journal of Sanford Porter, Pg. 96, residing in Augusta, Oneida Co, New York, approx. 1814


My sheep pasture was joining to Herpses sheep pasture and one of my sheep had got over or threw the fence or threw the fence among his sheep. I was looking at my sheep and I see thare was one missing. I looked over the fence and I see my sheep with his. I knew the sheep, it was marked my mark and also knew by the countanense that it was my sheep and wais a tryin to git back. I told Herbs one of my sheep got with his and when he got his sheep into the pen, I would come and git mine. He said I shold not have it. It was a sheep that he got of Wels Rany. I told him he never got that sheep of Wells Rammy. He said he did and he would be damed if I should have it. I told him I would be damed if I dident have it. We both got very rathing and cursed one another wickedly. He swore to his grave I shuld not have it. I swore that I would have it. We tongued lashed one another severly. I got up the next morning early, I took some salt in a pan and went into Herbsis pasture and got my sheep and took it down near the house and butchered it and fest it and take it into the house. I would look once in a while at Herbsis house to see if they ware up. No one up. I thought that must be something like stealing but Herbs never said any more about the sheep.

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