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Vital Records of Yorktown, Westchester Co., New York

                            (In Cortlandt Manor)

        Records Kept by Louis D. Pomeroy, Town Clerk

                                                  Pages Incomplete
Jan. 22       Jacob Sarles, age 23, of Yorktown, and Eliza Jane Sniffen,
                   age 18, of Mt. Pleasant.
Feb. 16      William Smith, age 23, of Yorktown, and Mary Jane Smith,  
                   age 18, of Mt. Pleasant.
Feb. 20      Hirma Miller,age 24, of New Castle, and Emaline Outhouse,                        age 22, of Yorktown.
Mar. 1        Elias Q. Horton, age 23, and Mary T. Tompkins, age 18, of
Mar. 18      Sylvester Kniffen, age 23, and Elizabeth Cooney, age 15, of
Apr. 7         Samuel Castles, age 56, and Ellen Bell, age 24, of Cortland.
May 4        Gilbert Darrow, age 25, and Frances Currey, age 24, of
Jun. 19       Heman Tompkins, age 20, and Hannah M. Ford, age 22, of
Aug. 13      Augustus Williams, age 24, of Yorktown, and Hannah M.
                    Ford, age 18, of Bedford.
Sep. 4         Sylvester Flenwelling, age 24, of New Castle, and Catherine
                    Norton, age 18, of Tarrytown.
Sep. 8         I. S. Godley, age 22, and Elizabeth Ingersol, age 18, of New
Oct. 1.        Joseph Sunderland, age 23, and Mary H. Bedell, age 15, of
Oct. 4         Harry Smith, age 24,of Bedford,and Aurelia Sparks, age 20,
                    of Yorktown,
Oct. 7         David Barger, age 26, and Elizabeth Crawford age 20, both
                    of Putnam Valley.
Nov. 14     Stephen Mead, age 30, and Ann Mackaley, age 20, both of
Dec. 9        Edward Covert, age 32, of Cortlandt, and Mary Lounsbury,
                    age 21, of Yorktown.
Dec. 25      Andrew Barley,age 23,of New York,and Mary Jones,age 19,
                    of Somers.
Dec. 27      Joseph Spencer, age 20, of Yorktown, and Catherine
                   Murphy, age 27, of Yorktown.
Jan. 12       James Lent, of Yorktown, age 5
Jan. 20       William Horton, of Yorktown, age 1 ½
Jan. 28       Howel T. Purdy, of Yorktown, age 2
Feb. 24      Henry Loring Johsnon, of Yorktown, age 2.
Mar. 12     Phebe Smith, of Yorktown, age 75, married.
May 8        Walter Carpenter, of Yorktown, age 82, farmer, married.
May 24      Elizabeth Hitchcock, of Yorktown, age 77, of old age,
Jul. 5          Clay Garretson, of Yorktown, age 71, farmer.
Jul. 17        John H. Surrine, age 5.
Jul. 19        Hannah Wright, of Somerstown, age 61.
Aug. 6        Emaline Hitchcock, City of New York, age 27, married.
Sep. 6        Dorando Young, of Yorktown, age 9.
Oct. 4         Mary Fowler, of Yorktown, age 76, married.
Oct. 6         Sarah Vail, of Somerstown, age 90, widow.
Oct. 8         Ellen Denike, of Yorktown, age 8 ½
Nov. 14      Infant of Rachel Odell, of Yorktown, age 5 days.
Nov. 21      Robert P. Lee, of Yorktown, age 82, lawyer, married.
Dec. 6         William Pullen, of Yorktown, age 75, farmer, married.
Feb. 13      Washington Strang, age 28, of Yorktown, and Mary Lee,
                    age 27, of Putnam Valley.
Feb. 21      John W. Lounsbury, age 26, and Phebe Jane Tompkins, age
                   29, both of Yorktown.
Feb. 28      John V. Tompkins, age 26, and Mary Eliza Tompkins, age 19,
                   both of Yorktown
Mar. __      Gilbert Treadwell, age 25 ,and Mary Jane Lenesich (Lenerich),
                   age 24, both of Yorktown.
Mar. __       Jackson Burdsall, of Yorktown, age 26, and Mary Ward,
                    age 22, of Peekskill.
Jul. 13        Lovenia Toothford, age 18, and Isaac Cuath, age 17, both of
Sep. 23      Robert Young, age 20, and Jane M. Harmon, age 17, both of
                   New Castle.
Nov. __       Frank Post, age 25, and Mary Valentine, age 20, both of
Nov. __      Thomas Newman, age 50, and Hesther Davis, age 50, both of
Dec. 5        Bartown Demmins, age unknown, and Jane Garretson,
                    age 17, both of Yorktown.
Dec. 16      William Hitchard, age 27, and Jane Hood, age 20, both of
Jan. 22       Elinor Clements, of Yorktown, age Yorktown, age 29, farmer,
Feb. 3         Abigail Jane Green, of Yorktown, age 8.
Feb. 12       George W. Green, of Yorktown, age 6.
Feb. 18       Adson Green, of Yorktown, age 3.
Mar. 6         Jemima Brown, of Yorktown, age 3.
Mar. __        John Birdsall, of Yorktown, age 49, farmer, native.
Apr. 6         Mary Rose, of Yorktown, age 64, farmer, married.
Apr. 11       Francis Seeley Wilson, of Yorktown, age 2.
May 20       Caleb Horton, of Yorktown, age 74, farmer, married, native.
May 29       Angeline Knapp, of Yorktown, age 13, unmarried.
May 31       Lydia Ann Horton, of Yorktown, age 46, unmarried.
Jun. 3          John Roake, of Yorktown, age 5.
Aug. 22      Hannah Loring, of Yorktown, age 76, retired farmer.
Aug. 25      Timothy Quinn, of Yorktown, age 7 months.
Sep. 1         Jane Wilson, of Yorktown, age 29, unmarried.
Sep. 2         Rev. Josephus B. Loring, of Yorktown, age 57, minister,
Sep. 3         Maria Odell, of Yorktown, age 46.
Sep. 8        Mary Caroline, of Yorktown, age 2.
                   Melissa Knapp, of Yorktown, age 35, deranged, unmarried.
                   Deborah Hill, of Carmel, Putnam Co., age 80, retired farmer.
Sep. 12      Mary Townsend, of Yorktown, age 3.
                   Martha Birdsall, of Yorktown, age 22, married.
Sep. 20      Henry Odell, of Yorktown, age 1.





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