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Chesterfield,Burlington County,Friends'Monthly Meeting                        Marriage Records, 1686-1800.




Marsh, Samuel, of Woodbridge Township, Middlesex Co.,
             & Ann Middleton, of Nottingham Township, at
             Chesterfield.                                                                                   Oct. 06,1785
Middleton, Thomas, of Nottingham Township & Patience
             Tilton, of Middletown, Monmouth Co., at Shrewsbury.
                                                                                                                         Nov. 15,1735
Middleton, Jonathan, of Nottingham, son of John and Esther,
              & Meribah Barton, of Mansfield, daughter of Edward
             and Sarah, deceased, at Chesterfield.                                     Feb. 15,1742
Middleton, George, of Nottingham, son of John, deceased
             and Esther, & Hannah Fowler, of Chesterfield,
             daughter of John, deceased and Elizabeth Reckless,
             at Chestrfield.                                                                                 Oct. 29,1743
Middleton, Abel, of Nottingham Township & Mary Hewes,
             of Stony Brook.                                                                               Dec. 18,1754
Middleton, Nathan, of Nottingham Township, son of George
             and Hannah, & Lydia Allen, of Burlington Co.,
             daughter of Samuel and Mary, at Chesterfield.                    May 14,1767 Middleton, Jacob, of Nottingham Township & Hannah Tilton,
             of Chesterfield Township, at Chesterfield.                             Feb. 01,1779
Middleton, Thomas, of Nottingham Township & Mary
             Forsyth, of Hanover, at Chesterfield.                                       Dec. 14,1780
Middleton, Joseph, of Chesterfield Township, son of Nathan
             and Lydia, & Avis Holloway, of the same place,
             daughter of James, deceased, and Rebecca.                          Apr. 17,1794
Moore, Thomas, of Bordentown, son of Mary Wright &
             Lydia Taylor, daughter of John and Hannah, at
             Bordentown.                                                                                    Jun. 04,1783
Murfin, William, of Nottingham & Sarah Bunting, of
             Chesterfield, at Chesterfield.                                                      Jun. 08,1704


Newbold, Thomas, of Mansfield Township, son of William
             and Susannah, & Mary Taylor, of Chesterfield
             Township, daughter of Anthony & Ann.                                 Feb. 19,1789


Osborn, John, of Burlington County, & Sarah Shreve,
             daughter of Caleb, at Chesterfield.                                      Jan.19,1723/24


Page, Edward, of North Wales, Penn. & Rebecca Vanhagen,
             of Nottingham Township, at Chesterfield.                            Mar. 19,1726 Pancoast, William, of Mansfield Township & Meribah Allen,
             of Nottingham Township, at Chesterfield.                            Jun. 12,1760
Pancoast, James, of Mansfield Township, son of Samuel
             and Sarah, & Sarah Wright, of Bordentown,
             daughter of Israel, deceased and Alice (now Alice
             Merritt), at Bordentown.                                                             Dec. 13,1797
Pancoast, John, of Chesterfield Township, son of Joseph
             and Sarah, & Ann Abbott, of Nottingham, daughter
             of Samuel and Lucy, at Trenton.                                                Jan. 03,1798
Paxton, James, of Buckingham, Penn. & Mary Horseman,
             of Monmouth County, daughter of Marmaduke,
             at Chesterfield.                                                                              Mar. 28,1724
Plumbsted, Clement, of Philadelphia, Penn. & Sarah Righton,
             daughter of William and Sarah Biddle, of Mount
             Hope, Burlington Co.                                                                     Jan. 03,1703
Potts, Thomas Jr., of Mansfield Township & Sarah Beakes,
             of Chester Township.                                                                    Aug. 29,1730
Potts, Stacy, of Trenton, N.J. & Esther Pancoast, of Mansfield,
             at Lower Springfield.                                                                     Apr. 13,1758


Reckless, Joseph, of Chesterfield & Margaret Satterthwaite,
             of Burlington, at Burlington.                                                       Sep. 08,1716
Reckless, Joseph, of Chesterfield & Elizabeth Fowler, of
             New Hanover, at Chesterfield.                                                   Dec. 26,1740
Robins, Isaiah, of Burlington County, son of Benjamin Jr.,
             & Sarah Large, of the same place, daughter of Samuel,
             at Chesterfiel.                                                                                 Dec. 15,1763
Robins, Nathan, of Upper Freehold Township, Monmouth Co,
             & Joice Burnett, of the same place.                                          May 13,1779
Rogers, Michael Jr., of Nottingham Township, son of
             Michael and Ann, & Ann Shreve, of Mansfield
             Township, daughter of Caleb and Grace, at
             Upper Springfield.                                                                         Mar. 20,1782
Rogers, John Staples, of Burlington Township, son of
             Thomas and Ann, & Mercy Taylor, of Chesterfield
             Township, daughter of Samuel, at Chesterfield.                  Oct. 12,1780 Rogers, John, at Nottingham Township, son of Isaac and
             Ann, & Susannah Forsyth, of the same place,
             daughter of John and Lucretia, at Chesterfield.                    Jan. 14,1782


Satterthwait, William, of Chesterfield Township & Martha
             Marriot, of the same place, at Chesterfield.                         Mar. 17,1711 Satterthwait, Samuel, of Chesterfield, son of William &
             Jane Osborn, daughter of Richard,at Chesterfield.             Sep. 18,1725 Satterthwait, Samuel, of Chesterfield Township & Susannah
             Forsyth, of the same place, at Mansfield.                              Mar. 22,1745 Satterthwait, Samuel Jr., of Chesterfield Township & Mary
             Cripps, of Northampton Township, daughter of John,
             deceased, and Mary, at Mansfield.                                           Dec. 14,1757
Satterthwait, Joshua W., of Chesterfield Township, son of
             Richard and Elizabeth, deceased, & Ann Middleton,
             of Chesterfield Township, daughter of Nathan &
             Lydia, at Chesterfield.                                                                  Mar. 17,1785
Scholey, Thomas Jr., of Burlington County, son of Thomas
             and Sarah, & Hannah Fowler, of Monmouth County,
             daughter of John and Rose, at Chesterfield.                         Mar. 26,1720 Scholey, Samuel, of Chesterfield Township & Avis Holloway,
             of the same place, at Chesterfield.                                          Mar. 27,1725
Scholey, Joseph, of Nottingham Township & Sarah Brown,
             of the same place, daughter of Preserve Brown,
             at Chesterfield.                                                                              Nov. 11,1756
Scholey, James, of Nottingham Township & Mary Rogers,
             of Windsor Township, Middlesex County, daughter
             of Isaac and Ann, at Chesterfield.                                             Sep. 07,1786
Scoit, John, of Willingboro Township & Hannah Lambert,
             of Nottingham.                                                                              Mar. 07,1695
Silver, Archibald, of Burlington County & Mary Cowgill,
             of the same place, daughter of Ralph and Susannah,
             at Chesterfield.                                                                               Feb. 14,1720
Skirm, Abraham, of Trenton, son of Richard, deceased
             and Elizabeth, & Elizabeth Fowler, of New Hanover,
             daughter of John, deceased, and Elizabeth, at
             Chesterfield.                                                                                   Mar. 24,1750
Smith, Daniel, of Burlington & Mary Murfin, of Nottingham
             Township.                                                                                        May 02,1695
Stevenson, John, of Chesterfield Township & Amelia Lawrie,
             of Nottingham, at Chesterfield.                                                Nov. 23,1786
Steward, William, of New Hanover Township, son of John
             and Elizabeth, & Rebecca Taylor, of Chesterfield,
             daughter of Samuel and Anne, at Chesterfield.                    Sep. 28,1751 Steward, Thomas, of Hanover Township, son of Joseph,
             deceased, and Bridget, & Mary Allen, of Nottingham,
             daughter of Samuel, deceased, at Chesterfield.                   Mar.11,1784 Stockton, Samuel, of Somerset County & Amy Doughty,
             of Chesterfield, daughter of Jacob,at Chesterfield.
                                                                                                                          Apr. 18,1719
Stokes, Jacob, of Newton Township, Gloucester Co., &
             Hannah Haines, of Chesterfield, at Mansfield.                      Apr. 28,1779
Sykes, John, of Chesterfield & Joanna Murfin, of Nottingham,
             at Chesterfield.                                                                               Aug. 19,1704
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