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Christ Church,Newgate Street, London

1578 (continued)


July 26        Thomas, son of Henry Torton     

                     Rychard (Richard), son of Rychard Parkins

July 17        Jeames (James), son of John Clonnye                

                     Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Cutler

July 30        Judith, daughter of Henry Elys

Sep 23         Margeret, daughter of Robert Pepp the elder, butcher

Oct 5           Rose, daughter of Stenen (Prob. Steven)Tayler

Oct 12         Joyce, daughter of Roger Abraham   

                     Jonne (Joan, Jone), daughter of Robert Buck                 

                     Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Lyne                

                     Margaret, daughter of John Clemoson

Nov 9           Katheren, daughter of Robert Johnson

Nov 14        Grace, daughter of Robert Wright

Nov 23        Margeret, daughter of Henry Boughton

Nov 24        John, son of John Henlye

Nov 28        Alse (Alice), daughter of Henry Page

Dec. 4          Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Pep the Younger

Dec 11         Mary, daughter of John Hunter

Dec 21         Mary, daughter of Mr. Wm Graye

Dec 25        Thomas, son of Rychard (Richard) Bruer 




Jan 6            Joonne (June, Jone), daughter of Jeames (James)Tonoke

Jan 19          John, son of Thomas Stenens (Stevens)

Feb 2           Mylles (Milles), son of Rychard (Richard)Lawrence

Mar 1           Elizabeth, daughter of Valentyne Hore, irnmonger

Mar 2           Robert, son of Peter Sarson                

                     Randall, son of Wm Smalwood

Mar 13        Jane, daughter of Wm Gadsdon

Mar 15        Susan, daughter of Rychard (Richard) Hamford

April 10       Sieslye, daughter of Robert Ayre, gentleman                 

                     John, son of Rass(Poss. Ross) Jonson (Johnson)

April 16      John, son of Thomas Fox

April 17       Rychard (Richard), son of Wm Hawly            

                     Jonne (June, Jone), daughter of Thomas Woster

April 19       Arnold, son of Bartholomew More

May 4          Robert, son of Robert Wood, butcher

May 16        Katheren, daughter of John Wrene                  

                     Katheren, daughter of John Wigenton

May 17        Margaret, daughter of Hugh Knowt

May 24        John, son of John Homes (Holmes), sexten of the parish of Christ Church

June 7          Henry Wolkott                 

                     Henry, son of Xp’ofer (Christopher) Shawe

June 8          Alse (Alice) & Margaret, daughters of John Thomson

June 12       Elizabeth, daughter of _____ Wylson              

                     William, son of John God

June 14       Edward, son of Edward Orwell

Aug 4           Thomas, son of Thomas Homes (Holmes)

Aug 30         Thomas, son of Rychard (Richard) Hille                 

                     Jonne (Joan, Jone), daughter of U’phry (Humphrey)Saywell

Sep 6           Elizabeth, daughter of John Harre               

                     Susan, daughter of John Merick

Sep 20         Hugh, son of Hugh Bramlye               

                     Jerram, son of Roger Abraham            

                     Mary, daughter of Henry Eldrington                  

                     Anne, daughter of Henry Ellis

Sep 27         Rychard (Richard), son of Peter Hychinson

Oct 3           Edmond, son of Anthony Davy

Oct 4           Danyell (Daniel), son of John Halles

Oct 11         John, son of Rychard (Richard) Squier

Oct 28         John, son of John Skroogs             

                     Elizabeth, daughter of Rass Skoolle

Nov 2          John, son of Thomas Lingham

Nov 20        Margeret, daughter of Robert Nyxson (Nixon)

Dec 6           Christyan (Christian) & Anne, daughters of Edward Handy

Dec 26         Henry, son of Edward Homes (Holmes)




Jan 4            Susan, daughter of John Warde

Jan 11          Annes (Annis), daughter of Jeames (James) Haselwood

Jan 24          Mary, daughter of Robert Pigot

Jan 31          Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Hamerdon               

                     Thomas & Sophora Johnson

Feb 4           Artor (Arthur), son of Thomas Stanton, gentleman

Feb 20         Elizabeth, daughter of John Butford

Feb 27         Myhell, son of Myhell Pep         

                     Theophilus, son of Christopher Dunkyn

April 10      Thomas, son of Robert Lyne

April 20       Markes, son of John Catter

May 3          Ellen, daughter of Wm Hawlye

May 8          Thomas, son of Roger Pep

May 13        Alse (Alice), daughter of Harry Hyndred

May 22        Abraham, son of John Hunter

May 23        Christopher, son of Rass Juxson

June 1         Lawrence, son of Austyne (Austin) Edwards

June 3         Katherin, daughter of Thomas Peck                  

                     Elizabeth, daughter of John Denton

July 10         Gord, son of Thomas Baker

July 17         Roger, son of Rychard (Richard) Watkins

July 22         Anthony, son of William Lawne

July 30         Anthony, son of Anthony Wolkocke

Aug 6           John, son of John Henly

Aug 7           Alse(Alice), daughter of Thomas Fox

Aug 14         Frauncis (Francis), son of Wm Gadesden

Sep 1           Olyver (Oliver), son of Rychard (Richard) Lawrence

Sep 4           Roger,son of Robert Wood

Sep 16         Thomas, son of Mr. Thomas Fanshawe of the Exqueche

Sep 18         Mary, daughter Thomas Gooddyson

Sep 20         John, son of Robert Sanders

Sep 21         Edward, son of Edward Page

Sep 25         Abraham, son of John Redman

Oct 1           Jeames (James), son of Thomas Thomson

Oct 16         William, son of Paskall Thomson

Nov 13        Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Frauncis (Francis) Blyth

Nov 20        John, son of Henry Elderton                  

                     Elizabeth, daughter of Hugh Knowt

Nov 25        Alse (Alice) & Margeret, daughters of Wm Reynolds

Nov 27        John, son of John Bates             

                     Lambart, son of Robert Lewes

Dec 25         in the house, a child of Thomas Cowell; buryed the same day

Dec 27         Alse (Alice), daughter of Henry Shawe  



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