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Christ Church,Newgate Street, London




 Jan 6           Elizabeth, daughter of Harmond Coots

Jan 15          Katherine, daughter of Mr. Rychard (Richard) Smythe

Jan 29          Margeret, daughter of Thomas Padge               

                      Joyce, daughter of Rychard (Richard)Vickers                

                      John, son of John Tornor

Feb 2           Frauncis (Francis), son of Henry Ellis                

                     Rychard (Richard), son of Arthur Parkins

Feb 7           William, son of William Thorlowe

Feb 12         Katherine, daughter of Thomas Haselwood

Mar 10        Nathanyell (Nathaniel), son of John Byshope (Bishop)

Mar 16         John, son of Thomas Ward

Mar 19        Margeret & Alse (Alice)

April 16       William, son of Wm Vickers

April 19       Mary, daughter of Thomas Gylpen

May 7          Robert, son of Robert Pep           

                     William, son of Symond Statchehourst

June 13       Katherin, daughter of Edward Homes (Holmes)

June 14       Katherin, daughter of Wm Walker

July 1           Thomas, son of Thomas Stanton

July 9           Water (Poss. Walter), son of Thomas Stanton

July 14         Rass, son of John Stroges

July 24         Allse (Alice), daughter of John Ward

July 25         John, son of John Hare

Aug 6           Edward, son of William Tego               

                      John, son of Thomas Shotton

Aug 7           Mathew, son of  William Smalwood

Aug 22         John, son of Anthony Walkoke

Aug 27         Mary, daughter of Rase Juxson

Sep 2           Henry, son of Henry Boughdon

Sep 12         Jonne (Joan, Jone), daughter of Wm Lawnd

Sep 13         John, son of John Hunter

Sep 22         Anne, daughter of Mr. Bynyan, server to Lord London                

                     Mary, daughter of Henry Walton

Sep 29         Elizabeth, daughter of Frauncis Grene  (Francis Green)

                     Jonne (Joan, Jone) Lawrence

Oct. 8          Anthony, son of George ______                

                     John, son of John Preston

Oct 12         Henry, son of Thomas Fox

Oct 29         Robert, son of John Bate                

                     Thomas, son of Wm Peck

Nov 19        Ruben, son of Nycholas (Nicholas)Allen

Dec 3           Margeret, daughter of Robert Wood

Dec 12         Elizabeth, daughter of Wm Hallye

Dec 17         Humfery, son of Humdery Saywell

Dec 24         Alse (Alice), daughter of Mr. Thomas Fanshawe

Dec 26         Sara, daughter of Rychard (Richard) Atkys  





Jan 7            Mary, daughter of John Halles

Jan 21          Robert, son of Arthur Parkyns (Parkins)     

                     Mary, daughter of Henry Ellys

Jan 30          Frauncis (Frances), daughter of John Homes (Holmes)

Feb 2           Thymothy (Timothy),son of John Howe

Feb 11         Martha Lye                  

                     Alse (Alice), daughter of John Burford            

                     William, son of John Redman

Feb 19         Anne, daughter of Jeames (James) Haselwood

Feb 22         William, son of Thomas Bredfyld              

                     Elizabeth, daughter of Lawrence Buttris       

                     Thomas, son of Wm Thorlowe

Mar 12        Katheren, daughter of Thomas Haselwood               

                     Nathaniell, son of John Byshopp (Bishop)

April 8         Rychard (Richard), son of Robert Pygot

April 11       Jonne (Joan, Jone), daughter of Thomas Gooddyson         

                     Mary, daughter of Wm Reynolds

April 13      Jonne, daughter of Rase Cramton

April 16       Henry, son of Lawrence Mylborne

April 22       John, son of Edward Swylkyns, upholsterer

May 6          Samuel, son of Samuel Dowle

May 7          John, son of  Frauncis (Francis)Blythe, gentleman

May 20        Elizabeth, daughter of Kateren(Katherine) Ward

June 4          a child of Mistris Judges; being born before the tyme

July 15         Thomas, son of Thomas Boltonne

Sep 16         Elizabeth, daughter of Christopher Dunken

Sep 8           ______ Jinkson

Sep 12         Dorathy, daughter of Mr. Maskall

Oct 1           Phillip, son of Wm Bruer

Oct 3           John, son of John Lawrence

Oct 10         Thomas, son of Thomas Padge

Oct 21         Dorrathy (Dorothy), daughter of Wm Etton

Nov 3           William, son of John Hunter

Nov 9           Thomas, son of John Batte

Nov 15         William, son of Henry Walton

Nov 18        Peter, son of Gregory Sarson

Nov 21        John, son of Rychard(Richard) Ducky

Dec 2           Dayniell (Daniel(, son of Wm Vickers

Dec 13         William, son of Wm Land

Dec 21         Mary, daughter of Edward Homes (Holmes)

Dec 24         John, son of Robert Ball

Dec 27         Jonne, daughter of Wm Tego  





 Jan 1           Rychard (Richard)Kowte

Jan 4            Mawdlen, daughter of Henry Shawe

Jan 6            Rychard (Richard), son of Humfrye Shewell    

                     Mathew, son of Frauncis (Francis)Shawe     

                     John, son of Robert Nyxson (Nixon)

Jan 13          Agnes, daughter of Wm Smalwoode

Jan 20          Mary, daughter of Wm Smalwoode

Feb 10         John, son of John Hare      

                     Mathewe, son of John Westlye

Feb 25         Jerome, son of Wm Beckytt

Mar 10        Henry, son of Arthur Perkyns

Mar 17        Frances, daughter of John Redman

Mar 23        Susan, daughter of Thomas Woster

Mar 28        Phillip, son of Harry Ellis

April 27       Thomas, son of Lawrence Buttres

May 1          John, son of Harmond Cotts

May 4          William, son of Mr. Thomas Fanshawe

May 11        Anne, daughter of Mr. Edward Orwell

                     Sybbell, daughter of John Homes, sexton of the parish

May 20        Edward, son of Wm Phillips

May 24        Jonne (Joan, Jone), daughter of Wm Peck

July 28         Frauncis (Francis), son of Thomas Shotton          

                     Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Pep

Aug 6           Thomas, son of Edward Homes (Holmes)

Aug 27         Margeret, daughter of Thomas Brayfeld

Sep 10         Margeret, daughter of John Horten

Oct 1           Robert, son of Christopher Dunkyn

Oct 8           Reymond (Raymond), son of Thomas Goodyson

Oct 9           John, son of Rychard  (Richard)Myrryn   

                     William, son of Rychard (Richard) Brand

Oct 20         John, son of Rychard (Richard)Lawrence

Oct 31         George, son of Wm Thorlowe

Nov 1           Alse (Alice), daughter of Edward Padge

Nov 5           Lucy, son of John Batts

Nov 6           William, son of Rass Reymond

Nov 10        Rychard (Richard), son of Rychard Atkyes 

                     Barbary Ratlyf (Ratliff)

Nov 30        Rychard (Richard), son of Thomas Stapleford; base born

Dec 6           Edward, son of Robert Lyne

Dec 8           William, son of Thomas Gylpene

Dec 15         Thomas, son of Wm Tego       

                      John, son of John Creaford

Dec 21         Robert, son of Samuel Dowell

Dec 22         Nycholas (Nicholas), son of Symond Laneye    

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