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Christ Church,Newgate Street, London



 Jan 1           Theophilus, son of Henry Walton

Jan 17          Mary, daughter of Rychard (Richard) Bruer

Jan 22          Peater (Peter), son of Jeames (James) Leye

Jan 26          Robert, son of Robert Larkyn               

                     Katheren, daughter of Randall Foster

Mar 19        William, son of Wm Powell

April 20       Jonne (Joan, Jone), daughter of John Merick

April 21       Rychard (Richard), son of Rychard Parkyn

April 26       John, son of John Redmer

May 15        William, son of John Hatter

May 24        Katherin, daughter of ____ Wescome

May 29        Rychard (Richard)& Thomas Cotts

June 14       Humfrye (Humphrey), son of Humfrye Bate

June 21       Allderton, son of John Hall, usher of the Grammar School

July 19         Henry, son of Christopher Askewe

Aug 9           Thomas, son of Mr. Edward Orwell

Aug 16         Rafe, son of Edward Homes (Holmes)

Aug 30         Joyce, son of John Browninge

Sep 1           Thomas Jerrom

Sep 11         Margeret, daughter of Wm Butcher

Sep 13         John, son of Frauncis (Francis) Buttres

Sep 29         Sara, daughter of Robert Pepp

Oct 1           John, son of John Rawllynson (Rawlinson)

Oct 4           Susan, daughter of Henry Ellis         

                     Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Oramton        

                     Bettris (Beatrice), daughter of Wm Ryce

Oct 5           Katheren Bolton

Oct 9           Jane, daughter of John Bramlye

Oct 11         Mary, daughter of John Bats        

                     Frauncis (Francis) Bolton

Oct 15         Frauncis (Frances), daughter of Wm Smalwood

Oct 16         John, son of Thomas Barker

Oct 18         William, son of Wm Burgis

Nov 8           John, son of Rychard (Richard) Scolle    

                      _____, son of Henry West            

                     Audrye, daughter of Rychard (Richard)Thomas

Nov 9           John, son of Thomas Warde

Nov 15        Saraye, daughter of John Clymson

Nov 22        Edward, son of Thomas Homes

Dec 8           Barbara, daughter of Christopher Dowgkyn

Dec 9           William, son of Thomas Shotten

Dec 13         Martha, daughter of Thomas Reston

Dec 15         Mary, daughter of Thomas Wostere  





Jan 1            Aphabell, son of John Homes (Holmes)    

                     Janne (Jane), son of John Ward

Jan 3            Arthur, son of Arthur Parkins

Jan 6            John, son of Rychard (Richard) Brand

Jan 10          Thomas, son of John Westlye

Jan 17          Thomas, son of Samuel Dowre   

                     Anne, daughter of Rychard(Richard) Lawrence

Jan 24          Robert, son of John Grenewood         

                     George, son of Henry Hommerdon

Jan 25          William, son of Wm Ashton

Feb 1           Elizabeth _____

Feb 6           Henry, son of Rychard (Richard) Bruer

Feb 22         Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Thomas Fanshawe      

                     Mary, daughter of Mr. Forrest

Mar 14        Rychard (Richard), son of Rychard Meryne     

                     Jonne (Joan, Jone), daughter of John Crayford

Mar 17        Erasmus, son of Lewes (Lewis) Powell

April 23      John, son of Rychard (Richard) Ramond

May 5          Elyne (Ellen), daughter of Thomas Hyd

May 16        Katheryn, daughter of John Merrick

May 24        William,son of John Hewes (Hughs)

June 2         Hueughe Hugh), son of Heughe (Hugh)Knape

July 4           Agnes, daughter of Jugson by his wife Sara  

                     Mary, daughter of Thomas Jugson

July 22         _____, daughter of Robert Nyxson (Nixon)

Aug 1           Arthur, son of Thomas Gylpen

Aug 15         Susan Batte 

                     Janne (Jane), daughter of Thomas Brefyld

Aug 21         Margeret, daughter of Wm Fowler

Aug 22         Margery, daughter of Jeames (James) Haselwood    

                     Edmund, son of Henry Chambers

Aug 24         Anne, daughter of Christopher Askewe

Aug 29         Jeames (James), son of Edward Phillipes

Sep 3           Agnes Hallye

Sep 5           Ruben, son of Wm Peck

Sep 9           Anthony, son of John Hare

Sep 18         Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Knott

Oct 3           Nathanyell (Nathaniel), son of Randall Foster

Oct 21         Rafe Bredfylde

Oct 27         Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Edward Orwell

Nov 19        John, son of John Ward by his wife Alse

Nov 21        Jonne (Joan, Jone), daughter of Henry Heathe

Nov 22        Edward, son of Edward Wood

Dec 5           Brysella, daughter of John Stockwood  





 Jan 29         Thomas, son of Wm Astonne

Feb 6           Martha, daughter of John Bates

Feb 20         Olyener, son of Owyne (Owen) Wast

Mar 6           Robert, son of George Clarke

Mar 7           Margery, daughter of Ryhard (Richard) Brand

Mar 12         John, son of John Homes (Holmes)

Mar 21        Katheryn, daughter of Thomas Fyzwater

April 1         Agnes, daughter of Robert Felder

Apirl 3         Rafe, son of  Rafe John

May 1          Roger, son of Rychard (Richard) Reymond

May 13        Margeret & Ellyn _______

May 15        Mergery, daughter of Thomas Westcott

May 22        Three children of Mrs Bramleye, which were borne afore their tyme                         as yt Dothe apere hereafter in their buryall & they were all three                            buryed in the myddell ile in the old church & two of them named                              Jone & the other John

May 24        John, son of Christopher dougkyn

June 11       Thomas, son of Jeames (James) Leye

July 10         Samuel, son of John Best

July 17         Edward, son of Arthur Parkyns   

                     Nynian, son of Symond Mason

July 20         Elizabeth, daughter of John Ludwycke

Aug 14         George, son of Davy Owyn

Aug 21         Arthur, son of Raf Jugson         

                     Blaunche, daughter of Nycholas (Nicholas) Wylson           

                     Samuel, son of Humfery(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(Humphrey) Batt

Sep 10         Mary, daughter of Thomas Judgson

Sep 18         Humfery (Humphrey), son of Hunfery Lawrence      

                     Allse (Alice), daughter of John Whatson         

                     Susan, daughter of Robert Cremton

Sep 21         Katherin, daughter of Thomas Cramton

Oct 16         William, son of John Merick     

                     Bettris (Beatrice), daughter of William Foster

Oct 18         John, son of Edward Phillopes

Nov 13        William, son of John Bough

Nov 16        John, son of Christopher Askewe

Dec 12         Prudence, daughter of Jeames (James) Haselwood  





 Jan 1           Braysylla, daughter of Thomas Sherwood

Jan 22          William, son of Randall Foster        

                     George Hennege

Jan 26          _____ Gylpen

Jan 29          John, son of Edward  Elsye

Feb 5           Francis, son of Edward Wood    

                     Penticost, daughter of Wm Bridges

April 21       _____ daughter of Mathewe Lye       

                      _____ daughter of John Burne

May 14        Anthony, son of Henry Baylle          

                     Elizabeth, daughter of Rychard Medleye                

                     Elizabeth, daughter of John Bates           

                     Ellen, daughter of Thomas Ward

June 7          Sara, daughter of Edward Padge

June 22       Mary, daughter of Mr. Nycholas Fuller

July 1           Mary, daughter of Christoner Christoner       

                     Elizabeth & Margerett, daughters of Thomas Fyzwatter

July 30        John, son of Grygory Pyford

Aug 8           Sara, daughter of Thomas Goodyson

Aug 16         Sara Westleye

Sep 7           Sara Batts

Oct 30         Thomas, son of Thomas Ward

Nov 3           Elizabeth, daughter of Rychard (Richard) Weellere

Nov 11        Mathew Evans

Nov 29        Rychard (Richard), son of Rychard Mylborne

Dec 5           John, son of Thomas Ward

Dec 16         Anne, daughter of William Skoolle

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