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Christ Church,Newgate Street, London



Jan. 18        Thomas, son of Wm. Weston

                    Margaret, daughter of Wm Skypton

Jan. 20        Joone (June, Jone), daughter of Edward Smythe

Jan. 25        Josyas, (Poss. Joseph) son of Anthony Wilkenson

Feb. 8         Joone (June, Jone), daughter of Rychard (Richard)Goodwyn

Feb. 18       Rychard (Richard), son of Rychard Taylor

Feb. 21       Anthony, son of Thomas Prentice

Feb. 26       Margaret, daughter of Rychard Addamson (Richard Adamson)

Mar. 12      Thomas, son of Robert Aldred

Mar. 31      Thomas, son of John Dowrishe

April 5        Ellyn, daughter of Christofer Robynson (Christopher Robinson)

April 7        Margerett, daughter of Robert Bull

April 8        Anne, daughter of Wm Vicars

April 12      William, son of John Dawson

April 25      Annys (Annis), daughter of Rafe Robynson (Robinson)

May 17       Annes (Annis), daughter of Rychard (Richard)Chatterton

May 19       Ambrose, son of Thomas Hollawaye

May 31       Nycholas (Nicholas), son of Nycholas Pollyn

June 14      Margerett, daughter of William Abraham

July 8          Dorathy (Dorothy), daughter of Edward Byggs

July 19        Edmond, son of John Howe

July 25        Margerett, daughter of Robert Sayer

Aug. 9         Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Broughton

Aug. 16       Elizabeth, daughter of John Povye

Aug. 17       Bridgett & Margerett, daughters of John Smythe

Aug. 18       Annes(Annis), daughter of John Shether

Aug. 21       Thomas, son of Rychard (Richard) Scalles

Sep. 8         Elizabeth Haddon, daughter of Mr. Haddon, Doctor of the Civil Lawe

                    &  one of the Quenes Majestyes High Corte of Request.

Sep. 13       Elizabeth, daughter of Roger Addames (Adams)

Sep. 18       Elizabeth, daughter of Anthony Fletcher

Sep. 20       Janne, daughter of Wm Smothynge

Sep. 27       Reynold, son of Rychard (Richard) Sybere

Oct. 8         Hamon, son of Robert Ingram

Oct. 11       Mary, daughter of Deryck (Derick) Holler

Oct. 18       Margerett, daughter of Gylles (Giles)Henrick

Oct. 28       Robert, son of Thomas Morecrosse

Oct. 31       Sara, daughter of John More

Nov. 15      John, son of John Jonson

                    Joyce, daughter of Rychard Walle (Richard Wall)

Nov. 23      John, son of Thomas Goode

Nov. 29      Betters, daughter of Wm Staples

Nov. 30      Frement, son of John Wygynton

Dec. 3         Samuell, son of John Grygson

Dec. 4         Janne, daughter of Robert Robotham

Dec. 13       Joone (June, Jone), daughter of Petter Thomlynson(Peter Tomlinson)

Dec. 17       Mathew, son of John Incent




Jan. 1          Rychard (Richard), son of Rychard Sturman

Jan. 13        Roger, son of John Wells

Jan. 22        Jeames (James), son of Xp’ofer (Chirstopher) Bell

Jan. 24        Mathewe, son of Nynian Coxon

                    Joone (June, Jone), daughter of Bennytt Seyle

Jan. 29        Petter (Peter), son of John Lawnd

Feb. 15       Katheren, daughter of Robert Austen

Feb. 20       Mary, daughter of John Preston

Mar. 21       Joone (June, Jone), daughter of William Oklye

Mar. 28      Katheren, daughter of Thomas Stevyrton

                    Margerett, daughter of Bartholomew Lane

April 25      Annes (Annis), daughter of John Holdon

April 28      Henry, son of Jeferye (Jeffrey)Tattell

May 2         Elizabeth, daughter of John Sturman

May 9         Jeames (James), son of John Redmore

                    Rychard (Richard), son of Thomas Holden

May 21       Jeames (James), son of Wm Kettell

May 23       John, son of Wm Wilson

June 6        George, son of John Shortt

June 27      William, son of Robert Browne

June 28      Robert, son of John Aleworthe

July 11        Mary, daughter of John Lee

                    Grace, daughter of John Edwards

                    Thomas, son of Wm Fletcher

July 18        Peter, son of Rychard (Richard)Carter

                    Elizabeth, daughter of Wm Weston

                    Annes (Annis), daughter of Rychard Addamson (Richard Adamson)

Aug. 1         Ellyn, daughter of Rychard Addamson

                    William, son of Xp’ofor Robynson (Christopher Robinson)

Aug. 8         Margerett, daughter of Robert Bull

Aug. 20      George, son of Anthony Wylkynson (Wilkinson)

Sep. 1         Julyan, daughter of John Mathew

Sep. 6         Nycholas (Nicholas), son of Robert Baylye

                    Jeames (James), son of Rychard (Richard) Hullaye





Jan. 3          Jeames (James), son of Jeames Peele

Jan. 18        Margerett, daughter of Rychard (Richard) Scalles

Jan. 20        John, son of William Wyles

Jan. 23        Annes (Annis), daughter of John Halle

Jan. 29        Rychard (Richard), son of Thomas Brye

Jan. 31        John__, daughter of Wm Staples

Feb. 13       Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Chambers

Mar. 2        Mary, daughter of John Incent

Mar. 12      John, son of William Scott

                    Rychard (Richard), son of Geferye (Jeffrey)Shawe

April 2        Hester, daughter of Elles Tempes

April 23      John, son of John Haller

May 14       Robert, son of Robert Goodman

June 11      Thomsyn, daughter of Thomas Sturman

June 14      Mary, daughter of Mr. Docktor Hussye

June 29      Dorratye (Poss Dorothy), daughter of John Weston

July 25        Thomas, son of Henry Hallye

Aug. 6         Margerett, daughter of Robart Ingleger

                    Willfryde (Wilfred), son of Thomas Prentice

Aug. 27       Joone (June, Jone) , daughter of Duffelde

Sep. 3         John, son of Wm Vickers

Sep. 10       William, son of Thomas Kydde

Sep. 13       George, son of Nynian coxon

Sep. 21       Phillipe, son of Wm Scotte

Sep. 24       Rychard (Richard), son of Rychard Pollen

Oct. 22       William, son of Rychard (Richard)Coole

Oct. 26        John, son of George Crowder

Oct. 29       William, son of John Scull

Nov. 1        Henry, son of Mr. Weston

Nov. 5        Ellen, daughter of Robert Andrye

Nov. 11      Frawncis (Francis), son of Roger Addames (Adams)

Nov. 26      Anne, daughter of Wm Hodge

Dec. 6         John, son of John Povye

Dec. 16       A child out of Newgate whose name was Prudence

Dec. 25       George, son of Bartholomew Lane





Jan. 14        Rychard (Richard), son of Xp’ofer Martyn (Christopher Martin)

                    Xp’ofer (Christopher), son of Bennett Sealle

Feb. 13       Ellyn & Anne, daughters of Markes  (Marcus, Markus) Bryde

Mar. 3         Joone (June, Jone), daughter of Mr. Thomas Byggs, Proctor

Mar 16       Darraty (Poss Dorothy), daughter of Mr. Fanshawe, one of the


                    Darraty (Poss Dorothy), a bastard, daughter to Jymson

Mar. 18      Rychard (Richard), son of John Jonson (Johnson)

                    Rychard (Richard), son of John Redmore

Mar. 19      Dorraty (Poss Dorothy), daughter of John Lawnde

April 6        ______, daughter of Wm Willes

May 6         George, son of John Smyth, butcher

May 20       John, son of Heughe Joones (Hugh Jones)

May 28       Joyce, daughter of John Shorte

June 14      Robert, son of Mr. Stenens

June 15      Rebecka, daughter of Thomas Peters

Aug. 12      Lawrence, son of John Turner

Sep. 3         Anthony, son of Mr. Felde, Iremonger

                    John & Grace, children of Wm Fletcher, grocer

Sep. 17       John, son of John Rynge

                    Alys (Alice), daughter of John Rynge

Oct. 1         John, son of Wm Lawnd

Oct. 3         Jane, daughter of Ewstuce (Eustace) Pep

Oct. 6         Julyan, daughter of Nycholas  (Nicholas)Pollyn

Oct. 10       Elizabeth, daughter of John Dufelde

Nov. 2        Bridgett, daughter of Roger Addames (Adams)

Dec. 11       Joone (June, Jone), daughter of John Povye

Dec. 17       Margarett, daughter of John Joones (Jones)

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