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Christ Church,Newgate Street, London



Jan. 11        Anne, daughter of Thomas Sturman

Jan. 15        Henry, son of Henry Ellys

Feb. 12       Gamylyell, son of Thomas Symonds

Mar. 7         Anthony, son of Mr. Doctor Hussye

Mar. 10      Henry, son of Mr. Weston, the Lawyer.

April 13      Pioanne, daughter of Holmes the upholsterer

May 19       Janne, daughter of Rychard (Richard) Farrore

                    Robert, son of Thomas Prentice

May 23       John, son of Robert Browne, Clerk of ye parish

June 2         Mary, daughter of John Balle

June 4         John, son of John Taylore

June 9         Hew (Hugh), son of John Holden

June 11       John, son of Robert Drake of the parish of St. Gylles without


June 15       Janne, daughter of Androw Woodcooke

July 7          Thomas, son of John Wyggenton

July 9           John, son of Mr. Byggs, Proctor of Tharches

July 10        Elizabeth, daughter of John Freman

July 15        Cyssely, daughter of John Weston, butcher

July 28        Rychard (Richard), son of John Smythe, butcher

Aug. 11       John, son of Robert Bull, butcher

Aug. 20       John, son of John Sparcke

Aug. 24       Susan, daughter of Nynyan Coxon

Aug. 27       Annis, daughter of Robert Goodman

Aug. 31       Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Thacker

Sep. 8         William, son of Wm Pecke

Sep. 16       William, son of Rychard (Richard) Scalles

Sep. 18       Anthony, son of Bartholomew Lane, hosier

Sep. 22       Isabell, daughter of Robert Nedam

Sep. 19       Mylycent (Millicent), daughter of Robert Lee

Oct. 6         Elizabeth, daughter of Rychard (Richard) Stamford

Oct. 21        John, son of John Stapleford, poulter

Nov. 3        William, son of Rychard (Richard) Crumpe, grocer

Nov. 22      Emme, daughter of Wm Vickers

Nov. 23      Dorratye (Poss Dorothy), daughter of John Incent

                    Xp’ofer (Christopher), son of Lawrence Tayler,  haberdasher

Nov. 30      Elizabeth, daughter of John Drewe, gentleman





Jan. 1          Judethe (Judith), daughter of Ewstace (Eustace) Pepp

Jan. 6          Margery, daughter of Roger Addames (Adams)

Jan. 7          Fraunces (Francis), son of Robert Osweye, butcher

Feb. 3         Martyn (Martin), daughter of Harry Hurdman

Mar. 8        Thomas, son of Nycholas (Nicholas) Wormwood

Mar. 22      Elizabeth, daughter of John Lawnde

April 3        Katheryn, daughter of Mr. Doctor Hussye

April 6        William, son of Wm Lawnd

                    John, son of John Scull

April 15      William, son of John Povye

April 20      Alis (Alice), daughter of Thomas Mason

April 27      Joone (June, Jone), daughter of Androw Bartlett

May 4         Thomas, son of Bennet Sealle

May 6         Elizabeth & Madlyn, children of Rychard (Richard)Turner

May 11       Thomas, son of Thomas Sturman

May 18       Mathew, daughter of Rychard  (Richard)Farrore

May 22       _____, daughter of Mr. Fanshawe

June 1         Joone (June, Jone), daughter of John Redmore

June 11      Margerett, daughter of Thomas Fox

June 29      Lawrence, son of Anthony Gregory

July 15        Doratye (Dorothy), daughter of Mr. John Sonners

July 23        Thomas, son of Wm Scott

July 24        Elizabeth, daughter of Phillope (Phillip) Newboll

Aug. 24       Allys (Alice), daughter of Wm Turvey

Aug. 30       Joone (June, Jone), daughter of Wm Fletcher, grocer

Sep. 12       Thomas, son of John Snapee

Sep. 16       Edward, son of Rychard (Richard) Watson

                    Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Freman

Sep. 20       Nycholas (Nicholas), son of Rychard (Richard) Grafton

Oct. 12       Margerett, daughter of Thomas Kyde

Oct. 19       William, son of Jasper Balnckes

                    Robert, son of Edward Mylborne

Dec. 16       Robert, son of Robert Purfyshe

                    William, son of Edward Homes





Jan. 5          Hewe (Hugh), son of Rychard (Richard) Stamford

Jan. 12        Anne, daughter of Roger Addames (Adams)

Jan. 15        George, son of John Gyttens, vyntener

Jan. 18        Janne, daughter of Thomas Golsell

Feb. 5         Elizabeth, daughter of  Androw Woodcoocke

Feb. 11       Katheryn, daughter of  Wm Weston, gentleman

Feb. 15       Joone(June, Jone), daughter of Jeames (James) Addames, myller

Feb. 21       Robert, son of John Alford

Feb. 27       Rychard (Richard), son of Rychard Crumpe

Mar. 7        Annes (Annis), daughter of Mr. Stevenson, gentleman

Mar. 17      Elizabeth, daughter of Nycholas (Nicholas) Pollen

April 10      Nathanaell (Nathaniel), son of Hugh Johns, glover

April 19      Rychard (Richard), son of Harry Ellys

                    Anne, daughter of John Holden

May 27       John, son of John Povye

June 4         Elizabeth, daughter of Wm Vickers

                    William, son of Rychard(Richard) Coole

June 20      Amye, daughter of John Holmes, upholsterer

July 4          Thomas, son of Bartholomew Lane

July 11        Mary, daughter of Robert Blackborne

July 15        John, son of John Incent

July 17        Elizabeth, daughter of John Howe

July 19        Frances, daughter of Phillipe Constable

July30         Margerett, daughter of Lawrence Hussye

Aug. 15       William, son of _____ Abraham, poulterer

                    Margarett, daughter of Robert Nedam

Sep. 1         Susan, daughter of Rafe Keble

Sep. 4         William, son of Rychard (Richard) Lancaster

Sep. 12       Mary, daughter of Jerom (Jerome) Cobbe

Sep. 21       Elizabeth, daughter of  Robert Goodman

                    Thomas, son of Rychard (Richard)Turner

Sep. 29       Rose, daughter of Thomas Sturman

Oct. 6         Fraunces (Francis), son of Thomas Heywarde, gentleman

Oct. 10       Thomas, son of Edward Gryfen

Oct. 17        Joseph, son of Rychard (Richard) Watson, pulter

Oct. 18       Edmond, son of Gamalyell Pye, butcher

Oct. 24       Luke, son of  Rychard (Richard) Imson

Oct.28         Jane, daughter of John Marchanttaylore

Nov. 7        Fraunces (Frances(, daughter of Thomas Willes

Nov. 21      Anne, daughter of John Lawnde

                    Jeames (James), son of Rychard (Richard) Farrare

                    Anne, daughter of Robert Browne, clerk parish

                    Mathew, son of Rychard P'kins,  pewterer (Richard Perkins)

Nov. 28      Annes (Annis)Harper, daughter of Thomas Cox

Nov.30       Thomas, son of Thomas Sutto

Dec. 5         Thomas, son of Rafe Rogerson

                    Elizabeath, daughter of John Hanlye

Dec. 19       John, son of John Homan

Dec. 21       Dorrathy (Dorothy), daughter of John Scull

                    Elizabeath, daughter of John Gyttens

                    Thomas, son of Humfrye Kyrbye (Humphrey Kerby)





Feb. 6         William, son of Roger Addams

Feb. 9         Elyzabeath (Elizabeth), daughter of John Edwards

Feb. 20       Allys (Alice), daughter of Nycholas (Nicholas) Orewell

Mar. 1        Anne, daughter of John Redmere

Mar. 20      Thomas, son of Bennett Seall

Mar. 24      Nycholas (Nicholas), son of John Smythe

Mar 27       Brydgett (Bridgit), daughter of Thomas Medcalfe

April 3        Thomas, son of Nynyan Coxon

                    Mary, daughter of John Weston

April 16      Edward, son of William Pecke

April 24      Anne, daughter of Anthony Gregory

June 5         Roger, son of William Weston, gentleman

July 22        Mary, daughter of ____ Robotham, Esq.

July 27        Elyzabeath (Elizabeth), daughter of Henry Ellis

July 31        Mathew, son of Thomas Fox.

Aug. 7         Margerett, daughter of Jesp' (Poss Jasper)Blanckes

Aug 13        Henry, son of Thomas Fatshawe, Esq.

Aug. 14       Margerett, daughter of Harry Kynwart

Oct. 4          John, son of Thomas Carter

Oct. 11       Elizabeath, daughter of John Homes

Oct 12        Edward, son of Wm Goodwyne

Oct 16        Lawrence, son of Harry Hardman

Oct.21        Gamela, daughter of Harry Foster

Nov 13       Anne, daughter of Rychard (Richard) Lickes

Nov 20       Rychard (Richard), son of John Jimson

Nov 29       John, son of Wm Whythed

Nov 30       Robert, son of Jeram Cobbe

                    Allys (Alice), daughter of Androw Wadcocke

Dec 3          Thomas, son of Thomas Sturman

Dec 7          Edward, son of John Povy

Dec 9          Annes (Annis), daughter of Bryan Graves

Dec 25        Joone (June, Jone),  daughter of John Shortt

Dec 30        Androwe (Andrew), son of Robart Bucke

Dec 31        Denys (Poss Denise), daughter of Humfery Kyrbye (Humphrey




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