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Christ Church,Newgate Street, London



Jan 6                Susan, daughter of Androwe (Andrew) Woodcoke

Jan 10              Samuell, son of  John Turnor

Jan 14              Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Pep

Jan 26              Elyanor (Eleanor), daughter of Myghell Pryor

Jan 31              Alys (Alice), daughter of John Raylye

Feb 22             Thomas, son of Rychard (Richard) Halle

Feb 28             Allys (Alice), daughter of Thomas Marricke

Mar 7               Ellen, daughter of Rychard (Richard) Holdor

Mar 24            Anne, daughter of Robert Bannard

Mar 25            Frauncis (Francis), son of Mr Flemynge (Fleming), lawyer

April 4             Susan, daughter of Robert Wood, butcher

April 24           Margerett ______

May 1              Robert, son of Robert Lynne, Clerk in ye Arches

May 13            Edmund, son of Gandis daughter

May 16            Agnis _____

May 23            John, son of John Ireland, butcher

May 30            John, son of John Jemson, butcher

June 5             Rychard (Richard), son of Chrystopher (Christopher) Johnson

                         William, son of Edward Dorlyngton

June 27           William, son of Henry Ellis, ironmonger

June 29           Martha, daughter of Rychard (Richard) Farrar, habardasher

July 11             John, son of John Gyttens, vyntener

                         Fraucis (Francis), son of Edward Jonnes (Jones)

                          Maudlyn, daughter of Christopher Tayler, butcher

Aug 1               John, son of Palle Rochford

                         Rose, daughter of Robert Barnard

                         Maudlyn, daughter of John Holden

Aug 10             Anne, daughter of Wm Pecke, butcher

Aug 29             Elles, daughter of John Bramlye, butcher

                         Katheryn, daughter of Thomas Frynde

Sep 5               Anne, daughter of Thomas Bradfylde

Sep 11             _____, daughter of Edward Kynge

Sep 12             Annes (Annis), daughter of Lawrence Mylborne

Sep 23             John, son of John Holmes, upholsterer

Sep 27             Anne, daughter of Edward Kynge

Sep 28             John, son of Cutbarde Symson

                         Anne, daughter of Wm Lawnd, butcher

Oct 3               Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Fox

Oct 10             Susan, daughter of Robert Browne, clerk of Christ Church

                         Thomas, son of Rychard Parkyns (Richard Parkins), pewterar

Oct 17             Barbara, daughter of Ellys Gryfen

Oct 31             Ellyn, daughter of Gaberell (Gabriel) Spencer, pewterer

Nov 21            Fraunces (Frances), daughter of John Slye

Nov 31            Kateryn (Poss Katherine), daughter of Arthur P'kyns, lethersell

Dec 7               Thymothy (Timothy), daughter of John Howe, stationer

Dec 12             Margery, daughter of Rychard (Richard) Atkys, saddler

Dec 19             Nycholas (Nicholas), son of John Bennett

Dec 11             Dorraty (Dorothy), daughter of Lewe Bramlye, butcher

Dec 27             Margarett, daughter of John Redmer





Jan 16              Ellyn, daughter of John Collyer

Jan 18              Robert, son of  Robrt Pepper, butcher, the younger

                         Mary, daughter of Xp'ofer Dunkyn (Christopher Dunkin)

Jan 23              John, son of Wm Broke, barber

Jan 24              Margerett, daughter of Edward Barker, baker

Jan 30              Margerett, daughter to Wm Smallwood

Jan 31              Margerett, daughter to Anthony Cavert

Mar 9              Grace, daughter of Henry Botham

Mar 11            Walter, son of Thomas Fanshaw, Remembrancer to the Quenes

                         Majeesties  Highe Court of the Xchecker

Mar 12            Rebecka, daughter of John Hunter, iremonger

Mar 2               John, son of Thomas Craft, costermonger

April 5             Thomas, son of Thomas Browne, butcher

April 14           Martyn( Martin), son of Jeames (James) Hasellwood, bruer

April 24           Margerett, daughter of Robert Pepper, the elder, butcher

May 15            Katheryn, daughter of Robert Pyckett (Picket), butcher

May 19            Fryswytthe &: Dennis, daughters of John Clonnye, gentleman

May 21            Henry, son of Androw (Andrew) Woodcoke

May 30            Elizabeth, daughter of John Edwards

June 20           John, son of Henry Cobbam, Knyght

June 29           Myghell, son of John Boyse

July 3               Richard, son of John Wright

July 5               Mary, daughter of Humfery Kyrbe (Humphrey Kirby)

July 25             Mary, daughter of Edward Samson

July 31             Elizabeth, daughter of Harry Ellis

Aug 5               Rebecka, daughter of Wm Vickers, gyrdeler

Aug. 7              Anne, daughter of Francis Blythe, gentleman

Sep 25             Katheryn, daughter of John Tomson

                         Mary, daughter of Rafe Bebble

                         Clement, son of Mr. Flemynge, lawyer

Sep 26             was christened 4 daughters of Roger Abraham, Pulter

                         These 4 daughters were borne at one byrthe by his wyfe Joone

                          Elizabeth, Margaret, Dorothy, Mary

Oct 9               Dorothy, daughter of John Homes (Poss. Holmes), upholsterer

Oct 16             Robert, son of Thomas Cowell

                         William, son of John Elborne, pulterer

Oct 23             Mary, daughter of Francis Grene (Green), butcher

                         Agnis, daughter of Symond Whyght (Wight), cutler

                         Robert, so of Rafe Ambrose

Oct 28             Katherine, daughter of John Turner

                         Mary, daughter of Robert Barnard, pulter

Oct 30             John, son of Garret Rogers'

Nov 1              Robert, son of Rafe Fytche, vynteer

Nov 10            Susan, daughter of Wm Pecke, butcher

Nov 20            Hew (Hugh) Squier, son of Rychard (Richard)

Nov 22            Jerom, son of Edmond Hoylle

Dec 11             Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Worshippe

Dec 12             William, son of Nycholas (Nicholas) Ottye

Dec 18             Elizabeth, daughter of Mygell Pryar

Dec 21             John, son of John Redmore

Dec 25             Lawrence, son of John Decons

Dec 26             Anne, daughter of Robert Lynne





Jan 14              Robert,son of Wm Jonson (Johnson)

Jan 15              Edward, son of Jarvons Thurland

Jan 22              John, son of John Lynsye

                         Dorothy, daughter of Edward Page

Jan 25              Elizabeth, daugher of Rychard(Richard) Bramfyld

Feb 9               John, son Of Edward Kynge(King)

Feb 22             John, son of Wm Tego

Feb 23             Elizabeth, daughter of Arther Parkyns

Mar 15            Joone (June, Jone), daughter of Jeames (James) Hasellwood

Mar 25            Margerett, daughter of John Bramley

                         Ellyn, daughter of Jeames (James)Sutton

April 8             Gaberyll (Gabriel), son of Gaberyll Spencer

April 25           Robert, son of Chrystopher (Christopher) Taylor

                         Agnis, daughter of Wm Kever

April 26           Margaret, daughter of Rychard(Richard) Smythe

May 1              Rafe, son of Thomas Woster

May 6              Jane, daughter of John Povye

May 9              Margeret, daughter of Rychard (Richard) Atkins

May 13            Susan, daughter of John Hunte

May 15            Brydgett (Bridget), daughter of John Thorogood

May 25            Olyve (Olive), daughter of Hewe Bramlye (Hugh Bramley)

May 26            Sara, daughter of John Wyggynto

June 3              Alse (Alice), daughter of Valentyne Plumton

                         Susan, daughter of John Jackman

June 6             Robert, son of Robert Pepp, the elder

June 9             Jasper, son of John Chidley

July 6               Margeret, daughter of John Buck

July 22             Mary, daughter Wm Lawnd

                         Mary, daughter of John Gyttens'

                         John, son of Robert Taylor

July 25            Thomas, son of Thomas Brayfyld

July 29            Theophylus, son of Wm Smallwood

July 31             Elizabeth, daughter of Harry Eldryngton

Aug 17             George, son of Robert Wright

Aug 28             Margerett, daughter of Rychard (Richard) Maryan

Sep 8               Halamo, son of Ellias Crewse

Sep 16             Joyce, daughter of Rass Kebble

                         Christopher, son of Christofer Downken

Sep 23             Joseph, son of Thomas Ingeram

Oct 14             Ellyn, daughter of Wm Vickers

Oct 21             William, son of Rychard (Richard) Lawrence

Nov 18            Jeames James), son of Robert Browne

Dec 3               Elizabeth, daughter of John Skroggs

Dec 27             Bartholomew & Alse (Alice), children of Robert Barnard

Dec 30             Humfery (Humphrey), son of Humfery Kyrbe





Jan 6                John, son of Edward Gandye

Jan 8                Ellys, son of Thomas Martyn

Jan 20              Gamylyell, son of Robert Wood

                         William, son of Rychard (Richard) Brewer

Feb 3               Joone (June, Jone), , daughter of Symond Jacobbe

                         Edward, son of Thomas Browne

Mar 16            Margerett, daughter of Edward Hubbart)

Mar 24            Edward, son of Thomas Fox

Mar 25            Mary, daughter of John Slye

                         Anne, daughter of Peter Lane

Mar 29            Elizabeth, daughter of Christopher Shawe

Mar 31            Dorothy, daughter of John Clonnye

April 21          Thomas, son of Thomas Woster

April 30           William, son of John Jackman

April 7             Richard, son of William Tego, upholsterer

April 12           Elizabeth Hasellwood

May 8              Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Hamon

May 12            Mathew, son of Joh Edwards

                         Kateryn, daughter of Richard, Stenens, butcher

May 22            Richard, son of Robert Smythe, salter

May 27            Margaret, daughter of Lawrence Mylborne

May 28            Margaret, daughter of Richard Parkins, pewterer

June 2              Ellyn, daughter of Anthony Wolkock, butcher

                         Elizabeth, daughter of Roger Abraham, Pulter

                         Mary, daughter of John Holmes, upholsterer

                         Elizabeth, daughter of John Rowbotham

June 4              Jane, daughter of Thomas Cowell, hosyer

June 23           Mary, daughter of Robert Lynne, Procter to the Arches

July 21             Justinian, son of Henry Dawson, musician

July 24             George, son of  Edward Padge

July 28             Sara, daughter of Arthur Parkins, letherseller

Aug 4               Richard, son of John Hunter, ironmonger

                         John, son of John Gryfen, vynteer

                         Harry, son of Richard Glover

                         Frances, daughter of Roger Andrew

Aug 11            Thomas, son of Robert Pepper

Aug 15             Doraty (Dorothy), daughter of Wm Peck

Aug 18             Richard, son of Rass Fytche (Fitch), vyntener

Sep 15             Stenen (Poss Steven), son of Rychard Squere, porter

                         John, son of Robert Pickett, butcher

                         Agnes, daughter of Francis Grene (Green), butcher

Sep 29             Isabell, daughter of John Hyndley, butcher

Oct 4               Elizabeth,daughter of Richard Atkis, sadler

Oct 9               Jarvis, son of Robert Wright, pulter

Oct 13             Dorrathy (Dorothy), daughter of Thomas Barber, butcher

Nov 3              Thomas, son of John Thomson

Nov 10            Alse (Alice), daughter of John Denton

                         Ellyn, daughter of Richard Ledsame

Nov 17            Agnes, daughter of Richard Donkine

Dec 21             Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Fymore

Dec 22             John, son of Roger Dodlye

                         Thomas, son of Hughe Bramlye

Dec 23             Mary, daughter of Valentyne  Owere

Dec 26             Gaberyll (Gabriel), son of William Smallwood

                         Margerett, daughter of George Codde




Jan. 1               John, son of Ellis Cruse

                         Anne, daughter of Richard Lawrence

Jan 12              William, son of Henry Smythe

Jan 19              Samuell, son of Hewghe(Hugh) Ellis

                         Margerett, daughter of Richard Hamford

Jan 26              Lawrence, son of Richard Hamford

Feb 16             John, son of John Povy

                         Robart, son of  Henry Hunmerdon

Mar 2              Ellner (Eleanor), daughter of Robert Brayfild

Mar 15            Charlles, son of William Henryson

                         Nycholas (Nicholas), son of Henry Warner

April 20           Clare, daughter of William Hatter, butcher

April 27           Dorathy, daughter of Rychard Marryen

                         Elizabeth, daughter of John Slye

                         Edward, son of Edward Homes

May 4              Susan & Margeret, daughters of William Tego, upholster

May 11           Thomas, son of Thomas God

                         Thomas, son of Thomas Juxson

May 24            Anne, daughter of Anthony Wolcoke

June 16           Rose, daughter of Symond Jacobe

June 29           Elyne (Ellen), daughter of Christoner (Poss Christopher) Shawe

                         Richard, son of Wm Lawnd

July 2               Joyce, daughter of Homfry (Humphrey) Sewell, butcher

July 4               Mary, daughter of Jeames  (James) Haselwood

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