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St. Jame’s Church Records,Great Barrington, Mass.

             Copied by Louis Hasbrock Von Sahler


Nobletown, June 17, 1770
Following children baptized:



                   William, son of Eleazer Williams & Mary, his wife.

                   Sarah, daughter of David Weller & Hepsaba, his wife.

                   Christene, daughter of John Warn &  Lucretia, his wife.

                   Phebe, daughter of Wm. Taylor & Jemima, his wife.

                   Christene, daughter of Matthew Bunt & Mariche, his wife

                   Sarah, daughter of Elijah Pixley & Charity, his wife.

                   Elizabeth, daughter of John McFarlis & Eva, his wife.

                   John, son of Jehoiskim Van Valckenburgh & Elizabeth, his wife.

                   Henry, son of John Smith & Charity, his wife.

                   James, son of Joseph Edminster & Lydia, his wife.



Mr. Moses Gilbert & Ebenezar Green, chosen church wardens. Mr. Robert Meaker, clerk.



Williamstown, Monday, 5 June 1770


  Baptized Aner, daughter of Zadok Bostwick & Dorckas, his wife.



New Concord, July 1, 1770


 Baptized the following children:


                   Mindwell, daughter of Moses Woster & Mindwell, his wife.

                   Abraham & John, sons of John Savage & Ann, his wife.

                   Sarah, daughter of David Woodward & Christian, his wife.

                   Abraham, son of Edward Savage & Mary, his wife.

                   Charles, son of John McArthur & Elizabeth, his wife.


Great Barrington, July 8, 1770, baptized:   
Jacob, son of Isaac Vandusen, Jr. & Catherine, his wife

Geese, daughter of Matthew Vandusen & Elizabeth, his wife.


  Nobletown, July 15, 1770, bapstized:      


Ann & Elizabeth, daughters of John Crane & Hannah, his wife.

Wineson, son of Uriah Louk & Cornelia, his wife.  

Anne & Elizabeth, daughters of Edward Vaughn & Anne, his wife. 

Joel & Perseus, sons of Moses Carley & Olive, his wife. 


 Great Barrington, July 22, 1770. baptized:       


Anne, wife of Daniel Bailey.   

Elizabeth & Mary, daughters of the above Daniel Bailey & Anne, his wife.


 Sandersfield, July 29, 1770, baptized:        


 Josiah & Sarah, son and daughter of John Hubbard & Hannah, his wife. 


 Lanesborough, August 5, 1770, baptized:       


Phebe, daughter of Asahel Beach & Kezia, his wife.

Chloe, daughter of William Jervies & Mary, his wife.

Philo, son of Giles Barnes & Rachel, his wife.  

Joseph, son of Uzziel Darrin & Mary, his wife.  

Joseph, son of Wm. Bradley & Lois, his wife.      

Ephraim, son of Azur Curtise & Margery, his wife.


  New Concord, August 19, 1770, baptized:       


 James, son of James Savage & Ann, his wife.    

Catherine, daughter of James Peterson & Elizabeth, his wife.   

Elizabeth, daughter of Hendrick Winter & Catherine, his wife. 


 New Canaan, August 21, 1770, baptized:       


Abraham & Jacob, sons of Isaac Searls & Hannah, his wife.       

Abigail, daughter of Daniel Hawley & Hannah, his wife.    

William, son of Wm. Noyes & Elizabeth, his wife.        

   Baptized August 22, 1770:        

Wm., Elijah & Sarah, sons and daughter of Elijah Bostwick & Rebecca, his  wife.    

Elizabeth, daughter of Asa Warner, deceased, and Sarah, his  wife. 

Thankful, daughter of Joel Curtiss & Thankful, his wife. 


 Nobletown, August 26, 1770, baptized:    


Eghe, daughter of Benjamin Fray & Elizabeth, his wife.      

Jonah, son of Lemuel Cleveland & Margret, his wife.     

Molly, daughter of Francis Wolcot & Lydia, his wife.     

Margret, daughter of James Smith & Susannah, his wife. 

Robert, son of Peter Scism & Rachel, his wife.       

Peter, son of Robert Roropough & Hannah, his wife.  

Rhoda, daughter of John Bagley & Prudence, his wife.   

Lois, daughter of Isaac Frimes & Margret, his wife.   

Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Lockwood & Nancy, his wife. 

          Baptized August 27, 1770:       

Margret, wife of Isaac Grimes.

Henry & Philander, sons of the above Isaac & Margret Grimes.

Benjamin & Hannah, son and daughter of John Bagley & Prudence, his wife. 


 Lanesborough, Sept. 9, 1770, baptized:  


 Mary, wife of Uzziel Darrin.  


Great Barrington, Sept. 16, 1770, baptized:    


David, son of Deodat Ingersoll & Christian, his wife. 

Christian, daughter of Michael Holenbeck & Elizabeth, his wife. 

Molly, daughter of Abraham Vandusen & Geese, his wife. 

Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Goud & Catherine, his wife.  


Sheffield, Sept. 29, 1770, baptized:              


Joseph, adopted son of Jonah Plastage.    

Rachel, daughter of Job Westover & Rachel, his wife.  

Matthew, son of James Lindsey & Abigail, his wife.  

Elizabeth, daughter of Zachariah Spaldin & Rachel, his wife. 

Silence, daughter of Jonah Nichols & Joannah, his wife.  


Nobletown, Sept. 23, 1770, baptized:          


Catherine & Hannah, twin daughters of Gabriel Burzee & Sarah, his wife. 

Anne, daughter of Aaron Pixley & Sarah, his wife.         

Benjamin, son of Hannah Mallery.     

Margery, daughter of Charles Duro. 


 Lanesborough, Oct. 7, 1770, baptized:         


Stephen, son of Jacob Bacon & Ruth, his wife.   

Emlen (Emeline?), daughter of Reuben Garlick & Lucy, his wife.  



Nobletown, Oct. 14, 1770, baptized:      


Mary, daughter of Nell McArthur & Hannah, his wife.


  New Concord, Oct. 21, 1770, bapized:   


Ezekiel & William, sons of James Lockwood & Sarah, his wife.


 Great Barrington, Oct. 28, 1770, baptized:    


Sarah, daughter of Nicholas Spoor & Sarah, his wife.  

Gerrett, son of Charles Persons & Catherine, his wife. 


 Lanesboro, Nov. 4, 1770, baptized:          


Mary, daughter of Joshua Lobdell & Sarah, his wife. 


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