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St. Jame’s Church Records,Great Barrington, Mass.

Stockbridge, Nov. 6, 1770, baptized: 


Olive, daughter of Charles Stone & Triphena, his wife.  

Jacob & Sibil, son & daughter of Titus Curtiss & Hannah, his wife.              

Justice, son of Eliphalet Fowler & Thankful, his wife.


 Nobletown, Nov. 18, 1770, baptized:    


Ann Head, an adult 

Lydia, daughter of Samuell  Mallery & Mary, his wife.  

Jemime, daughter of Isaac Nokes & Deliverance, his wife. 


  Great Barrington, Dec. 2, 1770, baptized:       


David, son of David Arnold & Mary, his wife. 


 Nobletown, Dec. 10, 1770, baptized:       


Zechariah & Sarah, son and daughter of David Munrow & Rachel, his wife. 


 Great Barrington, Dec. 13, 1770     


Joined in marriage, Lent Doud & Abigail Orton of Terringham. 


 New Concord, Dec. 23, 1770, bapized:             


Josiah Woodward, an adult 


 Terringham, Jan. 3, 1771, baptized:         


John, son of John Hubbard & Hannah, his wife. 

Ann, daughter of Cornelius Doud & Thankful, his wife.  


Nobletown, Jan. 13, 1771, baptized:          


Robert, son of Levi Seeley & Annah, his wife. 


 Great Barrington, Jan. 20, 1771, baptized:  


Peter, son of Connroet Sharp & Sarah, his wife. 


Nobletown, Feb. 3, 1771, baptized:       


Cornelius, son of Nathaniel Pixley & Sarah, his wife. 

Joanna, daughter of Oliver Mallery & Margret, his wife. 


Great Barrington, Feb. 10, 1771, baptized:           


Sarah, daughter of John Hickox & Anna, his wife.   

Buried, Anna, wife of John Hickox.  


Egremont, Feb. 13, 1771, baptized:         


Margaret Harvey, an adult     

Phebe Chubb, an adult     

Mary Bullis, an adult     

Mary Chubb, daugher of Jemima Wilson 


 New Canaan, Feb. 19, 1771, baptized:      


 Asahel, Matthew, Hannah & Elizabeth, sons and daughter's of William Warner & Abigail.


Great Barrington, Feb. 24, 1771, baptized:        


Gese, daughter of Stiles Stevens & Elizabeth , his wife.


Lanesboro, March 3, 1771, baptized:            


Martin, Aseneth, Henry & Gilbert, sons & daughter of Gilbert Everts  & Rebecca, his wife.                   Phebe, daughter of John Towsley & Sarah, his wife.   

Joseph Wheeler, son of Theophilus Allen & Joanna, his wife.  

Josiah, son of Abel Sherman & Lucy, his wife.


Great Barrington, March 7, 1771, baptized:    


 Warner, son of John Hickox & Eunice, his wife.


Nobletown, March 9, 1771, baptized:       


Esther, daughter of Robert Warner & Jane, his wife. 

          March 10, 1771, baptized:         

Sarah, daughter of  Wm Mallery & Mary, his wife.    

          March 13, 1771, joined in marriage:   

David Crossman of Great Barrington & Corelia Spoor, of Egremont.  


 Great Barrington, March 17, 1771, baptized:          


Israel, son of Joseph Dwight & Lydia, his wife.


 Lanesboro, March 17, 1771, baptized:      


Jonathan, son of Jonathan Fulford & Thankful, his wife.   

Phebe, daughter of Gideon Kent & Lois, his wife.


 Great Barrington, April 1, 1771         


Had a vestry meeting, chose Ensign John Burghardt, John Hicox, as church wardins.


New Concord, April 8, 1771    


Had vestry meeting, chose Moses Woster as clerk, Benjamin Igram & James Savage, as church wardens.        

Married:  Benjamin Ingram Jr & Jerusha Barrett.   

Baptized April 9:  Cornelius, Deborah, Lois & Ruth, son & daughter's of the  widow Henry, relict of the late Cornelius Henry, deceased.


Nobletown, April 14, 1771, baptized:        


Benjamin, son of Ebenezer Green & Elizabeth, his wife.

Peter, son of Jacob Shewfell & Lydia, his wife.

Samuel, son of John Lewis & Phebe, his wife.

William, son of Benjamin Earl & Phebe, his wife.    


Lanesboro, April 28, 1771, baptized:


Oliver, son of Ezra Platt & Naomi, his wife 


Nobletown, May 12, 1771, baptized:  


Robert, son of Robert Van Duse & Hannah, his wife. 

Uriah, son of Jacob Louk & Catherine, his wife.     

Samuel, son of John Spoor & Anne, his wife.       

Mary, daughter of John More & Ruth, his wife.

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