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St. Jame’s Church Records,Great Barrington, Mass.


New Concord, June 7, 1772, baptized:


Derick, son of Derick Woodcock & Elizabeth, his wife.

Hannah, daughter of Benjamin Ingraham, Jr. &Jerusha, his wife

Mary, daughter of Jacob Freese & Mary, his wife



Nobletown, June 14, 1772 , baptized:


Weinche, daughter of John Warn & Lucretia, his wife.

Ephraim, son of Thomas Bennet & Mary, his wife.



Canaan, June 26, 1772, baptized:


Uriah, Philo & Mary, childre of Isaac How & Mary



Great Barrington, June 28, 1772, baptized:


David, son of John Hickox & Eunice



Lanesboro, July 5, 1772, baptized:


Edward & Friend, sons of Joseph Hall &Dorcas.

Stephan Northrop, son of Uzziel Darrin & Mary.



Nobletown, July 19, 1772, baptized:


Ebenezer, son of Samuel Malerey & Mary, his wife.



New Concord, August 2, 1772, baptized:


Abraham, son of John Gadenier & Mary, his wife.



Lanesboro, August 9, 1772, baptized:


Nathaniel Coggswell, son of Stephan Winston & Rosannah.



Great Barrington, August 16, 1772, baptized:


Mary, daughter of John Perry & Gese, his wife.



Nobletown, August 23, 1772, baptized:


Lena, daughter of Abraham Fasburgh & Catherine, his wife.

Joseph, son of Aaron Pixley & Sarah, his wife.

Samuel & Hannah, children of Ephraham Goss & Prudence.

Joseph, son of Elijah Pixley & Sairtry, his wife.

Elizabeth, daughter of Benajah Lomiss & Rachel, his wife.



Great Barrington, May 10, 1772, baptized:


David, son of David Crosman & Cornelia, his wife.


August 23,1772, joined in marriage:


Azor Curtiss & Elizabeth Edminster



Lenox, August 30, 1772,baptized:


Joseph Holt, son of Samuel Dunbar & Lois, his wife

Olive, daughter of Eliphelet Fowler & Thankful, his wife.

Clary, daughter of George Dudley & Martha

Daniel, son of Charles Stone & Triphena

Polly, daughter of James Keeler & Abigail



Lanesboro, Sept. 13, 1772, baptized:


Jabez Hall, son of Abiel Platt & Rhoda.



Great Barrington, Sept. 20, 1772, baptized:


Abraham, son of Isaac Vandusen, Jr. & Catherine



New Lebanon, September 25, 1772, baptized:


Amisa, Hannah, John William , Moses & Sarah, children of

Isaac Preston & Sarah, his wife.



New Concord, September 27, 1772, baptized:


Ruth, daughter of Asahel Bush & Mary.

Elizabeth, daughter of Joshua Barret & Hannah.

John, son of James Petersen & Elizabeth.

John, son of Peter Johnson & Jane

Lydia, daughter of John Savage & Ann.



Nobletown, October 4, 1772, baptized:


Olbart, son of Oliver Cleveland & Azuba, his wife.

Eve, daughter of Uriah Van Valkenburgh & Phebe.

James, son of James Smith & Susannah, his wife.

Elias, son of Joshua Lassell & Hannah, his wife.

Isaac, son of John White & Jane, his wife.

Ezekiel, son of Abel Whalin & Lydia, his wife.

David, son of David Weller & Hepsaba, his wife.



Great Barrington, October 11, 1772, baptized:


William, son of John Vandusen & Catherine, his wife.

Rachel, daughter of Michael Holenbey & Elizabeth.

Ely, son of David Arnold & Mary



Lanesboro, October 18, 1772, baptized:


Titus, son of Jonathan Fulford & Thankful, his wife.


Job Bristol & Hannah Bristol



Great Barrington, October 25, 1772, baptized:


Fitie, daughter of Abraham Vandusen & Gesee, his wife.

Mary, daughter of Matthew Vandusen & Elizabeth.



Sandesfield, October 27, 1772, baptized:


Theophilus, son of John Hubbard & Hannah, his wife.

Thankful, daughter of Nathan Hubbard & Lucy, his wife.



Sheffield, October 28, 1772, baptized:


Jacob, son of Luke Knap & Anne, his wife.



Nobletown, November 1, 1772, baptized:


Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Roropough & Mary.







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