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St. Jame’s Church Records,Great Barrington, Mass.


New Concord, Nov. 8, joined in marriage:


Josiah Woodward & Abigail Chatfield



Great Barrington, Nov. 16, baptized:


Esther, daughter of Josiah Lomis, Jr. & Jane, his wife.



Lanesboro, Nov. 22, baptized:


Silas, son of Azur Curtiss & Marjory, his wife.

Phebe, daughter of Joseph Hall & Dorcas, his wife.



Lenox, Nov. 29, baptized:


Ezra, son of Thomas Rockwell & Ruth, his wife.



Nobletown, Dec. 13, baptized:


Prudence, daughter of William Mallery & Mary, his wife

Mary, daughter of Joseph Lockwood & Anne, his wife.



Lanesboro, Christmas Day, baptized:


Daniel Latham, son of Reuben Garlick & Lucy, his wife.



New Concord, Jan. 3, 1773, baptized:


Margret Olive, daughter of James Savage, Esq., and Ann, his wife.



Nobletown, Jan. 17, 1773, baptized:


Rebecca, daughter of Levi Seley & Anner, his wife.



Great Barrington, Jan. 24, 1773, baptized:


Mary, daughter of Nicholas Spoor & Zilpha, his wife.

Elizabeth, daughter of Berent Minkler & Catherine, his wife.



Egremont, Jan. 28, 1773, baptized:


Naome Ingersoll, daughter of Daniel Ingersoll; an adult

Ruth, Rhoda, Josiah & Rachel, children of John Church &

  Ruth, his wife.



Lenox, Feb. 14, 1773, baptized:


Josiah, son of Joseph Dwight & Lydia, his wife.



New Concord, Feb. 28, 1773,baptized:


Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel Holbrook & Elizabeth.

Nancy, daughter of Duncan McArthur & Mary, his wife.



New Ashford, March 3, 1773, baptized:


Hannah, daughter of Jacob Lyon & Hannah, his wife.

Thaddeus, son of Aaron Wood & Dorothy, his wife.



Nobletown, March 21, 1773, baptized:


Rhoda, daughter of John Spoor & Anne, his wife.

March 22: Dunning, son of John Lewis & Phebe, his wife.



Lanesboro, Apr. 4, 1773, baptized:


Dorcas, wife of Joseph Hall.

Hannah, daughter of Timothy Lyon & Meriam, his wife.

Samuel, son of Seth Garlicke & Elisabeth, his wife.

Prudence & Obed, children of Obed Edson & Prudence.



Nobletown, April 11, 1773, baptized:


Deliverance, daughter of Azor Curtis & Elizabeth

Rachel, daughter of Israel Walker & Jane, his wife.

Abigail, daughter of Nathaniel Pixley & Sarah



Great Barrington, April 20, 1773, vestry meeting:


Chose John Hickox, clerk; David Ingersol, Esq., and John Burghardt, second, church wardens; Nathan Scrivner, John Burghardt, third & Coonrodt Sharp, choristers.



Lanesboro, May 10, 1773, vestry meeting:


Chose Asahel Beach, clerk; Peter Curtis & William Bradley, church wardens; Obediah Edson, Joseph Hall & Asahel Beach, choristers.



Nobletown, May 16, 1773, baptized:


Joniche, daughter of Benjamin Frayer & Elizabeth, his wife.

Isaac, son of Oliver Mallery & Margaret, his wife.

Peter, son of Francis Wolcut & Lydia, his wife.

Rebecca, daughter of John McFarland & Eve, his wife.

Benjamin, son of Edward Vaughn & Ame, his wife.


May 17, 1773


James, son of Squire Pixley & Sybel, his wife.

Sophia, daughter of Peter White & Catherine, his wife.

John, son of John Rase & Lois, his wife.

Jonathan, John, James & Daniel, sons of Samuel Brown &


Abraham, son of William Bunt & Mary, his wife.

Ezra, son of Andreas Burzee & Catharine.

Abigail, daughter of Abijah Lomis & Mary, his wife.

Robert, son of John Vaugh & Eunice, his wife.

Reuben Farnsworth, William, Elijah, Abigail & Elizabeth,

   children of Jacob Van Gilder & Mercy, his wife.

Phillip, son of John Steward & Lydia

Henry, Rhoda & John, children of Thomas Finn & Mehitabel.

Lydia, daughter of Benjamin Berney & Mary, his wife.

Eunice, daughter of Anner Van Gilder.



Great Barrington, May 2, 1773, baptized:


Barzillai William, son of Peter De Lemetter & Lavina.


May 23, 1773


Peter, son of Peter Goud & Catherine, his wife.

Hendrick, son of John Esland & Hannah, his wife.



Lenox, May 30, 1773, baptized:


Anner, daughter of Titus Curtis & Hannah, his wife.

Moses Curtis & Aaron, sons of Elisha Martindale & Hannah.



New Canaan, June 13, 1773, baptized:


Samuell Holenbeg, son of Samuel Russel & Esther, his wife.

Frederick, son of Stephan Winstn & Rhosanna.

John Noyce, an adult.

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