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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia                               Register Of Baptisms For  1760-1773                                                           St. Joseph's Church
Allen, Esther, of Richmond and ______ Allen, baptized April 13.
Allen, Mary, of the same parents, baptized April 24.
Allen, Thomas,of the same parents , baptized Apr. 13, sponsors, Thomas                          Filzsimmons, and Catharine Spengler.
Bane, Gilbert, of Gilbert  and Mary Bane, b. Jun. 20, baptized Aug. 27, sponsor                  Mary Shean.
Banks, Samuel, of Samuel and Susanna Banks, b. Jan. —, baptized Oct. 5,
           sponsor Daniel Hely.
Becker, Bartholomew Francis, of Bartolomew and Elizabeth Becker, b. Oct. 18,              baptized Oct. 26, sponsors, Francis and Barbara Sener.
Bub, Susanna, of Melchior and Barbara Bub,b. Dec. 10,1759, bapt. Jan.1,                            sponsors Christian Thurnbach and Susan Catherine Geiger.
Cassin, John, of John and Elizabeth Cassin, b, July 16, baptized Aug. 4,  sponsors              Thomas Thynon and Margaret Brazil.
Christ, Mary, of Michael and Elizabeth Christ, b. Nov. 27, baptized Dec. 20.
Clerck, Thomas, of John and Elizabeth Clerck, b. Sept. 14,1759, bapt. Mar. 12,                  sponsors James McGill and Hannah Machantlen.
Coleman, Catharine, of John and Joanna Coleman, baptized Nov. 2, sponsors                  John Gogin and McCarty
Cumberland, William, of Robert  and Mary Cumberland, b. Nov. 28, baptized                  Dec. 20, sponsor Elizabeth Morry.
Daniel, John, of John and Margaret Daniel, b. Mar. 10, baptized May 5, sponsors              Michael and Jane Robinson.
Denetter, John, of John and Anna Mary Denetter, b. May 4, baptized May 25,                    sponsors George and Anna Mary Mertz.
Dienstman, Mary Christina, of John Peter and Anna Mary Dienstman b. Sept. 12,            baptized Oct. 21, sponsors Michael and Elizabeth Christ.
Dunn, Daniel, of Nicholas and Anne Dunn, b. Jul. 2, 1758, baptized Jan. 28,
           sponsors Henry Arnold and Joanna Welsh.
Feighen, Daniel, of Patrick and Margaret Feighen, born April 23, baptized Oct. 1,            sponsors Adam and Agnes Geiger, at Geiger's.
Foratch, John Bartholomew, of Joseph and Anna Maria Foratch,b. Feb. 28,                        baptized Mar. 9, sponsors Bartholomew and Catharine Elizabeth Becker.
Galvin, Catharine, of Jeremiah and Mary Galvin, b. Nov. 9,1759, baptized Jan. 2,              sponsors Patrick Edward Colman and Anna Delaney, at Adam Geiger's, in              New Jersey.
Gerstenberger, Michael, of Andrew and Magdalen Gerstenberger, baptized 
           Mar. 30, sponsors Michael Sauerwald and Charlotte Miller.
Goff, Anna, of Peter and Mary Goff, b. Apr. 20, baptized May 5, sponsors                            Thomas and Henrietta Maria Fitzsimmons.
Graser, Paul, of Frederick and Elizabeth Graser, b. Aug. 25, baptized Aug. 28,                    sponsors Paul and Christina Essling.
Harrison,Frances, of Lancelot and Joanna Harrison,b. Jul. 4, baptized Jul. 27,                    sponsors John Gatringer and Mary McCarty.
Hegner, Peter, of John and Anna (P.) Hegner, b. Apr. 3, baptized May 25,
           sponsors Peter and Elizabeth Hegner.
Heling, Elizabeth, of John and Magdalen Heling, b. Nov. 17, 1756, baptized
           May 5, sponsors Paul and Dorothy Miller.
Hely, Edward, of John and Catharine Hely, b. Mar.10, baptized Jun. 15,
           sponsors Edward Morry, or Morris and Susanna Isarden, witnesses                          Andrew Connor and Eleanor Burck.
[Herrih ?], Mary Gertrude, of Nicholas and Sophia [Herrih?], b. Mar. 15,                              baptized April 7, sponsors John and Gertrude Stauter.
Hirt, John, of George and Anna Barbara Hirt, b. Nov. 28, baptized Dec. 7,
           sponsors John and Mary Rosa Meyer.
Holtzhauser, Francis, of Dietrich and Christina Holtzhauser, b. Sept. 11,                            baptized Sept. 21, sponsors Christian Bub and Mary Barbara Bifar.
Huber, James, of Michael and Hannah Huber, b. Jan. 18, baptized Mar. 12,                        sponsors Michael Zartel and Catharine Schulz.
Kelty, John, of Bartholomew and Catharine Kelty,b. Dec. 17,1759, bapt. Jan. 2,                  sponsors John McGill and Susan Catharine Geiger.
Kheun, Mary Elizabeth, of Michael and Eva Kheun, b. Apr. 28, baptized May 5,                  sponsors Caspar and Mary Eva Thumb.
Landry, Josephine Mary, of Peter and Anna Landry, b. Nov.26, baptized  Nov. 27,            sponsors Oliver and Mary Josephine O'Kain.
Leanan, James Patrick, of Thomas and Anna Leanan, b.Mar.18,baptized Mar. 20,            sponsors William Gallagher and Bridget Savage.
Lederman, Michael, of John and Mary Catherine Lederman,b. Dec. 7,bap. Dec. 7,            sponsors Michael Sauerwald and Anna Catharine Becker.
Lenox, Martha, of John and Mary Lenox, b. Jan. 8, 1758, baptized Apr. 6,                            sponsors Dennis and Elizabeth Dunn.
Lenox, Mary, same parents, b. Mar. 31,1759, baptized April 6, sponsors Dennis                Dunn and Nellie O' Bryan.
Mallaben, Christina, of Thomas and Christina Mallaben, b. Nov. 23,  baptized                  Dec. 7, sponsors John Morris and Deborah Doyle.
Martin, Anne, of Anthony and Anna Martin, b. Nov. 3, baptized Nov. 3, sponsors            Emmanuel Fero and Joanna Welsh.
Metzgar, Francis, of John and Cecilia Metzgar, b. Feb.10, baptized Feb. 12,                        sponsors Francis and Barbara Somer [Seller?].
Meyer, John, of John and Mary Rosa Meyer, b. Sept. 2, baptized Sept. 14,
           sponsors George and Mary Mertz.
O'Neill, Elizabeth, of James and Elizabeth O'Neill, b. Oct. 21, baptized Oct. 22,                  sponsors Wm. Farrell and Anna Mary [Bimpel?].
[Philips?], Anthony, of John and Elizabeth [Philips?], born Oct. 18, baptized                        October 19, sponsors Anthony and Barbara Graff.
Rischhart, Joseph, of Lothaire and Elizabeth Rischhart, b. March 11, baptized                  Aug. 24, sponsors Joseph Wirth and Charlotte Miller.
Schad, John George, of John Peter and Mary Elizabeth Schad, b. July 2, baptized              July 22, sponsors John George and Anna Mary Mertz.
Schilling, John Michael, of Philip and Eva Schilling, b. Feb. 8, baptized Feb. 24,                  sponsors John Michael and Catherine Wolff.
Schone, Mary Magdalen, of Lawrence and Mary Magdalen Schone, b. Dec. 6,                    baptized Dec. 7, sponsors John Sauervvald and Mary Magdalen Essling.
Sexton, Mary, of John and Catherine Sexton, born October 23, baptized Nov. 10,            sponsors Samuel Watts and Placentia Sexton.
Stumpf, Christopher, of Christopher and (P.) Stumpf, b. Dec. 16, 1759, baptized              June 11, sponsors Adam and Agnes Geiger.
Sweetman, Christopher, of Richard and Bridget Sweetman, b. Nov. 30, baptized            Dec. 7, sponsors Rudolph Meyer and Anna Catharine Spun.
Thum, Anna Mary, of Caspar and Eva Thum, b. Feb. 17, baptized Feb. 4, sponsors            Michael and Eva Kheun.
Tscharte, Mary Elizabeth, of Christopher and Mary Dorothy Tscharte, b. Nov. 30,            baptized Dec. 6, sponsor Mary Elizabeth Hauser.
Uhlein, George Joseph, of Francis Louis and Mary Ursula Uhlein, b. Feb. 28, bapt.            Mar.9, sponsors Joseph Dientz and Barbara Kornin.
Vanhost, Mary, of Isaac and Susanna Catharine Vanhost,b. Dec.2, 1759 baptized            Jan. 13, sponsors Jacob and Anna White.
Viel, John Henry, of Rudolph and Magdalen Viel, b. Jan. 17,bapt. Jan. 20,
           sponsors Henry and Mary Barbara Schneider.
Villare, Mary, of Anthony and Mary Eva Villare, born Aug. 1, bapt. Aug 27,
           sponsor Mary Taubenhauer.
Weisser, Mary Catharine, of Peter and Anna Mary Weisser, b. Apr. 29, baptized              May 18, sponsors Michael and Mary Catharine Wolf.
Wilcox, George, of Jacob and Prudence Wilcox, b. Apr' 28, baptized May 5,                        sponsors Eliza and Thomas Wilcox, at Concord [Del.Co., Pa.].
Welsh, Hannah, of John and Rebecca  Welsh, b. May 16, baptized Aug. 30,
           sponsor Hannah Grogan.
______, Francis, a slave, baptized March 9.
______, Catharine, b. Sept. 22, 1759, baptized May 26, sponsors Sebastian
           and Cunegunda Hoffman.
Babin, Margaret Pelagia, of Zachary and Margaret Babin, b. Feb. 19, baptized                  Feb. 20, sponsors John Babin and Pelagia Galerm.
Baudoin, James, of Alexander and Mary Josephine Baudoin, b. May 28, baptized            June 2, sponsors James Alexander Finnet and Mary Bourg.
Benner, Margaret, of Christian and Magdalen Benner, b. July 12, baptized
           Aug. 12, sponsors James Philip Wenzel and Margaret Haider.
Bisar, Francis, of Sebastian and Mary Barbara Bisar, b. May 24,bapt. May 31,                    sponsors Francis and Barbara Sener.
Boirg, Anna, of John and Magdalen Boirg, b. Oct. 28, baptized Oct. 28, sponsors              Joseph de Bautan and Mary Galerm.
Bony, John Baptist, of Joseph and Mary Bony, b. Feb.19, baptized Mar. 1
           sponsors Peter Landry and Josephine Bourg.
Bourg, Judith, of Paul and Judith Bourg, b. Nov. 8, baptized Nov. 26, sponsors                  Peter Landry and Anna Bourg.
Buttler, Elizabeth, of Thomas and Rosa Buttler, b. July 10, baptized  July 19,                      sponsors Peter and Elizabeth Weisenberger.
Collins, John, of James and Eleanor Collins, b. Aug. 11, 1760, baptized  Jun. 8,                    sponsor Jeremiah Shea.
Coleman, Edward, of Edward and Anna Coleman, b. Nov. 8,1760, baptized                        October 14, sponsors Peter Magill and Mary Kelly, in New Jersey.
Carroll, Daniel,of Timothy and Elizabeth Carroll,b. Jan. 28, baptized Feb. 8,
           sponsors Owen Macarty and Mary Carty.
David, Lucy Frances, of Anthony and Mary Theresa David, b. Apr. 24, baptized                May 3, sponsors Thomas and Anna Fitzsimmons.
Dussonds, Elizabeth, of Thomas Dussonds and ________, b. May 28, baptized                        May 31, sponsor Elizabeth Graser.
Essling, Frederic, of Paul and Christina Essling, b. May 5, baptized May 12,
           sponsors Frederick and Elizabeth Griiser.
Foret, John Baptist, of Ferdinand and Margaret Foret, b. Oct. 20,1755, baptized              May 12, sponsors Babin and Mary M..
Galater, Anna Barbara, of Michael and Elizabeth Catharine Galater, b. Feb. 6,                  baptized Feb. 8, sponsors Andrew Kestner & Anna Barbara Begern.
Gatringer [Cottringer?], George, of John and Catharine Gatringer, b. Mar.—,                    baptized Mar. 24, sponsors George Meade and Catharine Spengler.
Geiger, Agnes, of John Adam and Agnes Geiger,b. June 11, bapt. Jun. 18,  
           sponsors Lawrence Caspar and Agnes Griesmeyer.
Gock, Mary Catharine, of Adam and Anne Mary Gock, b. Oct. 18,
           baptized October 21, sponsors Carl and Anna Catharine Schmidt.
Goff, Thomas, of Thomas and Alice Goff, b. Nov. 8, baptized Nov. 22,
           sponsors John and Anna Mary de Wetter.
Graff, Mary Magdalen, of Anthony and Barbara Graff, b. Oct.13, baptized            Oct. 19, sponsors Joseph Wiirth and Catharine Miller.
Greanaus, Anna, of Jonathan and Joanna Greanaus, b. Nov.____, 1760, 
           baptized July 19, sponsors Wm. Murray and Catharine Ryan.
Guet, Simon Joseph, of Simon Joseph and Magdalen Guet, b. Sept. 8,                                  baptized Sept. 10, sponsors Peter Gigitry and Mary Melanson.
Hahn, John Valentine, of Christopher and Christina Hahn, b. Nov.___, baptized                December 26, sponsors John Valentine and Barbara Korn.
Halder, Francis, of Francis and Margaret Haider, b. Aug. 6, baptized Oct. 9,                      sponsors George and Christina Viet.
Haug, Sophia, of Anthony and Mary Haug, b. Oct. 21, baptized Nov. 1,                                sponsors Nicholas and Sophia Viel.
Heinrich, Anna Mary Catharine, of John and Mary Catharine Heinrich, 
           b. Dec. 6, 1760, baptized Jan.11, sponsors George and Arina Mary Mertz.
Hirt, Peter, of Nicholas and Barbara  Hirt, b. Apr. 22, baptized May 7, sponsors                Peter and Elizabeth Hegner.
Hoffman, Mary Barbara, of Sebastian and Cunegunda Hoffman, b.Apr. 2,                          baptized Apr. 12, sponsors Valentine and Barbara Korn.
Hunecker, Joseph, of Mark and Anna Hunecker, b. Jun. 8, baptized Jun. 11,
           sponsors Joseph and Catharine Eck, near Philadelphia.
Jeneker, Joseph Charles, of Ephraim and Maria Jeneker, b. Nov.10, 1760, 
           baptized Dec. 11, sponsor Mary Magdalen Russel.
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