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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia                               Register Of Baptisms 1758 -1773                                                              St. Joseph's Church
                                                  1762 cont.
Makay, James, or William and Catharine Makay, b. Oct. 5, baptized
         Oct. 17, sponsors Thomas Ghill [Gill?] and Mary Brown.
Makoy, Margaret, of Enos and Sarah Makoy, born May __, baptized
         July 27, in house of Thomas Maguire, Chester, Pa.
Makra, [Fegentius?], of John and Anna Makra, b. Sept. 22, baptized
         Oct. 26, sponsors Thomas Murphy and Margaret Menin, Michael
         Cronin witness.
Martin, Anthony, of Anthony and Anna Martin, b. Nov. 12, baptized Nov. 14,            sponsors Mathew Power and Margaret Brazil.
Martin, Peter Permian, of Peter and Frances Martin, b. Nov. 10, baptized
         Nov. 11, sponsors Joseph Dieri [?] and Mary Martin.
McKollom, Elizabeth, of James and Mary McKollom, b. July 5, baptized July 11,          sponsors Edward and Susanna Kearney.
Metzgar, Mary Elizabeth, of John and Cecilia Metzgar,b. May 5, baptized
         May 9, sponsors John Homier and Elizabeth Cochler.
Miller, Barbara, of Mathias and Anna M. Miller, b. Dec.13, baptized Dec.16,
         sponsors Andrew and Magdalen Gerstenberger.
Miller, Christian, of Matthias and Anna Mary Miller, b. Sept. 22, baptized
         Nov. 23, sponsors Christian and Magdalen Benner, in New Jersey.
Miller, Mathias, of John and Mary Miller, b. Jun. 12, baptized Jun. 29, sponsor
         Mathias Jager, witness Catharine Brehm.
Moor, Elizabeth, of John and Elizabeth Moor, b. Dec.4, baptized Dec. 30,
         sponsor Anna Fitzsimmons.

Morris, Mary, of Andrew and Rebecca Morris, born Oct. 6, baptized Oct. 10,

         sponsors Patrick Marcum and Martha Levy.

Mullen, Hannah,of Daniel and Catharine Mullen ,b. Feb. 6,1758, baptized
         Mar. 10, sponsor Anna Huneker.
Mullen, John, of the same parents, b. Aug. 8,1760, baptized March 10,
         sponsor Mary Huneker.
Mullen, Mary and Anna, twins, of Thomas and Anne Mullen,b. July 13,  
         baptized July 13, sponsor James Mullen, witness Hannah Maglochlin, for
         Mary, John O'Donnell and Margaret O'Donnell sponsors for Anna.
Mullen, William,of the same parents , born Mar. 3, 1756, baptized Mar. 10,
         sponsor Thomas. Battler, in vicinity of  Philadelphia.
Murphy, Robert, of John and Mary Murphy, b. Nov. 2, baptized Nov.10,
         sponsors John Barret and Margaret Murphy.
Nikol, William, of William and Johanna Nikol, b. Nov. 9, baptized Nov.13,
         sponsor Mary Brady.

Nicholson, Owen, of John and Sarah Nicholson, b. autumn, 1761, baptized

         May 15, sponsor Rudolph Essling.

O'Harra, Mary Anna, of Bryan and Mary (P.) O'Harra, born Feb. 7, baptized
         May 15, sponsors Darby and Anna Savage.
O'Kain, Mary, of Oliver and Mary O'Kain, b. May 3, baptized May 4, sponsors
         Oliver de Cotau and Magdalen le Prince.
Rudolph, Catharine, of Tobias and Margaret Rudolph, b. Oct. 22, baptized
         Oct. 25, sponsors Peter and Gertrude Hegner.
Ruhl, John George, of Joseph and Anna Mary Ruhl, b. May 6, baptized May 9,
         sponsors Adam and Anna Mary Gock.
Sauerwalt, Elizabeth, of Michael and Margaret Sauerwalt, b. June 6, baptized
         June 7, sponsors John and Elizabeth Walter.
Schnable,Mary Magdalen,of Andrew and Eva Schnable,b. Dec.19,1761,
         baptized Jan. 3, sponsor Joseph Huneker, Mary Magdalen Huneker,
Schilling, Anna Catharine, of Philip and Eva Schilling, born ,baptized Feb. 11,
         sponsor Catharine Wolff.
Stabler, John Frederic, of John and Christina Stahler, b. Feb. 11, baptized
         May 16, sponsors Frederick and Elizabeth Griiser.
Sterling, Francis, of Joel and Mary Magdalen Sterling, b. July 27, baptized
         Aug. 17, sponsors Francis Waltrich and Mary Magdalen, daughter of
         Paul Essling.
Stump, John, of Christopher and Margaret Stump, b. Dec. 3,1761,  baptized
         Jun. 24, sponsors John and Regina Mayer, in New Jersey.
Thumb, Catharine, of Caspar and Eva Thumb, b. Nov. 7, baptized Nov. 21,
         sponsors Michael and Eva Khue.
Uhla [Uhler?], John Anthony, of Francis Louis and Mary Ursula Uhla [Uhler?],
         b. Dec. 10, baptized Dec. 27, sponsors John Ehreman and Barbara Korn.
Ungar, Gertrude, of Joseph and Margaret Ungar, b. Jun. 14, baptized July 4,
         sponsors Andrew Schwartzman and Gertrude Hegner.
Viehle, Catharine, of Robert and Sibylla Viehle, b. Oct. 3, baptized Oct. 4,
         sponsors Christopher and Catharine Viehle.
Walter, Francis, of John and Elizabeth Walter, b. Nov. 6,bapt. Nov. 7, sponsors
         Francis Waltrich and Barbara Steling.
Warren, Mary, of Peter and Mary Warren, b. July 20, baptized Aug. 24,
         sponsors Dennis and Mary O'Harra, in New Jersey.
Weisenburger, Catharine, of Peter and Elizabeth Weisenburger, b. Jan. 20,
         baptized Feb. 22, sponsors Andrew Gallagher and Catharine Duken, in
         vicinity of Philadelphia.
Babin, Joseph,of Simon and Anastatia Babin, b.Nov. 6, baptized Nov.6,
         sponsors Joseph Babin and Mary Leblanc.
Babin, Mary Margaret, of Charles and Frances Babin, b. Jan. 9, bapt. Jan. 9,
         sponsors Peter Vincent and Margaret Babin.
Barry, John, of James and Esther Barry, b. Sept. 5, baptized Sept. 29, witness
         Mary Hughes; the mother acted as godmother in default of another.
Barry, Margaret,of William and Mary Barry,b. Feb. 21,baptized May 23;
         the mother acted as god-mother in default of another.
Beale, Mary, of George and Catharine Beale, b. May 31, 1761, baptized 
         July 13, sponsor Mary Hefferman.
Bell, William, of William and Mary Bell, a young man, baptized Jan. 5,
         sponsors William and Eleanor Hussy.
Benner, Anna Mary, of Christian and Magdalen Benner, b. Mar' 18, baptized
         May 18, sponsors Matthew and Anna Mary Miller, in New Jersey.
Bisar, Peter, of Sebastian and Rosina Bisar, b. Apr. 10, baptized Apr. 17,
         sponsors William Dorf and Mary Custer.
Bodoin, Catharine, of Firmian and Elizabeth Bodoin, b. Sept.13, baptized
         Sept. 17, sponsors Stephen and Catharine Schwerber, in the vicinity of
Bohm, Francis, of Joseph and Mary Catharine Bohm, b. Mar 19, baptized
         Mar. 19, sponsors Francis and Anna Barbara Sener. 
Bosran, John Baptist, of John and Anna Bosran, b. Apr. 17, baptized
         conditionally Apr. 24, sponsors John Baptist Sinere and Anne Vincent
Brehmen, Anthony, of Anthony and Catharine Brehmen, b. Feb.8, baptized
         Apr. 3.
Buttler, George, of Edmund and Barbara Buttler, b. Aug. 7, baptized  Aug. 7,
         sponsors Timothy Carroll and Margaret Murphy.
[Caujemi?], James Cajetan, of Peter and Dorothy [Caujemi?],b. July 25, 
         baptized Aug. 7, sponsor James Lion.
Connor, Mary, of Michael and Mary Connor, b. Aug.15, 1762, baptized Oct. 21,
         sponsor Susanna Kearney, in New Jersey
Crowley, William, of William and Mary Crowley, b. Dec. 26, baptized Dec. 29,
Daniels, Hugh, of John and Margaret Daniels, b. Feb. 2, bapt. Apr.10, sponsors          Thomas and Elizabeth Griswold.
Essling, Anna Elizabeth, of Paul and Christina Essling, b. Apr. 17, baptized
         Apr. 26, sponsors Frederick and Anna Mary Elizabeth Graser.
Foratch, Frederika Catharine, of Stephen and Anna Mary Foratch, b. Jan. 23,
         baptized Jan.23, sponsor Valentine Schalin, witness Frederika Catharine,
         his wife.
Frietz, Anna Barbara, of Daniel and Joanna Frietz, b. Mar. 9, baptized Apr. 10,
         sponsors Nicholas and Barbara Hirt.
Geiger,Laurence, of Adam and Agnes Geiger,b. Feb.10, baptized Feb.20,
         sponsors Laurence Caspar and Susanna Catharine Thurnbach, in
         New Jersey.
[Glontia?],Mary Margaret, of Louis and Mary Magdalen [Glontia?], b. Mar. 7,
         baptized Mar. 7, sponsors Oliver O'Kain and Mary  Josephine Dupries.
[Graser?], Elizabeth, of Louis and Mary Grosar [Graser?], b. June 18, baptized
         June 18, sponsors Firmian and Elizabeth Bodoin.
Green, Anna, of Thomas and Margaret Green, b. Mar. 9, baptized Apr.10,
         sponsors Edward Murray and Susanna Kearney.
Haug, John Nicholas, of Anthony and Mary Hang, b. Aug. 24, baptized Aug. 28,          sponsors Nicholas and Sophia Viel.
Haug, Paul, of James and Mary Magdalen Haug, b. Dec. 6, baptized Dec. 10,
         sponsors Paul and Christina Essling.
Heath, Thomas, of John and Rebecca Heath, b. Feb. 26, 1762, baptized May 15,          sponsors James Morris and Joanna O'Brian, witness  John Lion.
Heling, Mary Magdalen, of John and Mary Magdalen Heling, b. Nov. 2,
         baptized Nov. 3, sponsors Lawrence and Mary Magdalen Schone.
Hesteron, Elizabeth, of John and Elizabeth Hesteron, b. Jan. 11, baptized
         January 16, sponsors Samuel Watts and Mary Connor.
Hirt, Anna Barbara, of George and Barbara Hirt, b. Dec. 3, baptized Dec. 11,
         sponsors Michael and Barbara Hirt.
Hirt, John, of Nicholas and Barbara Hirt, b. Nov. 9, baptized Nov. 9, sponsors
         John and Elizabeth Walter.
Hoffman, John Valentine, of Sebastian and Cunegunda Hoffman, b. Mar. 5,
         baptized Mar. 13, sponsors Valentine Korn, Jr., and Elizabeth Lochler.
Holzhauser, Francis, of Dietrich and Christina Holzhauser, b. Nov. 3,baptized
         Nov. 6, sponsors Francis and Barbara Sener.
Hunecker, Mark, of Mark and Anna Hunecker, b. Apr. 13, baptized Apr. 15,
         sponsors Joseph and Catharine Eck.
Imfeld, Anna Caroline, of Sebastian and Mary Clara Imfeld, b. Sept. 29,1759,
         baptized Sept. 24, sponsor Caroline Hornesser.


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