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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia                    Register Of Baptisms 1758 - 1773                                                   St. Joseph's Church
Barry, Margaret and Eleanor (twins), of William and Mary Barry, b. Nov. 15,
          baptized Dec. 22, sponsors, for Margaret Christopher O'Brien, for
          Eleanor Mary Carey.
Beck, Joseph, of Nicholas and Apollonia Beck, b. Nov. 1, baptized Nov. 18,
          sponsors Joseph Kohl and Alberta Kohl, at Haycock [Bucks Co., Pa.].
Becker, Mary Elizabeth, of Bartholomew and Elizabeth Becker, b. Jan. 16,
          baptized Jan. 22, sponsors Leonard and Mary Anna Lascher.
Bird, Anna Emily, of Jonathan and Mary Bird, b. Apr. 13, baptized May 16,
          sponsors Joseph and Euphrosyne Ribau.
Blanchart, Josephine Miriam, of Oliver Blanchart and Euphrosyne Leblanc, 
          b. Nov. 9, baptized conditionally Nov. 14, sponsors Paul Blanchart and
          Margaret Debotan.
Bodan,Theodore, of Anthony and Barbara Bodan, b. Nov. 6, baptized Nov.11,
          sponsor Theodore Holzhauser, Eva, his wife, witness.
Boehm, Joseph, of Joseph and Mary Catharine Boehm, b. Nov.17, baptized
          Nov. 25, sponsors Joseph and Anna Mary Feinauer.
Boudrot, , of Peter Vincent and Catharine Boudrot, b. Oct. 22, bapt. Oct. 23,
          sponsors Francis Cire and Margaret la Vache.
Budan, Paul, of Paul and Ursula Budan, b. Dec. 26, 1763, baptized June 6,
          sponsors Peter Oliver Budan and Magdalen Ouietry, in New Jersey.
Burgeois, Joseph, of Claude and Catharine Burgeois [Bourgeois?], 
          b. Dec. 13, 1763, baptized Jan. 8, witnesses John and Magdalen
Cainere [?], Mary Josephine, of Thomas and Susanna Cainere [?], 
          b. Jul. 17,1763, baptized Sept. 2, sponsors Erne Chasse and Mary
           Josephine Benoit.
Charso, Anna Mary, of Joseph and Christina [Charso or Chasso?], b. Dec. 25,
          baptized Dec. 25, sponsors Joseph and Anna Mary Feinauer.
Coghran, Hannah, of William and Mary Coghran, b. Sept. 16, 1760, baptized
          Apr. 15, sponsors James Reynolds and Anna________zell.
[Connelly?], Sabina, of John and Rebecca Comely [Connelly ?], b. May 10,
          baptized May 21, sponsors Martin Pendigast [Prendergast?] and Eva
Connor, Elizabeth, of John and Eleanor Connor, b. Aug. 27, 1760, baptized
          Aug. 8, sponsors Patrick and Margery Magill, in New Jersey.
Corman, Mary, of Cornelius and Hannah Cornian, b. June 25, 1763, baptized
          May 7, sponsor John Hanley.
Danhauer, Anna Barbara, of James and Mary Danhauer, b. Sept.7, baptized
          Oct. 28, sponsors Christian and Anna Barbara Viel.
Delitle, Hannah, of Hugh and Catharine Delitle, b. Mar. 2, baptized Oct. 7,
          sponsor Mary Kennedy, witnesses Henry Keanan and James Corman.
Dewitter,Mary Magdalen,of John and Anna Mary Dewitter,b. May 18,
          baptized May 20, sponsors John Sauerwald and Mary Magdalen
Donely,Margaret,of Philip and Catharine Donely Donnelly?], b. Oct.20,  
          baptized December 2, sponsors John Haug and Margaret de Wetter.
Eck, John, of James and Anna Eck, b. Jan. 22, baptized Feb.1, sponsors
          Marius [Mark?] and Anna Hunecker, in the vicinity of Phila.

Essling, Helen, of Peter and Mary Essling, b. Dec. 11, 1763, baptized  Jan. 1,

          sponsors John Sauerwald and Helen Villars.

Fegan, Hugh, of Patrick and Margaret Fegan, b. Nov. 6, 1762, baptized 

          condtionally Nov. 21, sponsor Nicholas Boyl [Boyle?]; had been
          privately baptized.

Feinauer, Mary Regina, of Joseph and Anna Mary Feinauer, b. Mar.31, 

          baptized Mar. 31, sponsor Anthony Ottman,witness Regina____.

 Freelan, Barnaby, of James and Joanna Freelan, b. Mar. 8, baptized Mar. 12,

          sponsors Barnaby Mullholan and Margery McBride, witness William


Followe, Margaret, of Michael and Mary Followe, b. Nov. 5,baptized Dec.14,
          sponsors Richard Allen and Rachael White.
Forest, Mary Modesta, of Peter and Margaret Forest, b. Sept. 4, baptized
          Sept. 5, sponsors Simon O'Kain and Anna Landry.
Furlon, Catharine Elizabeth, of Robert and Catharine Furlon, b. abt.
          Nov. 17,1763, baptized Aug. 2, sponsor Mary Anna Lescher.
Fury, Martha, of Jacob and Mary Fury, b. Oct. 31, 1763, baptized May 6,
          sponsors Daniel McMenamin and Sarah [Tin ?], in Chester County, [Pa.].
Gerstenberger, Joseph, of Andrew and Magdalen Gerstenberger, b. May 24,
          baptized May 24, sponsors Joseph and Catharine Eck.
Gist, Thomas, of Sirron and Mary Gist, b. Apr. 13, baptized May 7, sponsor
          John Wilcox,
Gock,Anna Mary,of Adam and Mary Gock, b. Jan. 28, baptized Jan. 31,  
          sponsors Joseph and Anna Mary Riihl.
Goff, James, of Thomas and [Elsie?] Goff, b. Apr. 5, baptized Apr.15, sponsors
          Joseph Feinauer and Catharine Spengler.
Grogan, Anna, of James  and Hannah Grogan, b. Mar. 7, baptized Apr. 10,
          sponsor Judy Bond, witness Terence Doud.
Hair, Thomas, of Agnes Hair, b. Apr. 28, baptized May 3, privately.
Harrison, John, of Lancelot and Joanna Harrison, b. Feb.25, baptized Feb. 26,
          sponsors Henry McAdam and Catharine Swan.
Haug, George, of David and Catharine Haug, b. Apr. 10, baptized  July 1,
          sponsors Joseph and Catharine Ehrman, at Goshenhoppen [Berks Co.].
Hely, John, of John and Catharine Hely, b. Feb. 3, baptized Sept.30, sponsors
          Andrew and Eleanor Connor.
Henrich, John Nicholas, of Nicholas and Sophia Henrich, baptized Apr. 25,
          sponsors John Lechler and Anna Mary Weber, near Philadelphia.
Henrich, John, of John and Margaret Catherine Henrich, b. Jun. 7, baptized
          June 24, sponsors George and Anna Mary Mertz.
Herbsrger, Philip, of John Peter and Anna Mary Herberger, b. Nov. 5,
          baptized Nov. 15, sponsors Philip and Eva Schilling.
Hertz, John, of John and Barbara Hertz, b. Dec. 5, baptized Dec. 6, sponsors
          Michael and Margaret Sauerwald.
Hoffman, Catharine, of Sebastian and Cunegunda Hoffman, b. Aug. 2,  
          baptized Aug. 4, sponsors Caspar Korn and Catharine Haug.
Hoffman, Francis, of John and Christina Hoffman, b. Apr.17, baptized
          Apr. 22,sponsors Francis Louis and Mary Ursula Uhla [Uhler?].
Hueber,Christian,of Michael and Hannah Hueber, b. Mar. 9, baptized  Apr.11,           sponsors Christian and Magdalen Benner,in New Jersey.
Hunecker, Elizabeth, of Mark and Anna Hunecker,b. Mar.18,baptized 
          Mar. 20,  sponsors Joseph and Catharine Eck, in vicinity of
Juger, John, of Matthew and Mary Jager, b. May 7, baptized Dec.1, sponsors
          George and Mary Nagel.
Kasser, James, of Peter and Mary Barbara Kasser,b. Jun. 25, baptized Aug. 15,
          sponsors James Kuhn and Mary Elizabeth Hartman, at Goshenhoppen.
Kauffman, John,of Joseph and Catharine Kauffman,b. Apr. 30, baptized 
          May 1, sponsors John Gatringer and Catharine Schalusin.
Kellar,Mary Elizabeth, of John and Barbara Kellar, b. Aug. 29, baptized
           Sept. 2, sponsors John and Elizabeth Philips.
Kelty, James,of Bartholomew and Catharine Kelty,b. Aug. 6, baptized  Aug. 9,
          sponsors Patrick and Margery Magill,
Kheun, Elizabeth, of Michael, Jr., and Eva Kheun, b. Mar. 9, baptized Mar. 29,
          sponsors Andrew and Eva Schnable.
King, Alice, of James and Margaret King, b. Nov. 28, baptized Dec. 2, sponsors
          Henry McAdam and Mary Dohe.
Landry, Anna, of Peter and Anna Landry, b. Mar. 9, baptized Mar. 9, sponsors
          Paul Doiron and Mary Josephine Bourg.
Landry, Joseph, of Peter and Josephine Landry, born May 3, baptized May 3,
          sponsors Peter Landry, Sr., and Margaret Savron.
Lebaune, Joseph, of Joseph and Mary Lebaune, b. May 27, baptized July 16,
          sponsors Catharine [Boudro?] for Anastatia le Blanc; had been
          privately baptized.
Le Blanc, Mary Genevieve, of Marin and Isabella Le Blanc, b. Feb. 22,
          baptized conditionally Feb. 26, sponsors Charles Le Blanc and 
          Genevieve Vincent.
Lechner, Peter Christian and Veronica Gertrude (twins), of Mathew and
          Barbara Lechner, b. July 14, baptized July 18, sponsor Mary Gertrude
          Stauter; had been baptized privately, near Phila.
Leibich, Mary Eva, of John Leibich and_______ , baptized July 1, sponsors                       Joseph Lorentz and Mary Bischoff.
Lenox, Catharine, of John and Margaret Lenox, b. July 15, baptized July 23,
          sponsors Joseph and Catharine Eck.
Mackey, William, of William and Catharine Mackey, b. Sept.23, baptized
          Oct. 7, sponsor John Camel, witness Mary Camel  [Campbell?].
Mayer, Anthony, of John and Elizabeth Mayer, b. Feb. 9, baptized Mar. 3,
          sponsors Anthony Lechler and Margaret de Wetter.
McBike, Margaret, of Daniel and Margeret McBike, b. Aug. 7, baptized
          Sept. 2, sponsors Christopher O'Brien and Catharine Shaw.
McKay, Elizabeth, of Brian and Margaret McKay, b. Oct. 3, baptized Nov.11,
          sponsors Nicholas and Sophia Viel.
Mignon,John Charles,of Charles and Anastatia Mignon, b.Dec.25,1763,
          baptized conditionally Jan. 1 sponsors Francis and Mary Galerm. 
Miller, Barbara, of Michael and Elizabeth Miller, b. June 18, baptized  July 8,
          sponsors Theobald Miller and Barbara Kuhn.
Miller, Mary Catharine, of Matthew and Anna Mary Miller, b. July 11, 
          baptized Nov. 28, sponsors Peter Haider and Mary Catharine
          Greismyer, at Geiger's, in New Jersey.
Mullen, Elizabeth, of Thomas and Anna Mullen, b. Nov. 3, baptized Dec. 22;
          had been baptized privately.
Nagel, Nicholas, of George and Anna Mary Nagel,b. Sept.11, baptized Sep. 11,
          sponsors John Heiser (for Nicholas Swan) and Anna Fichtler.
O'Hara,Charles,of Brian and Mary O'Hara,b. Mar. 9,baptized Mar. 11,
          sponsors Timothy and Elizabeth Carroll.
O'Kain, Mary Magdalen, of Simon and Isabella O'Kain, b. Mar. 26, baptized
          Mar. 27, sponsors Peter Fore and Mary Landry.

Poulton,Ambrose,of Charles Poulton and Ruth Enoch, b. Aug.26,1755,    

          baptized November 6, sponsor Edward Macarty ; baptized while                         traveling.

Russell, John Bernard, of Matthew and Christina Russell, b. May 28,
          baptized July S, sponsors Melchior and Catharine Ziegler.
Ryan, John, of Thomas and Catharine Ryan, b. Apr. 11, baptized May 13,
          sponsors James Macra and Bridget Hunt.


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