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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia                      Register Of Baptisms 1758 - 1773                                                   St. Joseph's Church
                                                           1764 cont.


Sauerwald, Catharine, of Michael and Margaret Sauerwald,b. Mar.19,      
          baptized Mar. 20, sponsors John and Elizabeth Walter.
Schilling, Mary Catharine, of Philip and Eva Schilling, b. May 9, baptized 
          May 23, sponsor Mary Catharine Bohm,
Schmid, Anna Barbara, of Charles and Catharine Schmid, b. Apr. 14,
          baptized Apr. 15, sponsors Joseph and Barbara Wurth.
Schneider, Joseph, of Henry and Barbara Schneider, b. July 18, baptized
          July 22, sponsors Joseph and Anna Mary Feinauer.
Schreiner, Anna Margaret, of Anselm and Elizabeth Schreiner, b. Oct. 21,
          baptized Oct. 24, witness Francis Wolf, sponsor Anna Margaret, his wife.
Sexton, Sarah, of John and Catharine Sexton, b. Feb. 26, baptized Mar. 7,
          sponsors Mark and Mary Connor.
[Stone?], Margaret, of Elizabeth [Stone?], b. Apr. 27, 1763, baptized Mar. 28.
Stuart, Joseph, of Thomas and Phoebe Stuart, b. Feb. 15, baptized Feb. 19,
          sponsors Jacob Welsh and Rebecca Morris.
Stump, Regina, of Christopher and Mary Margaret Stump, b. Dec. 3, 1763,
          baptized June 6, sponsors Peter Halter and Regina Mayer.
Sweetman, John, of Richard and Bridget Svveetman, b. Jun. 22, baptized
          June 24, sponsors Bartholomew Kelsey and Anna Dougherty.
[Tscharte?],Mary Dorothy,of Christopher and Mary Dorothy [Tscharte?],
          b. Aug. 22, baptized Aug. 24, sponsor Mary Gertrude Stauter, in vicinity
          of Philadelphia.
Viel, Peter, of Rudolph and Sibylla Viel, b. Feb.13, baptized Feb. 15, sponsors
          Peter and Catharine Viel.
Vogel, Magdalen, of Adam  and Magdalen Vogel, b. Apr. 2, baptized  July 22,
          sponsors John Sauervvald and [Mary?] Magdalen Wegfort.
Watts, John, of Samuel and Mary Watts, b. Aug. 11, baptized Sept. 4, sponsors
          John and Christine Mallaben.
Wealir., Elizabeth, of Thomas and Mary Wealin [Whelan?], b. Jan. 9, baptized
          Jan. 15, sponsors Gallahan Morarty [Moriarty?] and Catharine Dun.
Zeis, John, of George and Eva Zeis, b. May 29, baptized June 10, sponsor John
          Mayer, witness Anna Margaret Wolf.
_______,Anna and Sarah (sisters), baptized Jan. 3, sponsor Magdalen Mallaben.
______,Mary Magdalen, of Christopher and Mary Magdalen______ , b.Feb.19,
          baptized Apr. 7, sponsors David -Gogg and Mary Magdalen Mayer.
Archdeacon, Mary, of Patrick and Joanna Archdeacon, b. Apr. 10, bapt. Apr. 12,           sponsors William Nunan and Mary Theresa David.
Babin, Mary Margaret, of Peter Vincent and Mary Magdalen Babin, b. Apr. 15,             baptized conditionally Apr. 16, sponsors Charles le Blanc and  Mary
          Josephine Babin ; had been baptized privately.
Becker, John Michael, of Bartholomew and Elizabeth Becker, b. Sept. 29,
          baptized Oct. 6, sponsors Michael and Catharine Wolff.
Benner, Agnes, of Christina and Magdalen Benner, b. May 20, baptized
          Sept. 11, sponsors Agnes Roth and Adam Geiger, at Adam Geigers,
          in New Jersey.
Blanchart, Paul, of Paul and Cecilia Blanchart, b. Oct. 7, baptized Oct. 7, 
          sponsors Oliver Blanchart and Magdalen Dibotan.
Borson, Peter, of Joseph and Anna Borson, b. July 15, baptized July 18, 
          sponsors Oliver Debotan, Jr., and Anna Bourg.
Boyd, Robert, of Patrick and Anna Boyd, b. Jan. 7, baptized Feb. 4, sponsors
          Patrick Conley and Catharine Spengler.
[Cancenny?], Dorothy Margaret, of Peter and Dorothy [Cancenny?], b. Aug. 30,
          baptized Sept. 1, sponsor James Lyons, Dorothy Lyons, witness.
Christi, Martin, of Martin and Hannah Christi [Christy ?], b. Oct.11, baptized
          Oct. 13, sponsors Dennis Dogherty and Barbara Buttler.
Conel, Elizabeth, of John and Honora Conel [Connell?], b. Jan.4, baptized
          January 10, witness Roger Heferman, sponsor Dorothy Connor. 
Connor, John, of Andrew and Eleanor Connor, b. July 1, baptized July 14,
          sponsors John Connolly and Catharine Brian.
David, Mary Theresa, of Anthony and Mary Theresa David, b. Feb.25, 
          baptized Mar. 3, sponsors Jacob Burns and Catharine Gatringer.
Dogherty, George, of Dennis and Margaret Dogherty, b. Oct.13, baptized
          Oct. 13, sponsors James Byrne and Barbara Buttler.
Durst-Reider, Anna Mary, of Francis Joseph and Anna Mary Durst- Reider, 
          b. Oct. 29,1764, baptized Apr. 26, sponsors John Mayer and Mary Juliana
          Abtin ; had been privately baptized.
Essling, Catharine, of Paul and Christina Essling, b. Sept. 12, baptized  Sept. 20,           sponsors Frederic and Elizabeth Graser.
Essling, James, of Peter and Mary Essling, b. Apr. 26, baptized May 26,
          sponsors Peter Rice and Mary Magdalen Essling, Jr.
Eyenson,Louis, of John and Elizabeth Eyenson,b. May 1, baptized Jul. 26, 
          sponsors Thomas Eyenson and Esther Eyenson, at Adam Geiger's,
          New Jersey.
Fagan, Mary, of Patrick and Margaret Fagan, b. Apr. 12, baptized Apr. 19,
          sponsor John Poulton, in Berks Co. [Pa.].
Feinauer, Joseph, of Joseph and Anna Mary Feinauer, b. Apr.15, bapt. Apr.18,
          sponsors George Joseph and Mary Catharine Bohm.
[Gaghard?], John Caspar, of John and Mary [Gaghard?], b. Jan.25, bapt.Feb. 8,
          sponsors Caspar [Colombo ?] and Eleanor Redgecock.
Gorman, Eleanor, of Cornelius and Hannah Gorman, b. Sept. 8, 1764, baptized
          Dec. 2, sponsor Joanna Hanlon,
Graser, Joseph, of Frederic and Elizabeth Graseer b. Mar. 3, bapt. Mar. 5,
          sponsors Paul and Anna Christina Essling.
Hauck, Elizabeth,of James and Mary Magdalen Hauck,b. Jul. 28, baptized
           Aug. 4, sponsors Frederic and Elizabeth Graser.
Haug, Margaret, of Anthony and Mary Haug, b. Feb. 14, baptized Feb. 19,           sponsor George Haug, witness Margaret Haug.
Haug, Mary, of George and Margaret Haug, b. Feb. 3, baptized Feb. 10,
          sponsors Anthony and Mary Haug.
Heitzman, Mary Magdalen, of John George and Agatha Heitzman, 
          b. Sept. 29,1764, baptized Apr. 21, sponsors Jacob Glass and Elizabeth
Hely, William, of Daniel and Mary Hely, b. Dec. 5, baptized Dec. 5, sponsors
          Oliver Hunt and Anna Cusic.
Hirt, Annie Barbara, of Nicholas and Barbara Hirt, b. Jan. 25, baptized Feb. 10,
          sponsors George and Barbara Hirt.
Hoeffner, John Joseph, of John and Eva Hoeffner, b, July 10, baptized July 12,
          sponsors Valentine Korn and Eva Lechler.
Horn, Catherine, of John George and Margaret Horn, b. Nov. 1,1764, baptized
          Apr. 21, sponsors Jacob Rus [Russ?] and Catharine Gressir [Graser ?].
Jackson, Catharine, of William and Margaret Jackson, b. Sept. 20, baptized
          Oct. 27, sponsor Magdalen Gerstenberger.
Kean, Jubal, of John and Mary Kean, b. Jan. 9, 1763, baptized Apr. 23, sponsor
          Philip McDead.
Keintz, Margaret, of Mathew and Margaret Keintz, b. May 8, baptized July 16,
          sponsors James and Eva Honig [Konig?], at Haycock.
Kelty, Anna, of Walter Kelty and Judith Cotter, b. June 8, baptized July 8, 
          sponsor Mary Connor.
Kinslow, Catharine, of John and Elizabeth Kinslow, b. Oct. 6, baptized  Oct. 17,
          sponsors William Kelly and Winifred Cooper.
Klein, Theresa, of James and Elizabelh Klein, b. Aug. 7, baptized Aug. 15,
          sponsors Anthony and Barbara Graff.
Kneul, Anna Catharine, of Balthasar and Christina Elizabeth Kneul, b. Feb. 11,
          baptized Feb. 15, sponsors George Kneul  and Catharine Frankenfield.
Kolb, Simon, of Andrew  and Catharine Kolb, b. Feb. 19, baptized May 8,
          sponsors Adam and Margaret Geiger.
Lascher, Eva, of Leonard and Mary Anne Lascher, b. Aug. 8, baptized Aug. 11,
          sponsors Anselm and Elizabeth Schreiner.
Leblanc, John, of Henry and Mary Leblanc, b. July 27, baptized July 30, sponsor
          Mary Frances [Esconveman?], Jacob Gilotan witness.
Ledermann, Andrew, of John and Mary Catharine Ledermann, b. Sept. 19                     baptized Sept. 22, sponsors Andrew and Eva Schnable.
Lin, Sarah, of Hugh and Anna Lin [?], b. Sept. 19, 1764, baptized May 10, 
          sponsors Peter Goff and Mary Quinn.
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