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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia                Register Of Baptisms For  1758 - 1773                                         St. Joseph's Church
                                                         1765 cont.
Macra, John, of James and Bridget Macra, baptized Jan. 13; had been
          baptized privately.
Mackay,Mary,of Patrick and Mary Mackay,b. Jan. 12,baptized Jan. 17,
          sponsors Michael Kelley and Salome Wilhelm.
Makra, James, of James and Bridget Makra, b. January 11, baptized
          May 19, sponsors John Hargin and Joanna Pornor.
[Matson?], Mary, adult, baptized Oct. 27, sponsor Catharine White.
Mayer, Mary Eva, of John and Elizabeth Mayer,b. Feb. 8, baptized Feb. 11,                   sponsors Christopher Grebert and Anna Eva Lechler.
McAllister,Anna,of John and Mary McAllister,b. July 5,_____ bapt. May,  
          sponsor Francis Honey, witness Margaret (his wife), while returning.
McAllister, Daniel,of the same parents , b. Sept. 6,1762, baptized May 1,
          sponsors Isaac and Rosina Wean, while returning.
McFadden, John, of John and Margaret McFadden, b. July 24, baptized Sept. 8,           sponsor Henry McAdam.
McGill, Patrick,of James and Joanna McGill,b. Feb. 9, baptized May 8, sponsors
          Stephen Magill and Catharine Kelty, at Adam Geiger's, New Jersey.
McKillam, John, of Archibald and Margaret McKillam, b. May 6,1764, baptized
          Mar. 26, sponsor Dennis Lafferty, witness Hannibal McKensey.
Merrick, Anna Dorothy,of Henry and Catharine Merrick, b. Dec. 5, 1764,
          baptized Apr. 21, sponsor Anna Dorothy Weinburn.
Mignati, Francis, of Daniel and Mary Mignati, b. May 27, baptized Aug. 11,
          sponsor Francis Wollin, Margaret Steward witness.
Miller,Mary Barbara, of Philip and Elizabeth Miller,b. Dec. 6, 1764, baptized
          April 21,sponsor Mary Ruplin,at Haycock, Bucks Co.,Pa.
Naval, Margaret, of John and Nancy Naval, b. Apr. 22, 1761, baptized May 25,
          sponsors Neal Shaw and Judith Bond.
O'Hara,Arthur,of Henry and Bridget O'Hara,b. Apr.26,baptized May 13,
          sponsors Timothy Maginnis and Margaret Roge.
O'Neil, Elizabeth, of Terence and Eleanor O'Neil, b. Jan. ___,baptized May 11,
          sponsor Edward Hanlin.
Renigar, Anne Margaret, of Anthony and Eva Renigar [Reniger?], b. Aug. 7,
          baptized conditionally Aug. 30, sponsor Anna Angela Schwartzman.
Rieger, Godfrey, of Simon and Anna Margaret Rieger, b. July 28, baptized
          Aug. 1, sponsor Anna Cassin, witness Godfrey Schisler.
Ruh, Peter, of Melchior and Peter Ruh [Ruhl ?], b. Apr. 15, baptized May 8,
          sponsors Peter Haider and Christina Geiger.
Ruhl, Susanna,of Joseph and Anna Mary Ruhl,b. Feb. 25, baptized Feb. 25,
          sponsors Rudolph and Susanna Sibylla Viel,in vicinity of Philadelphia.
Ryan, Prudence, of Ryan and Elizabeth O'Donagh, b. Aug. ___, baptized Aug,10,
          sponsors John Carr and Joanna Dedy.
Sailer, Mary Salome, of Sebastian and Elizabeth Sailer, b. Sept. 22, baptized
          Sept. 24, sponsor Mary Salome Schwartz.
[Savage ?], Catharine Elizabeth, of Stephen and Anna Mary Sorage [Savage?],
          b. Jan. 3, baptized Jan. 13, sponsors Bartholomew and  Elizabeth Becker.
Scantlin, Cornelius, of Cornelius and Mary Scantlin, b. Apr. 28, baptized 
          May 11, sponsors Dennis Hood and Winifred Cooper ; had been baptized
Schmatzga, John Michael, of James and Eva Mary [Schmatzga?], b. Oct. 24,
          baptized Dec. 5, sponsor John Michael Wolf.
Schmid, John, of William James and Catharine Schmid, b. May 5, baptized
          July 23, sponsors Christian and Elizabeth Schultz.
Schneider, James, of Burchard and Catharine Schneider, b. Sept. 11, baptized
          Dec. 15, sponsors Jacob and Frances Walter, near Yellow Spring,
          Chester Co., Pa.?.
Schultz, Anna Elizabeth, of John and Eva Schultz, b. Oct. 1, baptized Oct. 20,
          sponsors John Schultz, Sr., and Anna Schultz for Elizabeth Schultz.
Schreiner,James,of Henry and Sarah Schreiner,b. Jan.1, bapt. Apr.7, sponsor
          James Trein, witness Mary Margaret Trein.
Schultz, Anna Elizabeth, of John and Eva Schultz, b. Oct. 1, baptized Oct. 20,
          sponsors John Schultz, Sr., and Anna Schultz for Elizabeth Schultz.
Schumacher, John, of Christian and Anna Mary Schumacher, b. May 3, 
          baptized July 9, sponsors John Kheun and Magdalen Cupser, at
Schwartzman, Amhony, of Andrew and Charlotte Schwartzman, b. Oct. 27,
          baptized Oct. 28, sponsors Anthony and Barbara Graff.
Sexton, John James, of John and Catharine Sexton, b. Aug. 19, baptized 
          Aug. 25, sponsors James Forage and Barbara Kneulin.
Spath, John Matthew, of John and Anna Margaret Spath, b. Dec. 3, baptized
          Dec. 8, sponsors John Mathew Gock and Eva Lechler.
Stahler,Cathararine Elizabeth,of John and Christina Stahler, b. Feb. 24,
          bapt. Mar. 10, sponsors Bartholomew and Catharine Elizabeth Becker.
Stuart, Richard, of Thomas and Phcebe Stuart, b. Dec. 7, baptized Dec. 7,
          sponsors Louis Luke and Margaret ______;baptized privately  on 7th.
Sullivan, Daniel, of Dennis and Catharine Sullivan, b. May 5,1762, baptized
          Apr. 28, sponsors John Brown and Catharine Fichterin.
Sullivan, George, of the same parents, b. Dec. 23, 1763, baptized Apr. 28,                     sponsors George Sly and Mary Brown.
Vale, John James, of John and Anna Mary Vale, b. Feb.15, baptized Mar. 3,
          sponsors James and Elizabeth Weisenburger, at Pikesland, Chester Co.,
Viel, Catharine, of Nicholas and Sophia Viel, b. May 16, baptized May 19,
          sponsors Charles and Catharine Schmid.
Viel, John, of Christian and Barbara Viel, b. Mar. 23, baptized Apr.1, sponsors,
          John and Eva Hasner.
Walliser, John, of Michael and Anna Mary Walliser, b. Dec. 4,1764, baptized
          Apr. 9, sponsors John Schutz and Anna Mary Walliser.
Waltrich, Andrew, of Francis and Catharine Waltrich, b. Aug. 14, baptized
          Aug. 18, sponsors Andrew and Charlotte Schwartzman.
Wealin,Catharine,of Thomas and Margaret Wealin [Whelan?], b. Aug. 1,
          bapt. Aug. 3, sponsor David Clancy, Barbara  Burkhart, witness.
Wean, Elizabeth, of Isaac and Rosina Wean, b. Feb. 21, bapt. Apr. 22, sponsors
          Hugh and Cecilia McNagh, while traveling, in N. J.
Wilhelm, Catharine Elizabeth,of Gerhard and Elizabeth Wilhelm, b. May 16,
          baptized July 23, sponsors Bartholomew and Catharine Elizabeth
Will, Sarah, of Phillip and Elizabeth Will, b. Nov.___, 1764, baptized  July 8,
          sponsors Anthony and Sarah Aman; the sponsor, Anthony Aman, had
          given it private baptism.
Zeis, Elizabeth, of George and Eva Zeis, b. Oct. 8, baptized Oct. 13, Michael
          Schreiner witness, sponsor Eva Schreiner.
_______,Sebastian, b. Nov. 13, baptized Nov. 15, sponsors Sebastian and
           Elizabeth Seibert.
_______,Margaret, of Joanna ______ , b. Mar. 13, baptized Mar. 24, sponsor Mary
          Clary, servant of James Burns.
_______,Mary, of Hannah ______, b. Mar. 24, baptized Mar. 25, sponsor Catharine
          Nunan, servant of James White.
_______, Susanna, of unknown parents, b. Dec. 25, 1764, baptized January 8,
          sponsor John Baptist Theole, witness Susanna Oge (?).
_______,William, b. Jan.__, baptized Mar. 4, sponsors Jacob Eck and wife,
           in the house of Jacob Eck.
Allen, Mary, wife of Richard Allen, baptized Sept. 8, at Concord, Deleware Co.,           Pennsylvania
Archdeacon, Catharine, of Morris and Bridget Archdeacon, baptized May 25,
          sponsor Adam Mayer.
Becker, John Michael, of Bartholomew and Elizabeth Becker, b.Oct. 18, bapt.
          Oct. 26, sponsors Michael and Catharine Wolf:
Birt, Marianne, of Jonathan and Mary Birt, b. Oct. 17, bapt.Oct. 23, sponsors
          Charles O'Harra and Anna Broc.
Bodart, William, of Anton and Barbara Bodart, b. Sept. 20, baptized Sept. 21,
          sponsors William Dorffand Anna Siere.
Bodouin, James, of Firmian and Elizabeth Bodouin,b. Feb. 21,baptized Feb. 23,           sponsor Jacob Lion, Dorothy (his wife) witness.
Borm, John Peter, of John and Anna Mary Borm, b. July 29, 1764,  baptized                   conditionally Apr. 22, sponsors John Peter Heilsamer and Elizabeth 
Brady, Mary, of John and Dorothy Brady, b. Aug. 10, baptized Aug. 20, 
           sponsors Anthony and Mary Haug.
Brian, Catharine, of________ Brian and ______ , b. Feb. ____baptized                                     conditionally June 24.
Bucher, Henry, of John and Catharine Bucher, b. June 8, baptized  June 29,  
          sponsors Henry and Barbara Geiger.
Bullock, Thomas, of Timothy and Catharine Bullock,14 years old, baptized
          Feb. 10, sponsor Arthur John O'Neal, in Chester Co. Pa.
Burgois, Margaret Rosa, of Claude and Catharine Burgois [Bourgeois?],
           b. Feb. 9, baptized Feb. 23, sponsors Joseph and Margaret Ribau.
Burk, John, of Adam and Mary Burk, b. Nov. 5, baptized conditionally, Nov. 11
Burton, John, of John and Esther Burton, 9 years old, baptized Feb. 8, in New
          Castle, Delaware.
Call, Mary Elizabeth, of John Nicholas and Anna Margaret Call,b.Oct. 20, 1764,           baptized conditionally Apr. 21, sponsors James Demuth and Mary
          Elizabeth Hoffman.
Christ, John, of Michael and Elizabeth Christ, b. Aug. 31, baptized Dec. 23,
          sponsors John and Catharine Schreiber.
Collins, Elizabeth, of Thomas and Sabina Collins, b. Oct. 2, baptized Oct. 19,
          sponsors Patrick Dealy and Mary Gatringer.
Connel, Robert, of John and Honora Connel, b. Jan. 20, bapt. Jan. 20, sponsors
          John Keasy and Dorothy Connor.
Davis, Margaret, of Thomas and Isabella Davis, b. Nov. __, baptized Dec. 23,
          sponsors Solomon Welsh and Margaret Roage.
Deal, Elizabeth, of John and Mary Deal, baptized Nov. 3, sponsors Laghlin
          Burns and Margaret McCollom,
Delaney, Mary, of Michael and Honora Delaney, b. May 4,1765, baptized
          Aug. 6, sponsors John Carrel and Margaret Green.
Dunbar, James, of _______and Catharine Dunbar, b. Jan. 23, baptized Jan. 27,
          sponsors Adam Mayer and Winifred Cooper.
Dugan, John, of Jacob and Sarah Dugan, b. Aug. 17, baptized Aug. 31, sponsors           Philip Lynch and Elizabeth Sohl, at Pikesland, Chester Co., Pa.
Eimold, James, of Peter and Mary Ann Eimold,b. Mar.2,baptized May 5,
          sponsor Christian Weisenberger, in Pikesland.
Etinger, Charles Frederic, of and Mary Etinger, b. Oct. 19, baptized Nov. 4,
          sponsors Charles and Catharine Schmid.
Eustace, Mary Josephine, of Daniel Eustace and Margaret Doiron, b. Apr. 3,
          baptized Apr. 4, sponsors Joseph Ribau and Genevieve Boudrot.
Farrell, Isidore, of Patrick and Alice Farrell, b. Apr. 27, baptized May 3,  
          sponsors James Byrne and Mary Murphy, by Rev. Robert Harding.
Farrell, Mary, of Richard and Charlotte Farrell, b. Dec. 1, 1764, baptized
          Apr. 22, sponsors James Curran and Catharine Sullivan.
Fechter,John, of Philip and Mary Eva Fechter,b. Nov. l8,1762, baptized Apr. 20,           sponsors John Mayer, Jr., and Mary Catharine Cramer.
Finey, William, of John and Mary Ottilia Finey, b. Oct. 19, baptized Dec. 7,
          sponsor Anna Mary Hirsch.
Fitzgerald, Joseph, of James and Mary Fitzgerald, b. Oct. 30, baptized Oct. 26,
          sponsors George Coffey and Mary Lamb.
Foulon, Margaret, of Michael and Mary Foulon [Fowler?], b. Aug. 3, baptized
          by Rev. Robert Harding, sponsors Richard Allen and Rachael White.







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