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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia                       Register Of Baptisms For  1758 - 1773                                                 St. Joseph's Church
_______,William, b. Oct.__, baptized Dec. 6, sponsor Margaret Vincent Blanchard
           (widow), a mulatto.
_______,Flora Rosa, 20 years old, baptized May 10, sponsor Mingo Coats, servant            to Warren Coats; witness Flora, servant to Timothy Caroll.
_______,Lucie, of Sylvester and , b. Apr. 7, baptized May 4, sponsors Thomas and            Elizabeth Wilcox, at Concord; servant [or slave] of  Wilcox.
_______,Dinah,of Nicholas and Flora____ , born __ ,1764, baptized Mar. 1, sponsor
           Anna Mary Wiester, negro servants of Warwick Coats.
_______, Mary of unknown parents, baptized privately Feb.  3, in house of  
           John Broc.
Albrecht, Anna Eva, of James and Anna Mary Albrecht, b. Dec. 13, baptized
           Dec.16, sponsors John Westermeyer and Anna Eva Miller.
Anderle, Mary Elizabeth, of Michael and Mary Anna Anderle, b. Jun. 8,1764,
           baptized Oct. 25, sponsors Peter and Mary Schad.
Arnold, James, of Henry and Agnes Arnold, b. Jan. 28, baptized Feb. 2 ;  the
           priest was godfather.
Bachman, Henry, of Martin and Anna Barbara Bachman, b. Feb. 24, baptized
           conditionally Jun. 21, sponsors John Mayer (for Henry Strable) and Mary
           Anna Welker.
Bagnel, John, of Edward Bagnel and_______ , baptized conditionally August 12.
Barefoot, Anna, of John and Anna Barefoot, baptized June 28, sponsor Bridget
Barry, Robert, of James and Esther Barry, b. Jun. 22, 1766, baptized Aug. 8,
           sponsors Patrick and Joanna Brady.
Beal, Henry, of George and Catharine Beal, b. Feb. 9, baptized Mar. 19, 
           sponsor Charlotte Engelraid.
Benner, Simon, of Christian and Magdalen Benner, b. Feb.18, baptized Mar.29,            sponsors Simon and Christiana Geiger, at N. J.
Bohm, Mary Catharine, of John and Catharine Bohm, b. Feb. 23, baptized
           March 1, sponsors Joseph and Anna Mary Feinauer.
Bremignon, Eleanor,of William and Catharine Bremignon, b. Sept. 15,1760,
           baptized Nov. 26, sponsors Thomas Byrnes and Rebecca Clark.
Bremignon, John, of same parents, b. Sept.15,1764, baptized Nov. 26, sponsors            Thomas Byrnes and Rebecca Clark.
Bremignon, Margaret, of same parents, b. Dec. 12,1758, baptized Nov. 26,
           sponsors Thomas Byrnes and Rebecca Clark.
Bremignon,Thomas, of same parents , b. Feb. 25, 755, baptized Nov. 26, 
           sponsors Thomas Byrnes and Rebecca  Clark.
Burns, Mary Margaret, of Laghlin and Margaret Burns, b. Jul. 4, bapt. Nov. 16,
           sponsors Henry Philips and Margaret Schwefel.  
Butz, John George, of John William and Mary Magdalen Butz, b. Apr. 3,
           baptized Jun. 18, sponsors John Els and Anna Elizabeth  Walker.
Cahel, Eleanor, of John and Catharine Cahel, b. Aug.16, baptized Sept. 6,
           sponsors Daniel Caroll and Joanna Nichols.
Cancemi, Peter Firmian, of Peter and Dorothy Cancemi [Cancerni?], b. Mar. 14,            baptized Apr. 19, sponsors Firmian and Elizabeth Bodoin.
Cobole, John, of John and Catharine Cobole, b. May 13, 1765, baptized  Jun. 20,
           sponsors John Burn and Magdalen Butz.
Connor, Mary, of Mark and Mary Connor, b. Feb. 9, baptized Feb. 15, sponsors
           Henry Hughs [Hughes?] and Dorothy Connor.
Conor, Susanna, of Michael and Mary Conor,b. Feb. 28, baptized May 30,  
           sponsors Robert White and Mary Crowley.
Conwell, James, of James Conwell and Jane Stephenson, b. Apr.13, baptized
           May 17, sponsors Edward Murray and Mary Kenedy.
Cramer, Anna Mary, of Matthew and Mary Catharine Cramer, b. Apr. 9, 
           baptized Jun. 19, sponsors Joseph Wingart and Anna Mary Reider.
David,Winifred Catharine,of Anthony and Mary Theresa David, b. Apr.26,
           bapt. May 3, sponsor Catharine Swan.
Deleany,Elizabeth,of Michael and Honora Deleany [Delaney?],b. Apr. 19,
           baptized Jun.14, sponsor Mary Bussye, witness Patrick Linard.
Dillon, Rudolph, of and Judy Dillon, b. Oct. 26, 1766, baptized conditionally
           February 11.
Donely, Eleanor, of Philip and Catharine Donely, b. Feb. 5, baptized Feb.15,
           sponsors John and Eva Hoffman.
Doyle, Anna Mary, of James and Mary Christina Doyle, b. Jul. 4, baptized
           Aug. 23, sponsors Peter and Anna Mary Weister.
Dugan, Catharine, of John and Mary Dugan, b. Jul. 13, baptized Aug. 25,
           sponsors Richard Garrety and Catharine Lemy.
Dun, Mary, of William and Bridget Dun [Dunn?], b. Mar.___, baptized Apr. 5,
           sponsors John Farron and Elizabeth Donaghy.
Eck, Barbara, of James and Elizabeth Eck, b. Oct. 30, baptized Nov. 1, sponsors
           Anthony and Barbara Graff.
Egan, Charles, of John and Margaret Egan, b. Sept. 23, baptized Oct. 18, 
           sponsors Thomas Fitzsimmons and Mary Clarey.
Essling, Margaret, of Peter and Anna Mary Essling, b. Nov. 24, baptized Dec. 6,
           sponsors Henry Lechler and Margaret Stolls.
Eyenson, Simon Peter,of John and Elizabeth Eyenson,b. Oct. 18, bapt. Nov. 30,
           sponsors Patrick Magill and Esther Eyenson.
Feinauer,Mary Catharine, of Joseph and Anna Mary Feinatier, b. Apr. 25,
           bapt. Apr. 26, sponsors Joseph and Catharine Bohm.
Fichter, John, of Philip and Eva Fichter, b. Feb. 10, baptized June 18, sponsors
           John Mayer, Jr., and Susanna Waibe.
Frelan, John, of James and Joanna Frelan, b. Jul. 30, baptized Sept. 7, sponsors
           Dennis and Bridget Dun [Dunn?].
Gallagher, Mary, of John and Anna Gallagher,b. Mar. 20, baptized Apr. 7,
           sponsors Patrick Daly and Bridget Doyle.
Gerstenberger, Anthony, of Andrew and Mary Magdalen Gerstenberger,
           b. Sept. 8, bapt. Sept. 11, sponsors Anthony and Barbara Graff.
Gla, Anna Catharine, of Charles and Anna Eva Gla, b. Jun. 28, baptized Nov. 16,            sponsors John Reider and Anna Catharine Demuth.
Glangley, Catharine,of'William and Elizabeth Glangley, b. Jul. 23, 1762,
           baptized Aug. 30, sponsors Owen Kelty and Regina Mayer.
Glangley, Elizabeth,of same parents , b. Dec.25, 1764, baptized Aug. 30,  
           sponsors John McHughin [McCuen?] and Margery Magill.
Hald, Mary, of John Hald and Catharine Manin, b. Dec.__, 1755, baptized
           conditionally May 21, sponsor Judith Hatton.
Hamilton, Mary Felicia, of William Hamilton and________ , b. Nov.__,1766,  
           baptized Sept. 3, sponsor Mary Felicia Escher.
Haug, Mary, of John and Catharine Haug, b. May 3, baptized May 8, sponsors
           Anthony and Mary Haug.
Herberger, Tobias, of Peter and Anna Mary Herberger, b. Jan. 29, baptized
           Feb. 2, sponsors Tobias and Anna Margaret Rudolph.
Hoffman, Mary Eva, of Lambert and Elizabeth Hoffman, b. Jan. 5, baptized
           Jun. 19, sponsors John Mayer, Sr., and Mary Eva Fichter.
Hoffner, Mary Magdalen, of John and Eva Hoffner, b. Feb. 23, baptized Mar. 1,
           sponsors Caspar and Mary Magdalen Korn.
Jacobi, Christian, of Philip and Margaret Jacobi, b. Mar. 25, baptized Apr. 28,
           sponsors Christian and Susanna Catharine Thurnbach.
Jacobs,James,of William and Catharine Jacobs,b. Feb. __,bapt. Mar.10,
           sponsors Henry and Agnes Arnold.
Joyce, Anna, of Albert and Sarah Joyce, b. abt. Jan. 20, baptized Apr. 9, 
           sponsors Bryan O'Harra and Barbara Buttler.
Juson, Mary Martha, of Thomas and Catharine Juson,baptized Jun. 8, sponsors
           Adam and Martha Poth.
Kenedy, Mary, of and Mary Kenedy, b. Feb. 26, baptized Feb. 27, sponsor                        Catharine Arnold, widow.
Kessler, Valentine, of Andrew and Catharine Kessler, b. Mar. 4, baptized
           Aug. 12, sponsors Valentine and Frederika Catharine Schalus.
Kientz, Sophia, of Joseph and Catharine Kientz, b. Jan. 19, baptized Feb. 1,
           sponsors Nicholas and Sophia Veil.
Koempf, Matthew, of Matthew and Susanna Koempf, b. Nov. 27, baptized
           Dec. 6, sponsor Matthew Bremich.
Kolb, Catharine Margaret, of Andrew and Catharine Kolb, b. Nov. 1, baptized
           Nov. 29, sponsors Adam and Margaret Geiger, in N. J..
Koltzhauser, Mark, of Theodore and Christiana  Holtzhauser, b. Feb. 11, 
           bapt. Feb. 15, sponsors Mark and Anna Hunecker.
Larcon, Susanna, of and Anna Larcon [Larkin?],b. Oct. 31, 1766, bapt. May 31,              sponsors Anthony Murray and Sarah Dugan,at Pikesland, Pennsylvania.
Lederman, John, of John and Mary Catharine Lederman, b. Dec.21, baptized
           Dec. 26, sponsors John Becker and Barbara Wolf.
Lery, Henry, of Daniel and Mary Lery, b. Feb. 21, baptized May 14, sponsors
           Timothy and Elizabeth Caroll.
Lynch, John, of John and Elizabeth Lynch, b. Mar. 19, baptized Apr. 5, sponsors
           Jeremiah Lynch and Anna Hanlon.
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