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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia                   Register Of Baptisms For  1758 - 1773                                              St. Joseph's Church
                                                         1767 cont.
Mackey, Francis, of William and Mary Mackey, b. Aug. 20, baptized Sept. 26
           conditionally .
Magill, Stephen, of Peter and Barbara Magill, b. Feb.15, baptized Mar.30,
           sponsors Stephen Magill and Margaret Delaney.
Maglochlin, Joanna, of William and Mary Maglochlin, b. Dec. 20,1766, 
           baptized Feb. 2, sponsors Margaret Lucas and Francis Hughs [Hughes?].
Maher, Anna, of and Mary Maher,b. Feb. 2, baptized Mar. 17; the mother                    acted as godmother in default of another.
Matley, James,of Walter and Mary Matley, b Apr. 11, baptized Jun. 28, 
           sponsors Adam Mayer and Anna Savadge [Savage?].
McAdam, Sarah, of Henry and Mary McAdarn, b. Oct. 17, bapt. Oct. 17,
           sponsor Rebecca Clark.
McHughin, Anna, of John and Martha McHughin [McCuen?], b. Apr. 9, 1764,
           baptized Jul.19, sponsors John and Eleanor Conor.
McHughin, Barnabas, of John and Martha McHughin [McCuen?], 
           b. Oct. 17, 1765, baptized Aug. 30, sponsors John Osmund and Margery
McKegg, John, of Brian and Margaret McKegg, b. Jun. 7, baptized Dec. 27,
           sponsors Peter HefTner and Anna Lechler.
McMullen, Matthew, of John and Margaret McMullen, b. Nov. 4, baptized
           Dec. 11, sponsor Elizabeth Maddon.
Miller, James,of David and Mary Miller, b. Nov. 24, 1765, baptized Jun. 21,                    sponsors James Dun and Mary Lehre.
Miller,Robert,of same parents,b. Mar.__, 1763, baptized Jun. 21, sponsors
           Wendelin Kramer and Elizabeth Warle.
Murray, Margaret, of Hugh and Elizabeth Murray, b. Apr. 12, 1763, baptized
           conditionally Mar. 25, sponsors James Welsh and Anna Roage ; had
           been baptized by a Presbyterian minister.
Neal, William, of Cornelius and Elizabeth Neal, b. Feb. 18, baptized Aug. 30,
           sponsors Hugh Magines and Margery Magill.
O'Brian,William, of M_____O'Brian [O'Brien?] and________ , b. Jun.__, 1767,  
           baptized Oct. 20, sponsors Martin Pendegras [Prendergast?] and 
           Catharine Swan.
O'Davelin, Susanna, of Roger and Susanna O'Davelin, b. July 19, baptized
           Sept. 20, sponsors James Mickey and Eleanor Karker, at Pikesland,
           Chester Co., Pa.
O'Donel, Anna, of Hugh and Rosa O'Donel, b. Mar. 31, baptized May 5, 
           sponsors fames Klein and Catharine Spengler.
O'Harra, Anna and Catharine (twins), of Bryan and Mary O'Harra, b. Apr. 11,
           baptized April 13, sponsors John and Catharine Gatringer, for Anna,
           Timothy Carroll and Barbara Buttler for Catharine.
O'Kain, Simon Joseph, of Simon O'Kain and Cecilia Dibotan, baptized
           conditionally June 14, sponsors John Gatringer and Catharine Schmid.
O'Neal, Mary, of John Arthur and Rose O'Neal, b. Jul. 15, baptized Aug. 2,
           sponsors William Moran and Susanna Fitzsimmons, at Concord,
           Delaware Co., Pa.
Patterson, Hannah, of John and Mary Patterson, b. Aug. 9, baptized Oct. 4,
           sponsors William Sherlock and Rosa O'Neal, at Concord, Delaware Co.,
Patterson, John, of Joseph and Margaret Patterson, b. Aug. 20, baptized
           Nov. 16, sponsors William Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Freeman.
Perkins, Benjamin, of Benjamin and Mary Perkins, b. Sept. 22, 1766, baptized
           Nov. 16, sponsors Joseph and Margaret Patterson.
Pfaltzer,John, of Eugene and Mary Margaret Pfaltzer,b. Dec.13, baptized
           Jun. 20, sponsor John Cobole, at Gothland.
Reider, Joseph,of Francis Joseph and Anna Mary Reider, b. Dec.25, 1766, bapt.            Jun.19,sponsors Joseph Wingart and Anna Mary Borm. 
Reinhold, Rebecca, of James and Mary Reinhold, b. Jan. 12, baptized Feb. 3,
           sponsors Timothy and Elizabeth Carroll.
Rider, Robert, of Christopher and Anna Rider, baptized Dec. 14, sponsor
           Catharine Gordon.
Ridiger, Anna Mary, of Matthew Anthony and Mary Anna Ridiger, b. Jun. 24,
           baptized Sept. 6, sponsors John and Mary Anna Ridiger.
Hush, Joanna, of Patrick and Margaret Rush, b. Oct. 27, baptized Oct. 30,
           sponsors John Lennox and Mary Farrell
Sauerwald, Barbara, of Michael and Margaret Sauerwald, b. May 5, baptized
           May 6, sponsors Anthony and Barbara Graff.
Sauerwald, Mary Magdalen, of John and Magdalen Sauervvald, b. Jan. ,bapt.
           Jan. 11, sponsors Lawrence and Mary  Magdalen Schone.
Schlosser, Mary Magdalen, of Joseph and Anna Mary Schlosser, b. Oct. 2,
           baptized Oct. 26, sponsor Mary Magdalen Mallock.
Schmid,Anna Sophia, of Adolph and Elizabeth Margaret Schmid, b. Jan. 6                    baptized Jun. 20, sponsors John Cobole and his wife for Sophia                            Schneider.
Schneider,Anna Margaret,of Henry and Mary Sophia Schneider,  b. Jun. 3,                  baptized June 21, sponsors Nicholas Mentzenbach  and Wilhelmina
           Butz, at Ringwood, Passaic Co., N.J.
Schneider, Mary Gertrude, of John Christian and Mary Elizabeth Schneider,
           b. Aug. 24, baptized Sept. 7, sponsors John and Mary Gertrude Stauter,
           near Philadelphia.
Schone, John James, of Laurence and Mary Magdalen Schone, b. Dec. 3, bapt.            Dec. 6, sponsors James and Elizabeth Klein.
Schreiner, Mary Christina, of Henry and Anna Sarah Schreiner, b.______
           baptized Jun. 24, sponsor Mary Barbara Wolf, witnesses James Zein
           and Christina Pfister, at Basconridge,SomersetCo., N.J.
Seibert, Francis Joseph, of Sebastian and Elizabeth Seibert, b. Jun. 28,
           baptized June 29, sponsors Peter Bremich (for Francis Joseph Schwartz)            and Mary Salome Schwartz.
Sherman,Elizabeth, adult, baptized Jun. 6, sponsors John and  Catharine                    Smith ;  wife of Philip Morrison.
Sig, Mary Magdalen, of John George and Mary Magdalen Sig, b. Feb.19,
           baptized Nov. 15 ; had been baptized by a Lutheran minister; at  
           Ringwood, N. J.
Senner, Mary, of Francis and Mary Senner, b. Sept. 8, bapt. Sept. 13,
           sponsors John and Mary Gatringer.
Sohl, John, of Francis and Apollonia Sohl, b. Apr. 9, baptized May 31, 
           sponsors John Bernard Brown and Mary Elizabeth Sohl.
Spath,Joanna Catharine, of John and Margaret Spath,b. May 5, bapt. May 22,
           sponsors John and Joanna Catharine Wagner.
Schwartzman, Joseph, of Andrew and Charlotte Schwartzman, b. Sept. 30,
           baptized Oct. 1, sponsors Peter Eck (for his father Joseph Eck) and
           Catharine (wife of Joseph).
Summer, Mary Catharine, of John and Anna Margaret Summer, b. Sept. 29,
           baptized Oct. 13, sponsor Catharine Spengler.
Thompson, John, of John Thompson and Hannah Ryan, b. Apr. 21, baptized
           Jun. 7, sponsor Daniel Hely, witness Margaret M'Clean.
Treim, Mary Dorothy, of James and Elizabeth Treim, b. Aug. 4, bapt.  Aug. 16,
           sponsors Christopher and Mary Dorothy Tscharte.
Welch, John James, of Conrad and Elizabeth Catharine Welch, b. Nov.18,1766,            baptized conditionally June 18, sponsors  James Walter and Susanna
           Waibe, at Ringwood, N. J.
Welsh, James, of David and Mary Welsh, b. Jul. 8, 1760,bapt. Oct. 16,
           sponsor Sophia Dogherty.
Wilhelm, John, of Gerhard and Elizabeth Wilhelm, b. Feb. 2, bapt.
           Feb. 5, sponsors John Wilhelm and Catharine Gerstenberger.
Will, Margaret, of Philip and Elizabeth Will, b. Mar.17, baptized Apr. 19,
           sponsors John and Margaret Spath.
Zeigler, Anna Elizabeth Sarah, of Henry James and Mary Catharine Zeigler,
           b. July__, 1765, baptized Mar. 25, sponsor Regina Catharine Nagel,
           witness Anna Elizabeth Betsin.
Zeis, Mary Anna, of George and Eva Zeis, b. Sept. 19, baptized Sept. 27,
           sponsors Leonard and Mary Anna Lascher.





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