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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphi                  Register Of Baptisms For  1758 - 1773                                           St. Joseph's Church
_______,Flora, adult, baptized Jul. 1, sponsor Elizabeth, wife of Timothy Carroll ;
            slave of Timothy Carroll
_______,Mary, of______ and Rebecca , b. Sept. __, 1761,baptized Feb. 25, sponsors
            George and Catharine Coffa.
_______, Anna, of Hannah and ______ ,b. Feb. 3, baptized Feb. 10, sponsor Anna
            Fichtler, servant of James White.
_______,Timothy, 13 years old, baptized Feb. 18, sponsor Anna Fichtler, a slave
            (or servant) of James White.
Aman, John Adam, of Anthony and Sarah Aman, b. Dec. 8, 1767, baptized
            Apr. 3, sponsor John Adam Bremich.
Anderson, Margaret, of Charles and Joanna Anderson, b. June 12, baptized
            Jun. 23, sponsor Mary Berd [Baird?].
Becker, John, of Bartholomew and Elizabeth Becker, b. Dec. 4, baptized Dec. 6,
            sponsors John Becker and Elizabeth Lascher.
Bell, Elizabeth, adult, baptized Oct. 16.
Blum, Anthony, of Anthony and Barbara Blum, b. Nov. 14, baptized Nov. 19 ;
            the record seems to say that Catharine Weit was sponsor for Joseph
            Riihl, who was absent; near Philadelphia.
Bodar, William, of Anthony and Barbara Bodar, b. Mar. 5, baptized Mar. 13,
            sponsors William Dorff and Eleanor More.
Bordt, John, of Francis and Catharine Bordt, b. Feb. 27, baptized Apr. 14,
            sponsors John Ells and Anna Elizabeth Welker, at Ringwood, N.J.
Boyton, Anna Mary, of Daniel and Sarah Boyton, b. Sept.__, 1767, bap. Jun.18,                 sponsors Balthasar Gaps and Mary Weiseburger, at Reading Furnace,
            Chester Co., Pa.
Bremich, Joseph, of and Eva Bremich, b. Apr. 1, baptized Apr. 3, sponsors
            Joseph and Catharine Egg [Eck?].
Buch, Anna Elizabeth, of Joseph Buch and Hannah Ring, b. Oct. 22, baptized
            Nov. 23, sponsor Ann Elizabeth Bartman.
Burgeois, Mary Magdalen and Mary Eva (twins), of Claude and Catherine                         Burgeois, b. Jan. 18, baptized Jan. 19, sponsors George and Mary
            Magdalen Lechler for Mary Magdalen, Peter Heffner and Eva Lechler for             Mary Eva.
Burns, William, of and Margaret Burns, b. May 20, baptized May 23, sponsors
            Patrick Neave and Catharine Barry.
Caghagan, James, of Patrick and Sarah Caghagan, b. Dec. 24, 1767, baptized
            Aug. 24, sponsors Charles and Mary Quin.
Caspar, Christina, of Laurence and Margaret Caspar, b. Jun.15, bapt. June 19,
            sponsors Michael and Hannah Huber.
Christi, Mary, of Hugh and Catharine Christi, b. July 25, baptized Sept. 8,
            sponsors Dennis Sullivan and Mary Scantlin.
Cobole, John James, of John and Catharine Cobole, b. Oct. 9, bapt. Oct. 25,
            sponsors John Mayer and Mary Margaret Schwable, at Ringwood, N. J.
Conely, Anna, of Robert and Anna Conely, b. Feb. 19, baptized Mar. 6,  
            sponsors John Wallace and Eleanor Ruttler.
Conley, John, of Thomas and Mary Conley,b. Aug. 13,baptized Aug. 28,
            sponsors Daniel and Mary Hely.
Cullins,James, of William and Mary Cullins,b. Jul. 21, baptized Aug. 13,
            sponsors Edward Malloy and Catharine Fox.
Darmoty,Barnabas,of Edward and Esther Darmoty , b. May 10, 1767,  
            baptized Oct. 23, sponsors Patrick Burk and Mary Catharine Kramer.
Darmoty, Mary,of same parents , b. Jul. 21, 1765, baptized Oct. 23, sponsors
            Alexander McConaghy and Mary Elizabeth Halter,at Charlottenburg N. J.
Dealy, William, of Charles and Margaret Dealy, b. Aug. 16, baptized Sept. 22,
            sponsors Dennis Flood and Catharine Heiky.
Demuth, Matthew, of James and Anna Catharine Demuth, b. Sept. 29,baptized
            Oct. 23, sponsors Matthew Kramer and Juliana Miriam.
De Witter, Mary Catharine, of John and Anna Mary de Witter, b. Jan. 19,
            baptized Jan. 24, sponsors Joseph Kauffman and Catharine Spengler.
Dogan, George, of James and Sarah Dogan, b. Sept. 6, baptized Sept. 18,
            sponsor James Griffin, at Pikesland, Pa.
Dogherty, Mary, of Dennis and Margaret Dogherty, b. Sept. 22, baptized
            Sept. 25, sponsors Patrick Flanigan and Mary O'Hara.
Dunbar, Peter, of Peter Dunbar and Agnes Steling, b. Dec. 4, baptized
            December to, sponsors Joseph and Barbara Wurth.
Fichter, Joseph, of Philip and Mary Eva Fichter, b. Sept. 23, baptized Oct. 3,
            sponsors John and Anna Mary Feinauer.
Fitzsimmons, Thomas, of Michael and Mary Fitzsimrnons, b. Apr. 2, 1763,
            baptized Nov. 14, sponsor Patrick Kearnan.
Frederick, George Frederic, of Philip and Alice Frederick, b. Feb. 21, baptized
            Mar. 5, sponsor Peter Derry, Margaret Hely, witness.
Freund, Sebastian, of Stephen and Salome Freund, b. Aug. 6, baptized Aug. 9,
            sponsors Sebastian and Elizabeth Seibert.
Fruhwirth, John Adam, of John George and Catharine Fruhwirth, b. Jan. 14,
            baptized Jan. 21, sponsors Adam Goth and Catharine Spengler.
Gallagher, Anna, of John and Anna Gallagher, b. Dec. 13, baptized Dec. 31,
            sponsors William Gallagher and Mary Hair (for Mary Murphy), in
            Chester County, Pa.
Geiger, Catharine Margaret, of Henry and Barbara Geiger, b. Apr. 6, baptized
            Jun. 19, sponsors Adam and Margaret Geiger.
Gock, Adam, of Lawrence and Christina Gock, b. Aug. 26, baptized Sept. 29,
            sponsors Adam and Margaret Geiger.
Gock, John, of Adam and Mary Gock, b. Feb. 5, baptized Feb. 9, sponsors  John
            Fruhwirth and Catharine Spengler.
Graff, John, of Anthony and Barbara Graff, b. Sept. 1, bapt. Sept. 5, sponsors
            John Gatringer and Mary Ohara [O'Hara?].
Hall, Margaret, of Philip and Elizabeth Hall, b. Dec. 23, 1767, baptized Jan. 2,
            sponsors Joseph Feinauer and Margaret Egan.
Harrison, John Anthony, of Samuel and Mary Harrison, b. Oct. 15, baptized
            Oct. 26, sponsors John and Hannah Ettinger.
Haug, Joseph, of Simon and Magdalen Haug, b. Dec. 10, baptized Dec.18,
            sponsors Frederic and Elizabeth Graser
Hauck, Mary Catharine, of Anthony and Mary Hauck, b. July 6, 1767, baptized
            June 24, sponsors Joseph and Anna Mary Feinauer.
Haug, Mary Margaret, of George and Margaret Haug, b. Feb. 7, baptized
            Mar. 24, sponsors George Ernest and Mary Magdalen Lechler.
Haug, William, of John and Catharine Haug,b. Apr. 24, bapt. May 1, sponsors
            William and Catharine Buttler.
Hegner, Catharine, of John and Anna Hegner, b. Sept. 19, 1767, bapt. Apr. 3,
            sponsor John Mayer, witness Gertrude (his wife). 
Hoffman, Sebastian, of John and Christina Hoffman, baptized Sept. 2, sponsor
            Sebastian Kehl, by Father Robert Harding.
Homes, James, of Emmanuel and Mary Magdalen Homes, b. Nov. 20, baptized
            Nov. 22, sponsors Simon and Mary Magdalen Haug.
Hunecker, Elizabeth, of Mark and Anna Hunecker,b. Nov. 22, baptized Nov. 22,             sponsor Catharine Eck, near Philadelphia.
Hussy, Margaret, of William and Eleanor Hussy, b. Mar. 4, baptized Mar. 11,
            sponsors Patrick Flanigan and Elizabeth Carroll.
Joyce, Anna, of Patrick and Anna Joyce, b. Feb. 4, baptized Feb. 26, sponsors
            David and Margaret Glancey.
Kelly, Archibald, of and Anna Kelly, b. May 17, baptized Jun. 25, sponsor
            Margaret Carty.
Kidd, Anna,of John and Susanna Kidd , b. Apr. 30, 1765, baptized Feb. 21,
            sponsors Francis Sohl and Eleanor Karker, at Pikesland, Chester Co., Pa.
Kidd, Francis, of same parents, b. Aug. 31,1767, baptized Feb. 21, sponsors
            Francis Richard Smith and Apollonia Sohl.
Klein, James, of James and Elizabeth Klein,b. Mar. 6, bapt. Mar. 13, sponsors
            Michael and Margaret Sauerwald.
Krapf, James, of Peter and Claudina Krapf, b. May 21,bapt.Sept. 8, sponsor
            James le Compte.
Lawless, John, of Martin and Mary Lawless, b. May 29, baptized Oct. 26,
            sponsor Catharine Elizabeth Call, Michael Schneider witness.
Lenox, David, of John and Margaret Lenox, b. Jan. 22, baptized Jan. 29,sponsors             Patrick and Margaret Rush.
Macarty, Anna, of and Margaret Macarty, b. Apr.18,baptized Apr. 24, sponsor
            Hannah Ryan.
Magill, James, of John and Catharine Magill,b. Apr. 21,baptized May 2;  had
            been baptized privately.
Magill, Marchery [Margery?], of James and Joanna Magill, b. Sept. 5, baptized
            Sept. 29, sponsors John Linton and Catharine Kelty.
Makay, Anna, of William and Catharine Makay, b. Sept. 30, baptized Oct. 2,
            sponsor Catharine McDonald.
Mather, Anna Mary, of Peter and Anna Mather, b. Sept. 30, baptized Oct. 16,
            sponsor Peter Jones, Margaret Duffy witness.
Mayer, Gertrude, of Isidore  and Gertrude Mayer, b. Sept. 5, baptized Sept. 8,
            sponsors Peter (for John) Hegner and Ann Elizabeth Barthman.
McCullough, Duncan, adult, baptized Feb. 6, conditionally.
McCaffrey, (Phila?), of Edward and Sarah McCaffrey,b. Feb. 23, bapt. April 2,
            sponsors Philip and Margaret Campel [Campbell?].
McCann, Benjamin, of John and Margaret McCann, b. Jul. 29, baptized Nov. 6,
            sponsors Arthur John O'Neii and Elizabeth Blood, at Concord, Delaware,
McHughin, Anna, of John and Martha McHughin [McCuen?], b. Jan. 10,
            baptized Jun. 19, sponsors Arthur McHollin and Mary Roberts.
Mentzenbach,Charles Michael, of Nicholas and Helen Mentzenbach, b. Feb. 28,             baptized Apr. 16, sponsor John Mayer.
Metzgar, Christina Catharine, of John and Cecilia Metzgar, b. Feb. 28,1766,
            baptized conditionally Apr. 28, sponsor Catharine Hoffner.
Metzgar,Joseph, of John and Cecilia Metzgar,b. Jun.30, baptized Jun. 31,
            sponsors John and Anna Mary Ruh.
Mignati, Dorothy Elizabeth, of Daniel and Mary Mignati, b. Jan. 6, baptized
            Jan. 10, sponsor Peter Caputh, Dorothy, his wife, witness.
Migno,John, of Charles and Pelagia Migno,b. Oct. 16, baptized Oct. 16,    
            sponsors John la Viola and Anna Blanchart.
Miller, Catharine, baptized conditionally Jun. 24 ; servant [or slave] of
            Tobias Rudolph.
Miller, John and William (twins), of William and Helen Miller, b. Apr. 12,
            baptized April 24, sponsors Catharine Fox and Elizabeth Graf.
Morrison, Mary, of Philip and Elizabeth Morrison, b. Feb.18, baptized Feb. 28,
            sponsors Patrick Neave and Margaret Nihil [Niel?].
Nagel, Mary Barbara, of George and Mary Nagel, b. Jan. 3, baptized Jan. 6,
            sponsors Francis Joseph and Mary Barbara Hirt.
Neal, William, of William Neal and Catharine Grafford, b. Jun. 1, baptized
            Jun. 25, sponsor Helen Karn.
O'Brien, Sarah,of same parents , b. January 14, 1767, baptized Dec. 9, sponsor
            Catharine Fox.
O'Brien, Henry,of Dennis and Frances O'Brien , b. Aug. 8, baptized Dec. 9,                       sponsor Catharine Fox.
Otto,Charles Joseph,of James and Mary Ann Otto,b. Aug. 21, bapt. August 25,
            sponsors Charles and Catharine Schmid.
Pfaltzer, Anthony Louis, of Eugene and Susanna Pfaltzer, b.  Sept. 27, 
            bapt. Oct. 25, sponsors Anthony May and Anna Catharine Elizabeth Call,             Louis Texheimer witness.
Philips,John, of John and Elizabeth Philips, b. Oct. 20, bapt. Oct. 30, sponsors
            John and Catharine Lederman.
Proc, James, of Nicholas and Flora Proc, b. Oct. 15, baptized Dec.11, sponsor
            Flora, a slave of Timothy Carroll, slaves.
Reinolds, Sarah, of Brod (?) Reinolds and Catharine Coghlin, b. Jul. 3, baptized
            Aug. 13, sponsor Anna Kelty
Reynolds, John, of John and Margaret Reynolds, b. Nov. 14, baptized Dec. 12,
            sponsors Charles Ganderin (represented by the priest) and Winifred
            Theresa David.
Rerig, Stephen, of and Sophia Louisa Rerig, b. Nov. 18, baptized Nov. 23,
            sponsor Stephen Forage.
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