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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia                   Register Of Baptisms For  1758 - 1773                                           St. Joseph's Church
                                                            1768 cont.
Sauerwald, John Patrick, of John and Magdalen Sauerwald, b. Dec.17, baptized
          Dec. 22, sponsors Patrick Travers and Anna Fichtler.
Schad, Mary Agnes, of Peter and Mary Elizabeth Schad, b. Oct. 22, baptized 
          Dec. 26, sponsors John and Mary Agnes Heisser.
Scheimer, Mary Magdalen,of Frederic and Mary Magdalen Scheimer, b. Mar. 25,           baptized May 29, sponsor Patrick McFall, witness Elizabeth Bamberger,
          at Pikesland. Pa.
Schneider, Mary Catharine, of Burchard and Catharine Schneider, b. Apr. 7,
          baptized Jun. 18, sponsors John Henry Kuentz and Mary Weiseburger,
          near the same place.
Schnell, Stephen, of Francis and Mary Ann Schnell, b. Sept. 11, baptized 
          conditionally Nov. 2, sponsors Stephen Felix and Elizabeth Probst.
Scholtzer, Elizabeth, of Martin and Susanna Scholtzer, b. Jan.19, baptized 
          conditionally Oct. 23 ; had been bapt. by Nicholas Stalter, an intelligent
          man,his wife being witness, living at Charlottenburg,N. J.
Schreiner, Elizabeth, of Henry and Sarah Schreinet, b. Dec. 7, baptized Dec. 11,
          sponsors James and Elizabeth Trimm.
 Schwerber, Susanna Catharine, of William and Ottilia Schwerber, b. Feb. 11,
          baptized Feb. 16, sponsors Christopher and Catharine Viel ; in the vicinity
          of Philadelphia.
Stalter, Mary Elizabeth, of Nicholas and Elizabeth Stalter, b. Feb. 23, baptized
          Oct. 27, sponsor John Mayer; had been baptized privately at                                     Charlottenberg, in New Jersey.
Stehling, Anna Barbara, of John and Mary Magdalen Stehling, b. Mar. 21,                         baptized Mar. 23, sponsors Joseph and Barbara Wirth.
Stephenson, Anna, of Stephenson and Mary McClean, b. Sept. 11baptized
          Sept. 22, sponsor Catharine Heiky.
Sullivan, Catharine, of Dennis and Catharine Sullivan, b. Apr. 17, 1767,  bapt.
          Apr. 17, sponsors Joseph Wingart and Anna Margaret Reider.
Thurnbach, Margaret, of Christian and Susanna Catharine Thurnbach,
          b. Dec. 16, 1767, baptized Mar. 20, sponsors Adam and Margaret Geiger, at           Adam Geiger's, N. J.
Tussy, Mary, of John and Joanna Tussy, born Mar. 15, 1762, baptized Oct. 16,
          sponsor Mary Haselwood.
Ummerzetter, Regina Catharine, of Conrad and Anna Margaret Ummerzetter,
          b. Oct. 30, 1767, baptized Jan. 17, sponsors Jacob and Regina Nagel.
Veil, Anna Ursula, of Nicholas and Sophia Veil, b. Aug. 30, baptized Sept. 2,
           sponsors Charles and Catharine Schmid.
Veil, Charles Joseph, of Rudolph and Susanna Sibylla Veil, b. Apr.19, baptized
          Apr. 26, sponsors Charles and Catharine Schmid.
Vincent, Cecilia, of Peter and Genevieve Vincent, b. May 26, baptized May 26,
          sponsors Eustace Daniel and Anna Cierene (?) Vincent.
Waas, Mary,of Sebastian and Anna Mary Waas,b. Apr.6,1767, baptized July 3,
           sponsors Francis and Mary Agatha Senner.
Watts, James, of Samuel and Mary Watts, b. Apr. 27, baptized May 10, sponsors
           John Farren and Elizabeth Pierce.
Watts, James, of Samuel and Mary Watts, b. Apr. 27, baptized May 10, sponsors
           John Farren and Elizabeth Pierce.
West, Catharine, of and Elizabeth West, b. Apr. 12, baptized Apr. 24 sponsor
          Eleanor Hanlon.
Wohlleben, Mary Sophia, of John and Catharine Wohlleben, b. Oct. 20, baptized           Oct. 25, sponsors John James and Mary Susanna Walter, Mary Sophia
          Schneider witness.
Wood, Henry, of Patrick and Margaret Wood, b. Sept. 25, baptized Oct. 4,
           sponsors Joseph and Barbara Wurth.
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