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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia                     Register Of Baptisms  1758 - 1773                                                  St. Joseph's Church
_______,Thomas, of and Hannah , b. Nov. 9, baptized Dec. 12, sponsor Anna
           Fichtel; the mother was a slave of James White.
_______,Hannah, of Philip and Catharine ______ , b. Apr. 3, baptized Apr. 23,
           sponsors John and Eva Hoeffner.
Bachman,Mary Barbara,of Martin and Anna Barbara Bachman, b. Apr.6,
           baptized Apr. 15,sponsors Nicholas Jungfleisch and Barbara Her(?), at
           Charlottenburg, N. J.
Barrett, George, adult and servant, baptized May 11, his wife acted as
Bauer, John Leonard, of George and Christina Bauer, b. Feb. 24, baptized
           June 3, sponsors Leonard and Mary Ann Lascher.
Bell, Mary, of Alexander and Mary Bell, adult, baptized Dec. 1, sponsor 
           Anna Kling.
Bird,Margaret, of Jonathan and Mary Bird, b. Dec. 10, 1768, baptized  Jan. 3,
           sponsors Thomas and Anna King.
Bradford, Mary, of Thomas  and Anna Bradford, b. Dec. 5, baptized Mar. 17,
           sponsor Catharine Fox.
Bridy, Edward, of John and Dorothy Bridy, b. Nov. 15, 1768, baptized  Jan. 12,
           sponsor Elizabeth Murray.
Brown, Margaret, of Brown and Margaret Harris, b. abt. Aug., 1768, baptized
           Mar. 11, sponsor Catharine Fox.
Burns, Catharine, of Edward and Elizabeth Burns, b. Jan. 25, baptized Jan. 27,
           sponsors Peter Gallagher and Agnes Arnold.
Cahill, John, of John and Catharine Cahill, b. Dec. 28, 1768, baptized Jan. 15,
           sponsors Thomas Badge and Margaret Vealan.
Caldwell, Daniel, of Patrick and Caldwell, b. 176__, baptized Nov. 14, sponsor
           Dennis Fowlon.
Campbell, Rosina, of C_____ and Barbara Campbell, b. Mar. 21,1768, baptized
           May 18, sponsors John Harkins and Catharine Tolly.
Cassin, Dennis, of Joseph and Elizabeth Cassin,b. Feb. 30, bapt. Mar.1,sponsors            John Maloney and Elizabeth Cassin.
Caugemy (?), Peter Caspar, of Peter and Dorothy Caugemy (?), b. Mar. 22, bapt.
           Mar. 26, sponsors Caspar and Elizabeth Hayle.
Christman, Mary Catharin, of Francis and Mary Elizabeth Christman,b. Nov. 12,            baptized Dec. 17, sponsors Charles and Mary Catharine Christman.
Crowley,Eleanor,of David and Mary Crowley, b. Mar. 6, baptized Nov. 12,
           sponsors Christopher Fitzpatrick and Anna Christi [Christy?].
Davis, Susanna, of Edward Davis and Anna Donohi,b. Mar. 11,baptized Mar. 26,            sponsors S_______ Riddle and Anna Power.
Donaughey, John, of Cormack and Elizabeth Donaughey, b. May 6, baptized
           June 4, sponsors John Robinson and Margaret Harkins.
Doyle, George, of James and Mary Christina Doyle, b. Jan. 29, baptized Feb. 4,
           sponsors Peter and Anna Mary Weister.
Ernstdorf, Barbara, of Henry  and Elizabeth Ernstdorf,b. Mar. 8, baptized      
           Mar. 21, sponsors Henry and Barbara Geiger.
Ettinger, Ann Elizabeth, of John  and Hannah Ettinger, b. Mar. 27, baptized
           Apr. 16, sponsors John and Elizabeth Ditz.
Finey, Susanna, of John and Mary Finey, baptized Apr. 30, sponsor Cormack
Flemming, John, of Thomas and Mary Flemming, b. Mar. 22, baptized March 26,            sponsor Elizabeth M—ey (?).
Franks, Catharine, of Samuel and Elizabeth Franks, b. Jan. 23, baptized Mar.11,            sponsor Catharine Fox.
Gilgare, John, of George and Prudence Gilgare, b. Apr. 4, baptized May 7,
           sponsors Michael and Joanna Robinson.
Glancy, Thomas and William (twins), of William and Elizabeth Glancy,
           b. Nov. 1, 1768, baptized Mar.19, sponsors Eleanor Conor (for William)
           and Mary Langley (for Thomas).
Gock,Anna Christina,of Adam and Mary Gock,b. Oct. 30, baptized Nov. 5,      
           sponsors Paul and Christina Essling.
Gleason, Mary, of Robert and Joanna Gleason, b. Jan. 12, 1766, baptized 
           Dec. 25, sponsors John Hardnut and Hannah Hampton.
Griffin,Eleanor,of James and Elizabeth Griffin, b. Apr. 9, baptized Apr. 30,
           sponsors James Hickey and Magdalen Hanley.
Griffin, James, of Thomas and Joanna Griffin, b. Feb. 1, baptized Feb. 19,
           sponsors James Hickey and Eleanor Karker.
Harkins, Rosa, of William and Eleanor Harkins, b. Mar. 19, baptized Mar. 26,
           sponsor Joanna Nicols, witness John Madden.
Harvey, James, of James and Hannah Harvey, b. Mar. 12, bapt. Jun. 4, sponsors
           Owen and Susanna Glancy.
Hedinger, Mary Margaret, of John and Magdalen Hedinger, b. Apr. 2, baptized
           May 4, sponsor Margaret Butz.
Herts, Joseph, of John and Barbara Herts, b. Apr. 14, baptized Apr.18, sponsor
           Joseph Rubel, by Rev. Luke Geisler.
Hofmer, Mary Magdalen, of Peter and E______ HofTner, baptized Jun. 11,
           sponsors Michael and Margaret Sauerwald.
Holt, Sampson, of Abel and Mary Holt, b. Feb. 8, baptized Nov. 6, sponsors
           William Gallagher and Mary Farrell.
Holtzhauser, Theodore, of Theodore and Christina Holtzhauser, 
           b. Apr. —, baptized Apr. 16, sponsors William Dorff and Catharine Hon—
Hueber, Laurence, of Michael and Hannah Hueber, b. Oct. 13, 1765, baptized
           Mar. 19, sponsors Laurence and Christina Gock, at Pilesgrove, Salem Co.,
           New Jersey.
Hughson, Alice, of Thomas and Catharine Hughson, b. Nov.17, baptized
           December 24, sponsor Elizabeth Gross.
Kessler, Anna Mary, of Andrew and Catharine Kessler, b. Sept. 24, baptized
           Nov. 28, sponsor Frederica Catharine Schalus, while returning home.
Lariole, Mary, of John and Anna Lariole, b. Dec. 30, baptized Dec. 30, sponsors
           Emanuel and Mary Ohms.
Linn, Bridget, of George and Loeta Linn, b. Mar. 17, 176S, baptized May 15,
           sponsor Mary Holland.
Lynch, Catharine, of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Lynch, b. Apr. 10, baptized Apr. 23,            sponsors Michael Ryan and Catharine Readall.
Maddon, Mary, of John and Elizabeth Maddon, b. Dec. 25, baptized Dec. 31,
           sponsors Matthew and Mary Gatringer.
Magill, Bridget, of John and Catharine Magill,b. Oct. 15,baptized Nov. 16,
           sponsors Patrick McLaughlin and Joanna Magill, at N. J.
Maglaghlin, James, of James and Mary Maglaghlin, b.  Mar.11, baptized Mar.11,
           sponsor Catharine Fox.
Mahan, John, of Jeremiah and Judith Mahan, b. May 11, baptized Jun. 4, 
           sponsors James Robinson and Sarah Gromley.
Mannin, Joseph, of and Catharine Mannin, b. Oct. 14, baptized Nov. 5, sponsor
           Bridget Archdeacon.
Mannin,Walter,of Peter and Eleanor Mannin,b. May 24, bapt. May 29, sponsors
           James White and _________Malony.
Mignot, Francis, of Daniel and Mary Mignot, b. Nov. 6, baptized Dec. 17, 
           sponsor Francis Vollin.
Miller, Anna Mary, of Matthew and Anna Mary Miller, b. Aug. 6,1765, baptized
           Mar. 19, sponsors Laurence and Margaret Caspar.
Miller, Antony, of John and Eva Miller, b. Nov. 22, baptized Dec. 26, sponsors
           Anthony GrafT and Elizabeth Hegner.
Morrey, John, of Patrick and Margaret Morrey, b. July 21,1768, baptized
           Mar. 22, sponsors James and Catharine McCormic.
O'Donel, Mary Catharine, of Hugh and Rosa O'Donel, b. Jan. 27, baptized Feb. 2,
           sponsors Anthony Graffand Catharine Spengler.
O'Neill, Hannah, of Arthur and Mary O'Neill, b. Nov. 6, baptized Dec. 3,                            sponsors  John Davelin and Elizabeth Blood, in Concord, Pa.
Ottenauer,Regina Catharine,of Henry and Elizabeth Ottenauer, b. Jan. 14,                      baptized Feb. 28, sponsors Anthony Reniger and Regina Catharine Nagel.
Purcel, Eleanor, of and Elizabeth Purcel, b. Nov. 27,1768, baptized Feb. 4,
           sponsor Eleanor Brunnen, Robert Taylor witness.
Pulfred, Joseph, of Thomas and Pulfred, baptized April 29.
Reading, Joseph, of John and Margaret Reading,b. Feb.__, bapt. Apr. 1, sponsors            Henry Hughes and Catharine Foh—(?).
Rediger, John, of Anthony and Mary Anna Rediger, b. Dec. 26, baptized Dec. 27,
           sponsors John and Margaret Rediger.
Reichart, Anna Mary, of Joseph and Mary Apollonia Reichart, b. July 4, baptized            December 27, sponsors John and Gertrude Stanton.
Reichart, John, of same parents, b. Oct. 14, baptized Dec. 27, same sponsors.
Reichman, Anna Mary Magdalen, of John and Mary Reichman, b. Jul. 22,
           baptized Nov. 29, sponsors Matthew and Joanna Benner.
Reichman, Anna Mary Elizabeth, of same parents, b. Apr. 20, baptized Nov. 29,
           sponsors Martin Benner and Elizabeth Brown.
Rischer, William, of_________ and Mary Rischer,b. Feb. 15, baptized Mar. 6,
           sponsor Catharine Fox.
Ryan, Deborah, of Thomas and Catharine Ryan,b. Dec. 17, 1768, bapt. Jan. 2,
           sponsors Thomas States and Deborah Patton, in Chester County, Pa.
Sauerwald, Margaret, of Michael and Margaret Sauerwald, b. Apr. 8, baptized
           May 8, sponsors Anthony and Barbara Graff.
Shiney, Catharine, of Laurence and Mary Magdalen Shiney, b. Apr. 30, baptized
           May 3, sponsors Anthony and Barbara Graff.
Schott, John Peter, of Philip and Mary Catharine Schott, b. Dec. 6, 1768,
           baptized Apr. 15, sponsors Peter Walker and Ann Eva Jungfieisch.
 Schreiner, Elizabeth, of Cornelius and Elizabeth Schreiner, b. Feb. 3, baptized
           Feb. 4, sponsors Lothaire and Elizabeth Rischart.
Sener, John, of Francis and Mary Sener, b. Jan. 1, baptized Jan.4, sponsor John
           Rudolph, Mary Margaret Rudolph witness.
Spath, John, of John and Margaret Spath, b. May 14, baptized May 21, sponsors            John and Catharine Wagner.
Strack, Henry Philip, of William and Ann Elizabeth Strack,b. Dec.29,1768,    
           baptized Apr. 16, sponsors Philip and Ann Elizabeth Fichter, at 
           Ringwood, N. J.
Tattles, Elizabeth, of _____Tattles and Anna ______, b. Aug. 1,1768, baptized                        Apr. 1, sponsor Ottilia Schweiberin, by Father Luke Geisler.
Tims,Eleanor,of Henry and Anna Tims,b. Mar.15, baptized Apr. 30, sponsors
           Patrick McFalls and Catharine McDonald,at Pikesland, Pennsylvania.
Tscharte, John Adam, of Christopher and Mary Dorothy Tscharte, b. Oct. 25,
           baptized Nov._ 5, sponsors Adam and Mary Poth.
Walter, James, of James and Francis Walter, b. Nov. 20, 1768, baptized Apr. 30,
           sponsors James and Anna Mary Weisenburger.
Wertmayer, Ann Eva, of John and Ottillia Wertmayer, b. Feb. 23,  bapt. Feb. 27,
           sponsors John and Eva Miller.
Zeis, Anna Margaret, of George and Eva Zeis, b. May 30, baptized Jun. 4,
           sponsor Anna Margaret Wolf.
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