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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia                       Register Of Baptisms  1758 - 1773                                                St. Joseph's Church
_______,Mary, baptized conditionally Oct. 22, sponsor Catharine Keasy; was
           the wife of Patrick Gallagher.
_______,Martha, of Sebastian and Anna Mary, b. Aug. 27, baptized Oct. 10,
           sponsors Philip Branon and Martha McHenry.
_______,Ruth, of Sylvester and Margaret ______ , b. Mar. 5, baptized Apr. 1,
           sponsor Deborah Sutton; were servants or slaves of  Thomas Wilcox.
_______, Caesar, servant of Thomas Wilcox, adult, baptized Jan.10, sponsor
            Mark Wilcox, in Chester Co., Pa.
Aigan [Egan?], Mary, of John and Margaret Aigan [Egan?], b. Dec.11,1769,
           baptised Jan. 1, sponsors Nicholas Bernard and Mary Gatringer.
Anderson, Hugh, of Charles and Joanna Anderson, b. Oct. 27, bapt. Oct. 30,
           sponsor Bridget Fraser.
Aussom, Henry, of John and Ann Elizabeth Aussom, b. Oct. 4, 1769, baptized
           conditionally, May 1, sponsors William Butz and Catharine Walke, at
           Ringwood, N. J.
Babin, John Baptist, of Simon and Anna (Trahan) Babin, b. Feb. 6, baptized
           conditionally, Feb. 8, sponsors Francis Vallin and Margaret Trahan.
[Badge?], Frances, baptized conditionally, April 22.
Barry, Elizabeth, of David and Mary Barry, b. Jul. 3, baptized Dec. 30, 
           sponsors John and Nickel.
Barry, Margaret, of Edmund and Eleanor Barry, b. July 11,1769, baptized                    Sept. 29, sponsors Nicholas and Catharine Tuit.
Bray, Mary Anna, of John and Judith Bray, b. Jul. 18, baptized Jul. 22, 
           sponsors Dennis Foulon and Margaret Morrey.
Bray, William, of George and Susanna Bray, b. Jan. 2, baptized Jan.18,
           sponsors Joseph Cassin and Elizabeth Caroll.
Bray, Sarah and Susanna, of same parents, adults, baptized Jan. 18, same
Brown, George, of John and Mary Brown, b. Nov.__, 1765, baptized Apr. 29,
           sponsors William Fitzgerald and Catharine Fowler, at Charlottenberg              New Jersey.
Bussy, Judith, of Moses and Elizabeth Catharine Bussy, b. Apr. 30, baptized
           May 6, sponsors John Lehey and Eleanor Noonan.
Butz, Anthony James, of Christian and Catharine  Butz, b. Nov. 20, baptized
           Nov. 25, sponsors Anthony Schumers and Barbara Bachman.
Butz, John Joseph, of William and Mary Magdalen Butz, b. May 6, baptized
           Nov. 18, sponsors John Mayer and Anna Catharine Cobole.
Call, Mary Eva, of John Nicholas and Anna Margaret Call, b. Aug. 3, baptized
           Nov. 19, sponsors Philip and Eva Fichter.
Campbel, Elizabeth, of James and Elizabeth Campbel, 8 years old, baptized              July 6, sponsor Sarah Tims.
Campbell, Sarah, of James and Elizabeth Campbell, adult, baptized 
           conditionally, Mar. 13, sponsor Sarah Tims.
Caspar, Adam, of Lawrence and Margaret Caspar, b. Feb. 8, baptized     
           May 24, sponsors Adam and Margaret Geiger.
Christy, Catharine, of Martin and Hannah Christy, b. May 3, baptized
           May 6, sponsors Andrew McClone and Mary Finney.
[Cloverin ?], Mary, adult, baptized June 7, sponsor Mary Queen.
Cobole, Anna Barbara, of Daniel and Mary Ann Cobole, b. Sept. 5, baptized
           Nov. 21, sponsors Bartholomew Cobole and Catharine  Welker.
Colaghan, John, of John Colaghan and Ann Murphy, b. Feb. 3, baptized
           Mar. 12, sponsor Sarah Tims.
Connelly, John, of Laurence Connelly and Anna Roanny, b. Mar. 10, baptized            Mar. 31, sponsors Thomas and Catharine Ryan, in  Chester Co., Pa.
Conrad, Henry Frederic, of Nicholas and Mary Conrad, b. Nov. 3, baptized
           Nov. 19.
Dartoit, Anna, of Bonaventure and Venanda Dartoit, b. May 18, baptized                  May 20, sponsors Peter Savoy, Jr., and Anna Brau.
Dionellos, Airis [?], of Alvaro and Susanna Dionellos, b. Oct. 22, baptized
            Dec. 23, sponsors Alfred and Frances Clifton.
Essling, John George, of Peter and Mary Essling, b. Jan. 20, baptized  Jan. 30,
           sponsor Ann Mary Gross.
Faris,John and Eleanor(twins),of Bernard and Hannah Faris,b. Apr. 15,  
           bapt. May 7, sponsor Patrick Lanagan.
Farron, Catharine, of Thomas and Dorothy Mary Farron, b. Oct. 24, baptized
           Dec. 10, sponsors Andrew and Catharine Kessler.
Forest, Robert, of James and Margaret Forest, b. Oct. 25, baptized Nov. 11,
           sponsors Michael Green and Margaret Veal.
Fullon,Patrick, of Daniel and Mary Fullon,b. May 11, bapt. May 27, sponsors
           Dennis Sullivan and Eleanor Green.
Garrety, Catharine, of Richard and Anna Garrety, b. May 1, bapt. May 27,
           sponsors Bernard Faris and Anna Land.
Gock, Matthew, of Laurence and Christina Gock, b. Sept. 27, bapt. Nov. 1,
           sponsors Matthew and Anna Mary Miller.
Graff, Catharine, of Anthony and Barbara Graff, b. Jan. 29, baptized Jan. 31,
            sponsors Timothy Caroll and Mary O'Haia (for Catharine Spengler).
Griffin, Mary, of Thomas and Joanna Griffin, b. Jun. 27, baptized Aug. 19,
           sponsors Patrick McFall and Hickey, at Pikesland, Chester Co., Pa.
Hall, Elizabeth, of Dennis and Frances Hall, b. Dec. 31, 1769, baptized
           conditionally, Jan. 5.
Harrison, Mary, of Lancelot and Joanna Harrison, b. Sept. 25, bapt. Nov. 4,
           sponsors William Nunan and Margaret Kallahan.
Harvey, Susanna, of Job and Elizabeth Harvey, 13 years old, baptized July 9,
           sponsor the priest, in default of any one else.
Hayes, Anna, wife of John Hayes, baptized Nov. 9, sponsor Anna Glingham.
Hayle, Elizabeth, of Caspar and Elizabeth Hayle, b. Dec. 4, baptized Dec. 6,
           sponsors James and Elizabeth Klein.
Haynes, John, of Philip and Elizabeth Haynes, b. Jun. 25, baptized July 21,
           sponsor Anna Hethorn (Kelty).
Hedingder, Mary Magdalen, of John and Mary Magdalen Hedingder,
           b. Aug. 26, baptized Aug. 31, sponsors George Ernest and Mary
           Magdalen Lechler.
Hethorn, Daniel, of Archibald and Anna Hethorn, b. Jul. 18, baptized Jul. 21,
           sponsor Elizabeth Haynes.
Honig, Mary Magdalen, of Jacob and Catharine Honig, b. Feb. 14, baptized
           Feb. 25, sponsors George Kohl and Catharine Grieser, at Haycock,
           Bucks Co., Pa.
Hewson, Anna Elizabeth, of John and Elizabeth Hewson, b. Jun. 19, baptized
           Jun. 24, sponsors Nicholas Cappel and Anna Hewson.
Hoy, Mary, of John and Catharine Hoy, b. Aug. 17, 1768, baptized Apr. 13,
           sponsors John Scot and Mary Barbara Harmon.
Kagan, Rachael, of Brian and Susanna Kagan, adult, baptized Jun. 28,
           sponsors John and Rebecca Connelly.
Kean, Anna Eva, of William and Eleanor Kean, b. June —, baptized Nov. 22,
           sponsors James Brown and Eva Jungfleisch.
Kean, Margaret,of Francis and Eleanor Kean , b. Jan. 11,1761, baptized                        Sept. 30, sponsors James Griffin and Sarah Sohl.
Kean, Thomas,of same parents , b. Oct. 26, 1758, baptized Sept. 30, sponsors            Francis and Apollonia Sohl, at Pikesland,Pa.
Kean, Mary, of Francis and Bridget Kean, b. June 25, bapt. privately, July 8.
Keanan, John, of Robert and Martha Keanan, b. Oct. 28, baptized Oct. 29,
           sponsor Mary Kennedy.
Keanan, William, of John and Elizabeth Keanan, b. abt 1766, baptized Aug. 8,            sponsors Patrick and Elizabeth Keanan, witnesses David Barry and
           Thomas Flemming.
Keas, James, of James and Sarah Keas, b. Mar. 24, 1767, baptized Feb. 9,
           conditionally .
Keas, Thomas, of same parents, b. May 5, 1769, baptized Feb. 9.
Kehl, John Christopher, of Sebastian and Catharine Kehl, b. Jan. 27, bapt.
           Feb. 4, sponsors Christopher and Mary Dorothy Tscharte.
Landry, Margaret, of Anthony Landry and Barbara Leblanc, b. Oct. 29,    
           baptized October 29,sponsors Charles Braw and Margaret Bijan.
Leblanc, Isabel Josephine,of Daniel and Margaret (Babin) Leblanc, b. Mar 11,            baptized Mar. 11, sponsors Charles Leblanc and Josephine Deroit.
Leblanc, Susanna, of Henry and Mary Leblanc, b. Dec. 10, 1769, baptized
           Jan. 14, sponsors John Lehy and Anna Leblanc.
Lechler, John, of Anthony and Catharine Lechler, b. Dec. 22, baptized 
           Dec. 26, sponsors John Lipp and Magdalen Mayer.
Lederman, Mary Elizabeth, of John and Mary Catharine Lederman, 
           b. Jun. 27, baptized Jul. 8, sponsors John and Mary Elizabeth Philips.
Levy, Hannah, of Daniel Levy and Eleanor Fitzgerald, b. Mar. 5, baptized
           Mar 25, sponsors Michael Dorey and Elizabeth Burns.
Lewis, Mary, of Manuel and Margaret Lewis, b. Sept. 30, baptized Oct. 21,
           sponsors Anthony Martin and Mary Homes.
Lynch, Thomas, of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Lynch, b. Dec. 21, baptized 
           Dec. 30, sponsors John Brunan and Mary McCan.
Macarty, John, of John and Mary Macarty, b. Aug. 16, bapt. Oct. 18, sponsors
            James Lecomte and Anna Bijan.
Mahaney, Daniel, of Jeremiah Mahaney and Judith Fitzsimons, b. Aug. 11,
           baptized Aug. 16, sponsor Eleanor Doyle.
McFall, Margaret, of Patrick McFall and Elizabeth Bamberger, b. Jul. 5,                        baptized Oct. 1, sponsor Frederic Scheimer, his wife witness.
McHughin, Mary, of John and Martha McHughin, b. Apr. 9, baptized May 24,
           sponsors James Bennet and Margaret Deleany, at Pilesgrove,
           Salem Co., N. J.
McLaughlin, William, of John and Margaret McLaughlin, b. Aug. 5, baptized
           Aug. 13, sponsors Matthew Felding and Leah Jones.
Mignot, Mary Josephine, of Charles and Pelagia (Galerm) Mignot, b. July 3,
           baptized July 3, sponsors Bonaventure Dartoit and Anna O'Kain                        (Kandry).
Mitchell, Rachel, adult, baptized Nov. 10, sponsor Christina Mullabi.
Miller, Laurence, of Matthew and Anna Mary Miller,b. Oct. 2, bapt. Nov. 1,                sponsors Laurence and Christina Gock.
Montgomery, Deborah, of John  and Mary Montgomery, b. Mar. 3, baptized
            July 1, sponsors Mark Wilcox and Deborah Sutton, at Concord, Pa.
Muney, [Mooney?] Mary, of Neal and Mary Muney, b. Jan. 17, bapt. Oct. 26,
            sponsors John Lery and Dorothy Connor.
Murphy, Martin, of Richard and Mary Murphy, b. Nov. 15, baptized Nov. 18,
            sponsor Mary Susanna Walter, witness John Folk.
Musson, Sarah, infant, baptized privately August 12.
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