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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia                Register Of Baptisms For  1758 - 1773                                           St. Joseph's Church
________,Andrew, b. March —, baptized Jul. 13, sponsor Anna Kelty 
             (the child's nurse).
________,Charlotte, b. abt Jan. 10, baptized May 1, sponsor Mary Heart.
________,Josue, about 10 years old,baptized privately and conditionally 
             at point of death.
________,Margaret, adult negro, baptized Apr. 22, sponsor Anna , a negro,
             and formerly a slave of N. Meredith (Catholic).
________,Mary, of Nicholas and Flora (negroes), b. Jun. 9, baptized Jul. 21, 
             sponsor Flora (a slave of Timothy Carroll).
Agan [Egan?], John, of William and Eleanor Agan [Egan?], b. Mar. 11, 
             baptized November 10, sponsors Peter Agen and Margaret Agen.
Albrecht, John Adam, of James and Anna Mary Albrecht, b. Jan.13, baptized
             Jan. 14, sponsors Adam and Mary Gock.
Alderman, Peter, of Peter and Mary Alderman, b. Mar. 22, baptized Apr. 21,
             sponsors William and Mary Smith.
Arachar, Mary Anna, of Louis and Mary Ann (Medec) Arachar, b. Jul. 23, 
             baptized Jul. 24, sponsors John Baptist Hubert la Croix and Anna
Babin, Anna Margaret, of Simon and Anna (Trahan) Babin, b. Jul. 6, baptized
             Jul. 6, sponsors Patrick O'Kain and Margaret Bourg.
Barr, Mary Ann, of George and Catharine Barr, b. Dec. 23, 1770, baptized
             Apr. 21, sponsors Hugh Dougherty and Margaret Engelhardt.
Beats, Mary, of _______ and Mary Beats, about 3 years old, baptized Apr. 29,
Becker, Peter, of Bartholomew and Elizabeth Becker, b. Jun. 4, baptized
             Jun. 10, sponsors Peter and Elizabeth Hegner.
Bennet, Elizabeth, of John and Margaret Bennet, b. Aug. 31, baptized Nov. 22,                sponsor Catharine Schreiber.
Boosee, Mary,of Moses and Elizabeth Boosee, b. Aug. 22, baptized Aug. 25,
             sponsors Patrick Hogan and Judith Connor.
Bray, Catharine, of John and Judith Bray, b. Dec. 25, baptized Dec. 29, 
             sponsors Patrick Dogherty and Bridget McNamara.
Bremich, John Adam, of Matthew and Regina Bremich, b. Dec. 17, baptized
             Dec. 22, sponsors John Adam Bremich and Eva Elizabeth Keil.
Brown, Ann Elizabeth, of William and Margaret Brown, b. May 23, 1770,
             baptized Apr. 10, sponsors Nicholas and Anna Wochman.
Brown, Margaret, of James and Grace Brown, b. Mar. 27, baptized Apr. 20,
             sponsors James Brown and Grace McDead, at Charlottenburg, N. J.
Burns,Thomas,of Thomas and Margaret Burns,b. Aug. 2, bapt. Oct. 3, sponsors
             Andrew Minchaucer and Joanna Moore.
Buttler, Thomas, of Matthew and Sarah Buttler, b. Jan. 11, baptized Jan. 27,
             sponsors Edmund McDonald and Susanna Kearney.
Byron, Bartholomew, of William and Lydia Byron, b. Jan. 4, baptized Jan. 13,
             sponsor Thomas Burk, Parnell Humphry White witness.
Caspar, Laurence, of Laurence and Margaret Caspar, b. Nov. 3, baptized
             Nov. 18, sponsor Henry Schreiner, at Cohanzey, now Cohansey,
             Cumberland Co., N. J.
Cassin, James, of Joseph and Elizabeth Cassin, b. Jul. 19, baptized Aug. 8,
             sponsors John Dugan and Mary O'Hara.
Charmelin, Rosanna, of John and Mary Margaret Charmelin, b. Apr.10,1761,
             baptized Apr. 10, sponsors Nicholas and Anna Wochman.
Connor, Eleanor, of David and Mary Connor, b. Jul. 11, baptized Jul. 21, 
             sponsors Patrick Connor and Mary Hughs.
Connor, Michael, of Michael and Rosa Connor, b. Sept. 17, 1770, baptized
             Apr. 7, sponsors Timothy and Mary Connor.
Connor, Thomas, of Timothy and Mary Connor, b. Aug., 1770, baptized Apr. 7,
             sponsors Michael and Rosa Connor.
Cook, Elizabeth, of Laurence and Catharine Cook, b. Jan. 8, baptized Jan. 9,
             sponsors Dennis Foulon and Elizabeth Carrol.
Crew, Catharine, of Edward and Margaret Crew, b. Sept. 7, baptized Dec. 23,
             sponsors Francis McFarlon and Elizabeth Henry.
Davis, Margaret, of Walter and Catharine Davis, b. Jan. 3, baptized Oct. 24,
             sponsors Daniel and Mary Anna Kobole.
Dealy, William, of Charles and Mary Dealy, b. Jan. 1, baptized Oct. 7, sponsors
             John Heling and Joanna Archdeacon.
Demuth, Anna Elizabeth, ot James and Anna Catharine Demuth, b. Jul. 5,                        baptized Oct. 26, sponsors Ernest Gla and Anna Elizabeth Marian.
Dogherty, Mary Catharine, of Dennis and Margaret Dogherty, b. Aug. 12, bapt.
             Aug. 13, sponsors Patrick Dogherty and Barbara Kauffman.
Duffee, John, of John and Anna Duffee, b. Nov. 6, baptized Nov. 14, sponsors
             Tobias and Margaret Rudolph, Elizabeth Ireland, witness.
Dugan, Joseph, of James and Sarah Dugan, born Nov. 18, 1770, baptized 
             Aug. 18, sponsor Eleanor Karker, at Pikesland, Chester Co., Pa.
Feinauer, Mary Barbara, of Joseph and Anna Mary Feinauer, b. Aug. 10, 
             baptized Aug. 15, sponsors Stephen and Mary Ann Forage.
Fichter, John Nicholas, of Philip and Mary Eva Fichter, b. Apr. 14, baptized
              Apr. 23, sponsors Nicholas Call and Margaret Wider, at Ringwood, N.J
Gallagher, Andrew, of John and Anna Gallagher, b. Mar. 30, baptized
             May 23, sponsors Andrew Gallagher and Elizabeth England,
             at Chester, Pa.
Gock, Paul, of Adam and Mary Gock, b. Feb.14, bapt. Feb.18,sponsors
             Paul and Anna Christina Essling,
Griffin, Francis, of James and Elizabeth Griffin, b. Jan. 29, bapt. Feb. 27,                 sponsors Francis and Sarah Sohl,at Pikesland,Chester Co., Pa.
Haas, Mary Martha, of Peter and Elizabeth Haas, b. Mar. 27, baptized
             Apr. 28, sponsors Adam and Martha Poth.
Haider, David, of Peter and Dorothy Haider, b. Feb. 3, baptized Mar. 18,
             sponsor Henry Geiger, at the glass house.
Halter, Joseph, of Nicholas and Elizabeth Halter, b. Jun. 18, baptized
             Oct. 26, sponsors Joseph Wingart and Anna Catharine Demuth ;
             at Charlottenburg, N. J.
Hanley, Elizabeth, of Thomas and Mary Magdalen Hanley, b. Jul. 12, baptized
             Aug. 15, sponsors Frederic Scheimer and Sarah Sohl.
Harkins, Catharine, of William and Eleanor Harkins, b. Oct. 22, baptized
             Nov. 3, sponsors Moses Boosee and Anna Rush.
Harris, Elizabeth, of Samuel Harris and Joice, b. Mar. 31,1767, baptized 
             Apr. 21, sponsors Philip McDead and Grace Brown.
Harris, Samuel, of same parents, b. May 9, 1769, baptized Apr. 21, sponsors
             Philip McDead and Grace Brown.
Haug, John, of Simon and Magdalen Haug, b. Sept. 6, baptized Sept. 8,
             sponsors John Thadd and Elizabeth Essling.
Henley, Timothy, of Thomas and Rachel Henley, b. Jul. 28, baptized Jul. 30,
             sponsors Peter Byrne and Margaret Conely.
Hennings, Henrietta, of Benjamin and Mary Hennings, b. Feb. 28, baptized
             Apr. 12, sponsors John Lehy and Phoebe Pendercrast.
Hercule, John Lewis, of Francis and Pelagia (Douret) Hercule, b. Sept 20,
             baptized September 20, sponsors Amandus Douret and Catharine
Hoffert, Peter, of John and Mary Hoffert, born October 8, baptized Dec. 8,
             sponsors John Mollan and Margaret Wealin.
Holt, Anna Theresa, of Abel and Mary Holt, b. Jun. 17, baptized Jun. 22, 
             sponsor Lydia Morland.
Honeiker, Barbara, of Mark and Christina Honeiker, b. May 1, baptized
             May 5, sponsors Anthony and Barbara Graf.
Huber, Michael, of Michael and Hannah Huber, b. Dec. 1, 1770, baptized
             Mar. 17, sponsors Joseph and Regina Mayer, at Pilesgrove, Salem Co.,
             New Jersey.
Kearns, Henry, of John and Mary Kearns, b. Aug. 11, baptized Sept. 19, sponsor              Philip Campbell, witness Catharine Jackson.
Keys, William, of James and Sarah Keys, b. Aug. 17, baptized privately Oct. 6.
Kientz, Joseph, of Joseph and Catharine Kientz, b. Jan. 15, baptized Feb. 3,
             sponsors Joseph and Mary Apollonia Reichart.
Klein, Frederica Catharine, of James and Elizabeth Klein, b. Jun. 5, baptized
             Jun. 9, sponsors Anthony Frederic Graff and Catharine Schalus.
Kneul, George Ernest, of Balthasar and Christina Elizabeth Kneul, b. Nov. 20,
             baptized Nov. 29, sponsors George Ernest and Mary Magdalen Lechler.
Kramp, Anna, of Valentine and Ottilia Kramp, b. Jul. 29, baptized Jul. 30,
             sponsors Leonard Bremich and Anna Klein.

Laride,Anna Margaret, of John and Anna Laride,b. Jan. 1, baptized Jan.1,

             sponsors Madalino Lequeal (?) and Mary Vincent.
Lennox, John, of John and Margaret Lennox, b. Dec. 10, 1770, baptized Jan. 6,
              sponsors Patrick and Elizabeth Hogan.
Lery, Cornelius and Henry (twins), of Daniel and Mary Lery, b. Jul. 28, baptized              July 25, sponsors Timothy and Elizabeth Carrell.
Litzelnoder, Michael, of Michael and Margaret Litzelnoder, b. Dec. 8, baptized              privately, Dec. 10, in vicinity of Philadelphia.
MagiII, Sarah, of James and Joanna Magill, b. Jun. 5, baptized Jul. 16, sponsor
             Anna Boyd.

Mahanny, Samuel (a mullatto), of ________ and Catharine Mahanny, 

             b. Dec. 10, 1770, baptized Jan. 2, sponsor Mary Bird.

Mackey, Thomas, of N___ N___ and Catharine Mackey, b. Jun. 22,baptized
             Jun. 25, sponsor Mary Heart.
Mannota, Bonaventure, of Ferdinand and Catharine Mannota,b. Jan 25,
             baptized Mar. 11, sponsors Bonaventure and Venanda Dartoit.
Mayer, Mary Margaret, of Joseph and Gertrude Mayer, b. Jun. 3, bapt. Jun. 5,
             sponsor Tobias Rudolph, Margaret Rudolph, witness.
McCan, John, of Gabriel and Mary McCan, b. Apr. 21, baptized Apr. 22,                              sponsors John Staler and Margaret Wilcox.
McCarry, William, of J_____ and Margaret McCarry, b. Apr. 1, baptized Aug. 5,
             sponsors John Arthur O'Neil and Prudence Wilcox, at Concord, Pa.
McCauley, Hugh, of John and Margaret McCauley, b. Jul. 14, baptized  July 28,
             sponsors John Nowlan and Margaret Veal.
McDermott, Honora Mary, of Dennis and Mary McDermott, b. Jan. 21, 
             baptized Jan. 27, sponsors George Coffee and Mary Theresa
McDonald, Mary, of Edmund and Margaret McDonald, b. Mar. 22, baptized
             Apr. 7, sponsors Matthew and Rachel Bremich.
McDonald, Robert, of Alexander and Honora McDonald, b. Sept. 24, baptized
             Oct. 6, sponsors Edward Macoy and Eleanor Smith.
McFall, Sarah, of Patrick and Catharine McFall,b. Jul. 8, bapt. Aug. 18, sponsors              James and Joanna Griffin.
Metzgar, Thomas, of John and Cecilia Metzgar, b. Sept. 25, baptized Oct. 4,
             sponsors Thomas and Elizabeth Tisdall.
Miller, Eva, of John and Eva Miller, b. Aug. 27, baptized Sept. 1, sponsors
             George Philip Kitzinger and Eva Catharine Rathaus.
Morisy,Anna, of Philip and Elizabeth Morisy,b. Mar. 22, baptized Sep. 22,
             sponsors John and Catharine Smith.
Muny,John,of John and Margaret Muny,b. Oct. 31,1769,bapt. Nov. 12,
             sponsors Nicholas and Anna Wochman, in Burlington Co., N.J.
Muny,Mary (Meredith),of same parents, b. Apr. 8,1768, bapt. Nov. 12,                              sponsor  Nicholas and Anna Wochman, in Burlington Co., N. J.
O'Hara, Catharine, of and Catharine O'Hara, b. Jul. 25, baptized Jul. 27, 
              sponsor Elizabeth Laller.
O'Hara, Margaret, of Robert Got and Mary O'Hara, b. Jun. 27, baptized Sep. 29,              sponsor Apollonia Sohl, witness Robert Karker, at Pikesland, Pa.
Preiss, Samuel,of Joseph Preiss and Mary Townsend, b. Oct. 25, bapt. Nov. 27,
             sponsors Anthony and Barbara Graff.
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