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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia               Register Of Baptisms For  1758 - 1773                                         St. Joseph's Church
______,Anna, of ________ and Hannah , b. Jun. 16, baptized Jun.18, sponsor
         Anna Fichtler ; the mother was a slave of Robert White.
______,John,of parents unknown, about 2 1/2 years old,baptized July 7,
         sponsor John Cahil.
______,John, of and Margaret, free negroes, b. July 5, baptized July 7, 
         sponsor Anna (a negro).
Aman, Leonard, of Anthony and Sarah Aman, b. Sept. 20, 1771, baptized
         Apr. 20, sponsors Leonard Bremich and Magdalen Mayer.
Applegate, Mary, of Benjamin and Elizabeth Applegate, b. Apr. 5,
         baptized May 17, sponsor Mary Brown.
Babin, Isabella Josephine, of Simon and Anna (Trahan) Babin, b. July 13, 
         baptized July 14, sponsors John Baptist O'Kain and Josephine                      Daroit.
Bachman, Francis Anthony, of Martin and Anna Barbara Bachman,
         b. Apr. 20, baptized May 28, sponsors Francis Anthony and Anna
         Catharine Zech, at Charlottenburg, N. J.
Becker, Michael, of John and Barbara Becker,b. May 24, baptized Jun. 21,
         sponsors Michael and Hannah Huber
Bender, Joanna Elizabeth, of Martin and Christina Bender, b. Mar. 8, 
         baptized Mar. 9, sponsors Matthew and Joanna Bender.
Borris, Anna, of Thomas and Margaret Borris, b. Jul. 30, baptized Sept. 8, 
         sponsor Mary Heart.
Bremegeon, Eleanor, of John and Margaret Bremegeon, b. Feb. 22,
         baptized Mar. 22, sponsors Thomas Quill and Eleanor Smith.
Bucher, Catharine Elizabeth, of John and Anna Catharine Bucher,
         b. Jan.18, baptized Apr. 15, sponsors Bartholomew and Catharine
         Elizabeth Becker.
Burns, Martha, of Laghlin and Mary Burns, b. Nov. 8, 1771 baptized
         May 28, sponsors James Marniny and Eleanor Callaghan.
Buttler, Hannah, adult, baptized May 31, sponsor Judy Power.
Butz, John Henry, of William and Mary Magdalen Butz, b. Mar. 25,
         baptized May 31, sponsors John Henry Ells and Elizabeth Welsch.
Campbel, Joanna, of Peter and Anna Campbel, b. Jun. 5, baptized Jun. 8,
         sponsors Timothy McCanlas and Mary Flin.
Carrol, Margaret, of Daniel and Mary Carrol, b. Feb. 5, baptized Feb. 20, 
         sponsor the mother, in default of another.
Casey, Dennis, of Dennis and Catharine Casey, b. Feb. 8, bapt. Feb.13, 
         sponsors Timothy and Elizabeth Caroll.
Chambers, John, of John and Eleanor Chambers, b. Nov. 28, 1771,
         baptized Apr. 26, sponsors Thomas Kearns and Susanna Kearney.
Champain, Mary Josephine, of Stephen and Mary (Benoit) Champain,
         b. Feb. 20, baptized Feb. 21, sponsors Joseph Ribau and Catharine 
Coble, Anna Elizabeth, of John and Catharine Coble, b. Apr. 14, baptized
         May 31, sponsors Daniel Coble and Anna Catharine Welker, at
         Ringwood, Passaic Co., N. J.
Dartoit, Bonaventure and Christopher (twins), of Bonaventure and
         Venanda Dartoit, b. Jun. 11, baptized Jun. 11, sponsors Christopher
         Schultz, Antonia Swaine and Barbara Schultz.
Devenach, Elizabeth, of Joseph and Magdalen (Galerm) Devenach, 
         b. Jan. 12, baptized Jan. 12, sponsors Charles Vignot and Venanda
Devlin, Anna, of Henry Devlin and Mary Maher, b. Apr. 22, baptized 
         May 19, sponsor John Steling.
Forage, Josephine Elizabeth, of Stephen and Mary Ann Forage,
         b. Feb. 24, bapt. Mar. 8, sponsors Sebastian and Elizabeth Seibert.
Foy, Abigail, of Matthew and Mary Foy, b. Jan. —, baptized July 17, 
         sponsors Michael Murphy and Anna McDonald.
Geiger, Barbara, of Henry and Barbara Geiger, b. Nov. 26, 1771, baptized
         Apr. 23, sponsors Adam and Margaret Geiger.
Glancey, John, of Dennis and Susanna Glancey, b. Mar.14, baptized 
         Mar. 22, sponsors Patrick Murphy and Esther Eyenson.
Gock, Anna Mary, of Matthew and Charlotte Gock, b. Mar. 4, baptized
         Mar. 5, sponsors Andrew and Anna Mary Leiphart.
Graff, Joseph, of Anthony and Barbara Graff, b. Apr. 4, baptized Apr. 12,
         sponsors Joseph Kaufman and Catharine Spengler.
Haffner, Catharine, of Peter and Eva Hafmer, b. Feb. 9, 1771, baptized 
         conditionally Feb. 2, sponsors John and Eva Hafmer.
Hardnet, Elizabeth, of James and Joanna Hardnet, b. Jan. 3, baptized
         Apr. 19, sponsor Samuel Griffin.
Haynes, Philip, of Philip and Elizabeth Haynes,b. Apr. 13, baptized May 9,
         sponsors Christopher Kelty and Joanna Archdeacon.
Herberger, Mary Ottilia, of Peter and Mary Herberger, b. Feb.14,
         baptized Apr. 26, sponsors John and Mary Ottilia Manderfeld.
Hertz, Michael, of John and Barbara Hertz, b. May 5, baptized May 6,
         sponsors Michael and Margaret Satierwald.
Heuson, Anna, of John and Heuson, b. Aug. 4, baptized Aug. 12, sponsors
         the minister and the maternal grandmother, Catharine Magg
Hoffman, Michael, ot John and Christina Hoffman, b. Aug. 19, baptized 
         Aug. 25, sponsors Michael and Walburga Bremich, near  Phila.
Jamison, Henry, of John and Mary Jamison, b. Mar. 4, baptized privately
         May 31, sponsor Daniel Coble.
Jones, Daniel, of John and Mary (Lery) Jones, b. Jan. 29, baptized Jun. 28,
         sponsors Edward Brady and Mary Full.
Jung, Catharine, of Francis and Catharine Jung, b. Feb. 24, baptized
         Mar. 16, sponsors Anthony and Barbara Blum, near Phildelphia.
Kappel, Elizabeth Margaiet, of Nicholas and Magdalen Kappel, b. Jun. 17,
         baptized Jun. 18, sponsors Matthew and Margaret Elizabeth
Karker, Peter, of Anthony and Mary Karker, b. Jun. 15, 1770, baptized
         May 31, sponsors James and Elizabeth Walls.
Kean, Barnabas, of Francis and Bridget Kean, b. Sept. 20, baptized
         privately June 22.
Landry, Elizabeth, of Joseph and Sarah Landry, b. Mar. 17, baptized
         Mar. 22, sponsors Charles and Mary Bowman.
Laviole, Anna, of John and Anna Laviole, b. Mar. 21, baptized Mar. 22,
         sponsors Joseph O'Kain and Margaret Bourg.
Lechler,Mary Magdalen, of Anthony and Mary Lechler, b. Jun. 3,  bapt.
         Jun. 8, sponsors Peter and Mary Magdalen Regimenter.
Lennox, Margaret, of John and Margaret Lennox, b. Mar. 4, baptized
         Mar. 18, sponsors Francis Farrell and Mary Hogan.
Macalgen, Mary, of Michael and Mary Macalgen, b. Nov. 1, 1771,
         baptized Mar. 29, sponsors Martin and Anna Miller, at Pikesland,
         Chester Co., Pa.
Macanna, Thomas, of John and Sarah Macanna, b. Oct. 24, 1771,  bapt.
         May 1, sponsors James Weiseburger and Sarah Sohl, at Pikesland,
         Chester Co., Pa.
McCarty, Jeremiah, of Daniel and Honora McCarty, b. May 18, baptized
         Jun. 18, sponsor Catharine Boudrot.
Maconvill, Margaret, of Anthony and Rosa Maconvill, b. Apr. 20,    
          bapt. Apr. 26, sponsors John Magefran and Mary Corcoran.
Magarry, John, of and Catharine Magarry, b. Aug. 12, baptized Sept. 8, 
         sponsor Margaret Borris.
Magill, John, of Peter and Barbara Magill, b. Apr. 2, baptized Apr. 23,
         sponsors Patrick Barret and Mary Geiger, at Pilesgrove, Salem Co.,
         New Jersey.
Magill, Peter, of John and Catharine Magill, b. Feb.18, baptized Jun. 21, 
         sponsors Edward Coleman and Barbara Magill, at Pilesgrove, 
         Salem Co., N. J.
Maginnis, John Nicholas, of Edward and Mary Maginnis, b. Mar. 15,
         baptized May 31, sponsors Nicholas and Anna Margaret Call.
Maly, John, of Jeremiah and Eleanor Maly,b. Aug. 7,1771, baptized Jul. 26,
         sponsor Miles Welsh.
McCunigham, Mary, of______and Jemima McCunigham, b. July 9, baptized 
         Sept. 8, sponsor Mary Heart.
McHughin, Sarah, of John and Martha McHughin, b. April 1, baptized
         Aug. 16, sponsor Eleanor, at Pilesgrove, Salem, Co., N.J.
McManus, John, of and Bridget McManus, b. Jan. 17, baptized Jan. 18,
         sponsor Dennis Clansey.
Miller, Anna Mary, of Martin and Anna Miller, b. Dec. 18, 1771, baptized
         Mar. 29, sponsors Bernard Brown and Margaret Sohl.
Morris, Joanna and Jane, of Morris and Bensh, sisters (adults), baptized 
         Jun. 21, sponsors Adam and Margaret Geiger.
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