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American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia                Register Of Baptisms For  1758 - 1773                                            St. Joseph's Church
                                                         1766 cont.
Geiger, Anna Mary, of Henry and Barbara Geiger, b. July 8, baptized
           July 27, sponsors Adam and Margaret Geiger, at Adam Geiger's.
Glancy, Mary, of Dennis and Susanna Glancy, b. Jul. 7, baptized Jul. 13, 
           sponsors Philip Campbell and Susanna Glancy.
Gleman, Mary Catharine, of John Dewald and Mary Eva Gleman,
           b. Apr. 19, bapt. May 14, sponsors William and Mary
           Catharine Schoch, William being witness, at Geiger's.
Goff, Andrew James,of Thomas and Mary Goff,b. July 3,bapt. Jul. 22,
           sponsors William Connor and Mary Macarty.
Gorman, Bridget, of Cornelius and Hannah Gorman, b. Jan. 17,
           bapt. Jan. 28, in Chester Co.,Pa.
Graff, Aloysius, of Anton and Barbara Graft, b. Sept. 14, baptized
           Sept. 15, sponsors Paul Miller and Catharine Spengler.
Haug, Christian, of George and Margaret Haug, b. May 30, bapt.
           June 8, sponsor Anthony Haug, witness Margaret Miller.
Haug, Joseph, of Anton and Mary Haug, b. Nov. 29, baptized Dec. 7, 
           sponsors Joseph and Anna Mary Feinauer.
Heits, Laurence, of John and Barbara Heits, b. Jun. 17, baptized Jun. 22,
           sponsors Laurence Gock and Catharine Haug.
Hely, Thomas, of Thomas and Margaret Hely, b. Nov. 24, baptized
           Dec. 4, sponsors Dennis Dun [Dunn?] and Anna Savage.
Hely, William, of John and Catharine Hely, b. Jul. 17, baptized Aug. 10, 
           sponsors William and Honora Murray.
Hoffman, George Louis, of Paul and Anna Magdalen Hoffman,b. Apr. 6,
           baptized Apr. 24,sponsor Gertrude Abtin,witnesses Louis Fischer
           and George Hupacher, at Bascon Ridge, Somerset Co., N.J.
Hoffman, Simon, of John and Christina Hoffman, b. August 1, baptized
           Aug.10, sponsors Simon and Magdalen Haug.
Huber, Peter and Catharine (twins), of Michael and Hannah Huber, 
           b. July 25, baptized July 27, sponsors Peter Haider and Mary
           Catharine Griesmeyer for Peter, Laurence Caspar and Catharine
           Schoch for Catharine.
Johnston, Joseph, of Hugh and Eustatia Johnston, b. Nov. 22, 1765, 
           baptized conditionally Sept. 17.
Karns, Benjamin,of Hugh and Anna Karns, 6 years old,bapt. Feb. 10,
           sponsors Arthur John O'Neal and Bridget Leary.
Karns, Elizabeth, of same parents, 8 years old, baptized Feb.10,    
           sponsors Arthur John O'Neal and Bridget Leary.
Karns, John, of same parents, 3 years old, baptized Feb. 10, sponsors
           Arthur John O'Neal and Bridget Leary.
Karns, Margaret, of same parents, b. Mar. 26, 1764, baptized Feb.10,
           sponsors Arthur John O'Neal and Bridget Leary.
Kean, Anna, of Miles and Catharine Kean, b. Apr. 1, 1765, baptized
           conditionally July 10.
Kelly, Frances,of Luke and Margaret Kelly , b. Feb. 12, 1763, baptized
           Nov.2,sponsors Martin Lawless and Eleanor Ulaghan[Hoolihan?].
Kelly, John,of same parents , b. Feb. 8, 1759, baptized Nov. 2, sponsors
           Martin Lawless and Eleanor Ulaghan [Hoolihan?], at Ringwood,
            assaic Co., N. J.
Kelly, Luke, of same parents, b. Dec. 27, 1760, baptized Nov. 2,
           sponsors Martin Lawless and Eleanor Ulaghan [Hoolihan?].
Kelly, Mary, of same parents, b. Dec. 4, 1765, baptized Nov.2, sponsors
           Martin Lawless and Eleanor Ulaghan [Hoolihan?].
Kelty, Mary, of Bartholomew and Catharine Kelty, b. Jun. 19, baptized
           Jun. 29, sponsors Stephen Magel [McGill ?] and Joanna Johns, in
           New Jersey.
Koch, Peter, of John and Anna Mary Koch, b. Jun. 22, baptized July 13, 
           sponsors Peter and Anna Maria Wiester.
Kramer, Christian, of Henry and Catharine Kramer, b. Jan. 2,
           baptized Jan. 2, sponsors Christian Bub and Catharine Arnold.
Lamy, Stephen, of James Lamy and Hannah Ludek, b. Dec.26, 1765, 
           baptized May 7, sponsors Matthew Lamy and Sarah Tim,in
           Chester Co., Pa.
Landry, Mary Modesta, of Peter and Josephine Landry, b. Jan.19, 
           baptized Jan. 20, sponsors Peter Savoy and Mary Martin.
Leaman, James, of Thomas and Esther Leaman, 1 year old, baptized
           Feb. 5. by Rev. Robert Harding.
Le Prince, Joseph, of John and Mary le Prince, b. Feb. 17, baptized
           Feb. 17, sponsor Joseph Davoit.
Lorentz, Mary Catharine, of Caspar and Margaret Lorentz, b. Aug. 23,
           baptized Dec.11, sponsors Simon Geiger and Catharine Haider.
Magill, Margaret, of James and Joanna Magill, b. Nov. 3, baptized
           Dec. 11, sponsors Stephen Magill and Christiana Mullabe
           [Malleben ?].

Mahoni, Mark, of Anthony and Hannah Mahoni [Mahony?], b. Jan. 10,

           baptized Jan. 14, sponsor Catharine Talley.
Mayer, Mary Magdalen, of John and Elizabeth Mayer, b. May 3,
           baptized June 5, sponsors Anthony Lechler and Mary Agatha
           Hart, by Rev. Robert Harding.
McCaffrey, Luke, of Edward and Sarah McCaffrey, baptized May 31,
           sponsors Luke and Mary Dun, witness James Smith.
McDearmot,Bridget, of Dennis and Mary McDearmot,b. Jul. 9,baptized 
           Jul. 13, sponsors William Nunan and Mary Theresa David.
Mentzenbach, John Anthony, of Nicholas and Helen Mentzenbach, 
           b. Apr. 5, baptized Apr.19, sponsors Anthony Schumers and
           Clara Legohn.
Meyer, Peter, of I_____ and Gertrude Meyer, b. Jan. 5, baptized Jan. 13,
           sponsors Peter and Elizabeth Hegner. 
Miller, Matthew, of Matthew and Anna Mary Miller,b. May 21,baptized
           June 29, sponsors Christian and Magdalen Benner,
Nagel, Anna, of George and Mary Nagel, b. Mar. 2, baptized Mar.6, 
           sponsor Mary Walburga Bremick for Anna Fichtler.
Navel, John, of John and Anna Navel, 11 years old, baptized Aug. 31,
           sponsors Solomon Welsh and Mary Lewis, at Salem,New Jersey.
O'Davelin, James, of Roger and Susanna O'Davelin, b. Apr. 4, 1765,
           baptized Jul. 20, sponsors Thomas Riley and Sarah Tim, in
           Pikesland, Chester Co., Pa.
O'Neil, Andrew, of Arthur and Mary O'Neil, b. Mar. 12, baptized
           conditionally May 9, sponsors Thomas Ryan and Catharine Ryan.
Potter, Susanna, of Joseph and Margaret Potter, b. Jan. 17, 1762,
           baptized Apr. 20, sponsors Michael Forrester and Catharine
Rearton, Dennis, of Cornelius and Susanna Rearton, 6 years old,
           baptized February 23.
Reichman, Mary Theresa, of ________Reichman and______ , b. Apr. 24, 
           baptized Apr. 30, sponsors _______ and_______ Reichman, near
Ridiger, Mathew Anthony, of John, Jr., and Margaret Ridiger, b. Mar. 2,
           baptized Mar. 9, sponsors John Ridiger, Sr., and Anna Mary_____ .
Rischart, Elizabeth, of Lothaire and Elizabeth Rischart, b. March 10,
           baptized May 28, sponsor Walburger Brennich.
Roth, Anna, of Christian and Elizabeth Roth, b. Feb. 4, baptized May 8,
           sponsor Peter Einold.
[Ruhl?], Michael, of Melchior and Barbara Ruh [Ruhl?], b. Oct. 25, 
           baptized Dec.11, sponsors Michael Huber and Margaret Lorentz.
Savage, John, of Darby and Anna Savage, b. May 30, baptized Jun. 1
           sponsors Brian O'Harra and Elizabeth Carroll.
Scheimer, Bartholomew, of Frederic and Mary Magdalen Scheimer,
           b. Nov. 23, 1765, baptized Mar. 16, sponsors Francis and
           Apollonia Sohl, in Pikesland, Chester Co., Pa.
Schneider, Ottilia, of Henry and Barbara Schneider, b. Feb. 19,
           bapt. Feb. 26, sponsors William Dorg and Ottilia Viet, in vicinity
           of Philadelphia.
Schreiner, Mary Agatha, of Anselm and Elizabeth Schreiner,
           b. Mar. 10, bapt. Apr. 25, sponsors James Otts and Mary
           Agatha Hart.
Schue, John,of John Bartholomew and Mary Crescentia Schue,
           b. Jul. 12, bapt. July 22, sponsors John Kramer and Mary
           Magdalen Mayer.
Shortel, Mary, of Richard and Margaret Shortel, b. June 17, baptized
           June 22, sponsors Jude Thaddeus Salasar and Margaret Mallabi.
Sparrow, Mary Ann, of Samuel and Grace Sparrow, b. Jan. 22, baptized
           Jan. 26, sponsors John Donely and Anna McDonald,witness                        _______Dougherty.
Strach, John Anthony, of John William and Anna Elizabeth Strach,
            b. May 21, baptized Nov. 2, sponsors John Mayer and Mary
            Eva Fichter.
Tims, Sarah, of Henry and Anna Tims, b. Sept. 11, baptized Nov. 30, 
           sponsors John King and Sarah Tims, at Pikesland, Pa.
Trelan, John, of James and Joanna Trelan, b. Oct. 17, 1765, baptized
           Aug. 13, sponsors Philip and Anna Ryan.
Tscharte, John, of Christopher and Mary Dorothy Tscharte, b. Feb.12,
           baptized Feb. 16, sponsor John Schneider, witness Elizabeth (his
Viel, Christopher, of Rudolph and Susanna Viel, b. Feb. 13, baptized
           Feb.18, sponsors Christopher and Catharine Viel, in vicinity of
Veil, Mary Susanna, of Christopher and Catharine Veil, b. Sept. 8, 
           baptized Sept. 9, sponsors Charlotte Engelbrand and Sibylla
Walter,Francis,of James and Frances Walter,b. Feb. 4,baptized May 5,                sponsors Francis and Apollonia Sohl.
Walter, John, of same parents , b. Feb. 5. baptized May 8, sponsor
             John Schieler, in Pikesland, Chester Co., Pa.
Watts, Samuel, of Samuel and Mary Watts, b. Dec. 13, bapt. Dec. 14,
           sponsors Hugh Ouigley and Christiana Mullabe.
Weade, Mary, of Michael Weade [Meade ?] and Elizabeth Nugent,
           b. Jan. 14, baptized Mar. 25, sponsors William Fitzharris and
           Catharine Shaw.
Welsh, William, of James and Rosa Welsh, b. Mar. 9, baptized Mar. 9, 
           sponsors Joseph Cassin and Margaret Harkins.
Weibl,Conrad,of Charles and Susanna Weibl, b. Mar.14,bapt. Mar.19,
           sponsors Conrad Welsh and Catharine Demuth; had been                          baptized privately.
Weider, Anna Mary, of Joseph and Margaret Weider, b. Mar. 17,
           baptized Mar. 19, sponsors John Nicholas Jungfleisch and Anna
           Mary Reider, at Ringwood, New Jersey.
White, Mary Magdalen, of Dennis and Catharine White, b. Aug.13, 
           baptized Aug. 31,sponsors Cormick [Macatea ?] and Mary Miller.








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