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Porter, Walton, Ashdown & Wheelock Families
Sixth Generation

32. Nathan Porter, son of John Timothy Porter and Desire Sanford, was born on 26 Jun 1742 in Westerly, Washington, RI and died in Dec 1815 in Vershire, Orange, VT at age 73. Nathan married his second wife, Susannah West on 26 Jun 1785 in Union, Norfolk, CT.


Children from this marriage were:

i. Joseph Porter

ii. Susannah Porter

16 iii. Sanford Porter

iv. Sally Porter


Nathan first married Hannah Witter on 29 Nov 1764 in Hopkinton, Washington, Rhode Island.


Children from this marriage were:

i. Hannah Porter

ii. Desire Porter

iii. Nathan Porter

iv. Fannie Porter

v. Mary "Polly" Porter

vi. John Porter

vii. Rebecca Porter

viii. Phineas Porter


33. Susannah West, daughter of Thomas West and Susanna "Amie" Colegrove, was born on 3 Jun

1756 in Richmond or Hopkinton, Washington, RI and died on 21 Aug 1840 at age 84.


34. Reuben Warriner, son of Reuben Warriner and Sarah Willard, was born on 7 Nov 1756 in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts and died after 29 Dec 1820 in Vershire, Orange, Vermont.

Reuben married Sarah Colton on 15 Feb 1783 in Springfield, Hampden, MA.



General Notes: The Revolutionary rolls in the commonwealth of Ma., contain a record showing Reuben serving as a private in Capt. James Shaw's company, Col. Pynchon's regiment in 1777, and as corporal in Capt. Abel King's Springfield company in 1781. After the war was over, he settled in Vershire, Vt. 


Children from this marriage were:

i. Sarah or Sally Warriner

ii. Justin Warriner

iii. Ascenath (Asenath, Asenith) Warriner

iv. Anna Warriner

17 v. Nancy Warriner

vi. Chauncy Warriner

vii. Reuben Warriner

viii. Linda Warriner

ix. Lucinda Warriner

x. Reuben Warriner


35. Sarah Colton, daughter of Gideon Colton and Sarah Burt, was born on 26 Feb 1757 in Longmeadow, Hampden, Massachusetts and died before 1850 in Vershire, Orange, Vermont. 


General Notes: Nancy Warriner Porter did the baptism for her mother.


36. Silas Emmett, son of John Emmett and Mary Stephens, was born about 1780 in Frederick, VA and died after 1850 in Boone County, KY. Silas married Elizabeth Trowbridge in May 1801 in Boone Co, KY.


Children from this marriage were:

18 i. James Emmet

ii. Betsy Emmett

iii. Mary Emmett


37. Elizabeth Trowbridge, daughter of David Trowbridge and Mrs. Tabitha Trowbridge, was born about 1783 in Frederick, VA and died before 1830 in Boone County, KY. 


38. Moses S. Simpson, son of Aaron Simpson and Charlotte Wisehart, was born on 17 Mar 1784 in Fairfax, VA and died on 18 Nov 1818 in Verona, Boone, KY at age 34. Moses married Delphi (Delphey) Florence on 22 Oct 1804 in Caswell, NC.


The child from this marriage was:

19 i. Phebe Jane Simpson


39. Delphi (Delphey) Florence, daughter of Obadiah Florence and Phebe (Phoebe) Bouldin, was born in 1787 in Jordan Creek, Caswell, NC, died on 31 Dec 1852 in Verona, Boone, KY at age 65, and was buried in Verona Cem, Verona, Boone, Kentucky.


40. James Ashdown, son of William Ashdown and Ann Smith, was christened on 2 May 1783 in Heathfield, Sussex, England1 and died on 2 Mar 1851 in West Herringly, Sussex, Eng at age 67.

James married Mary Briant on 13 Oct 1806 in Independence. Church, H, S, Eng.


Children from this marriage were:

i. William Ashdown

ii. Mary Ashdown

iii. Alice Ashdown

20 iv. Richard Ashdown

v. Rebecca Ashdown

vi. Dinah Ashdown


41. Mary Briant, daughter of Richard Briant and Mary Barrum, was born on 14 Jan 1787 in Ninfield, Sussex, Eng, was christened on 14 Jan 1787 in Ninfield, Sussex, England, 1 and died on 21 Jun 1868 in

Heathfield, Sussex, Eng at age 81. 


42. William Samuel Burgess, son of Samuel Burgess (Burgis) and Mrs. Ann Burgis, was born on 21 Dec 1796 in Ticehurst, Sussex, Eng, was christened on 21 Dec 1796 in Ticehurst, Sussex, England, 1 and died on 13 Feb 1866 in Waldron, Sussex, Eng at age 69. William married Fanny Round about 1820 in Waldron, Sussex, Eng.


The child from this marriage was:

21 i. Ann Burgess


43. Fanny Round, daughter of James Round and Margaret Walter, was born on 1 Feb 1796 in West Peckham, Kent, Eng, was christened on 1 Feb 1796 in West Peckham, Kent, England, 1 and died in Oct 1844 in , Sussex, Eng at age 48. 


44. Thomas Spencer was born from about 1744 to 1746 in Ashley, Warwick, Eng and died about 1830 in <Asley, , Warwick, England>  about age 86. Thomas married Jane Jardine about 1781 in Fillongley, Warwickshire, Eng.


Children from this marriage were:

i. John Spencer

ii. Jane Spencer

iii. Thomas Spencer

22 iv. William Spencer


45. Jane Jardine was born about 1748 in Warwick, Eng and died in 1813 in Fillingley, Warwickshire, Eng about age 65. 


46. William Glover, son of John Glover and Sarah Anderton, was born on 1 Jul 1775 in Fillongley, Warwickshire, , , England,1 was christened on 1 Jul 1775 in Fillongley, Warws, Eng., died on 13 Feb 1853 1 at age 77, and was buried on 13 Feb 1853 in Fillongley, Warws, Eng. William married Hannah Sutton on 3 Oct 1803 in Fillongley, Warws, Eng.


Children from this marriage were:

23 i. Mary Glover

ii. Thomas Glover

iii. Charles Glover

iv. Hannah Glover

v. John Glover

vi. William Glover


47. Hannah Sutton, daughter of Unknown and Mary, was born on 29 Dec 1779 in Hillmorton, Warws, Eng. and was buried on 9 Jul 1858 in Fillongley, Warws, Eng. 


48. Simeon Walton, son of Reuben Walton Sr. and Mary Thompson, was born on 20 May 1779 in Stoddard, C, New Hampshire and died on 9 Mar 1862 in Paris, Oxford, Maine at age 82. Simeon married Margaret Hannaford on 13 Apr 1800 in New Gloucester, C, Maine.


Children from this marriage were:

i. Robert Walton

24 ii. Arthur Walton

iii. Robert Walton

iv. Benjamin Walton

v. Charles Walton

vi. Elizabeth Walton

vii. Daughter Walton


49. Margaret Hannaford, daughter of Robert Bartoll Hannaford and Martha Tucker, was born on 9 May 1778 in New Gloucester, C, Maine, was christened on 5 Jul 1778 in <New Gloucester, Cumberland, Maine>, and died on 10 Oct 1850 in Paris, Oxford, Maine at age 72. 


General Notes: She was a Quaker.


50. Reuben Walton Jr., son of Reuben Walton Sr. and Mary Thompson, was born from 1765 to 1766 in Amherst, Hillsboro, New Hampshire and died on 20 Mar 1825 in Rumford, Oxford, Maine at age 60. Reuben married Ruth Peabody on 30 May 1787 in Lyndeboro, Hillsboro, NH.


Children from this marriage were:

i. Ruth Walton

25 ii. Martha Madora Walton

iii. Artemas Walton

iv. Sally Walton

v. Elizabeth "Betsy" Walton

vi. Reuben Walton

vii. Rachel Walton

viii. Eunice Walton

ix. Susan Peabody Walton


51. Ruth Peabody, daughter of Capt. Isaac Peabody and Sarah Wilkins, was born on 4 Dec 1769 in Alstead, Cheshire, New Hampshire and died after 1818 in Rumford, Oxford, Maine. 


52. John Taylor, son of Thomas Taylor and Abigail Piper, was born on 24 Aug 1762 in New Market, Rockingham, New Hampshire and died on 26 Mar 1840 in Roxbury, Oxford, Maine at age 77. John married Comfort Burleigh on 15 Feb 1787 in Sanborton, Merrimack, New Hampshire.


General Notes: A soldier in the Revolutionary War. Occupation: Farmer

On March 31, 1777, when John was just 14 years old, he joined the Revolutionary army as a "private soldier."


Children from this marriage were:

i. William Taylor

ii. John Taylor

26 iii. George Washington Taylor

iv. Stephen Burleigh Taylor

v. Abel Wheeler Taylor

vi. Comfort Taylor

vii. Rebecca Taylor

viii. Sophronia D. Taylor

ix. Abigail Piper Taylor


53. Comfort Burleigh, daughter of Joseph Burleigh and Comfort Stevens, was born on 18 Jun 1766 in Newburyport, Essex, MA and died on 25 Mar 1841 in Roxbury, Oxford, Maine at age 74.


54. James Bacon, son of James Bacon and Abigail Marsh, was born about 1763 in Sidney, Knnbc, Me and died on 2 Nov 1832 in Byron, Oxford, Me about age 69. James married Tabitha Sawtelle on 5 Jun 1791 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, ME.


The child from this marriage was:

27 i. Abigail Bacon


55. Tabitha Sawtelle, daughter of Moses Sawtelle and Elizabeth Merriman, was born (25 May 1772) in Sidney, Knnbc, Me. Another name for Tabitha was Bacon.


56. Asa Wheelock, son of Asa Wheelock and Rachel Drury, was born from 1783 to 1785 in Charlton, Worcester, MA, died on 24 Feb 1858 in Of, Apple River, Jo Daviess, Illinois at age 75, and was buried in Morseville Cemetery, Stockton, Jo Daviess, Illinois. Asa married Lucy Hubbard from about 1806 to 1807.


Children from this marriage were:

28 i. Cyrus Hubbard Wheelock

ii. Calista Wheelock


57. Lucy Hubbard, daughter of Jonas Hubbard and Millia (Milla) Child, was born on 30 Aug 1786 in Holden, Worcester, MA and died from 1815 to 1816 in Cape Vincent, Jefferson, NY at age 29. 


58. Nathan Parrish, son of John Parrish and Elizabeth Rice (Royce), was born on 14 May 1774 in Lemington Manner, NY and died on 5 Nov 1834 in Brownville, Jefferson, NY at age 60. Nathan married Rebecca Rhodes about 1796 in New York.


General Notes: The Parrish family joined the Mormon church early in the beginning. In Nauvoo they lived near the prophet and the two families were intimate friends. There were many times when the prophet needed to escape enemies, that Nathan's son Ezra would carry him in his canoe across the Mississippi. After the family had been driven by the mobs across the river, they would return by this canoe at night and slip into their home to gather whatever they could find that the mob didn't take.


Children from this marriage were:

i. Nathan Parrish

ii. Sanford Parrish

iii. Amanda Parrish

iv. Ezra Parrish

v. David Parrish

vi. Huldah Theodosia Parrish

vii. Emeline Parrish

29 viii. Olive Parrish

ix. William Rice Parrish

x. Henry Strong Parrish

xi. Nancy Serepta Parrish

xii. George Washington Parrish


59. Rebecca Rhodes, daughter of Nathan Rhodes and Mrs. Phebe Rhodes, was born on 14 Oct 1774 in Danbury, Duchess, NY and died on 5 Sep 1858 in Bountiful, Davis, UT at age 83. 


60. Elijah Parks, son of Nathaniel Parks and Abigail Clark, was born from about 1742 to 1750 in Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut and died in 1790 in Bethlehem, Litchfield, Connecticut about age 48. Elijah married Anna Beaumont on 14 Jun 1772 in Woodbury, Litchfield, CT.


Children from this marriage were:

i. Anne Parks

ii. Urana Parks

iii. Samuel Parks

iv. Sheldon Parks

v. Polly Parks

30 vi. William Parks

vii. Alice Parks

viii. Beaumont Parks

ix. Betsy Parks


61. Anna Beaumont, daughter of William Beaumont and Sarah Everett, was born on 15 Sep 1749 in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut and died on 23 Mar 1830 in Livinia, Livingston, New York at age 80. Another name for Anna was Parks.


62. Isaiah London, son of John London and Elizabeth Weaver, was born in 1760 in Little Egg harbor, Burlington, NJ and died in 1819 1 at age 59.

Isaiah married Sarah Champion in 1800 in Lucerne, NJ.


The child from this marriage was:

31 i. Millesant London


63. Sarah Champion, daughter of Mr. Champion and Mrs. Champion, was born about 1781 in Lucerne, NJ, died on 23 Nov 1861 in , , New Jersey about age 80, and was buried in Estelle Manor, Atlantic, New Jersey. Another name for Sarah was London.

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