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 American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia 

                                Register Of Baptisms For 1758 & 1773
                                               St. Joseph's Church
Becker, Joseph, of Bartholomew and Elizabeth Becker, b. Oct.18, baptized Oct. 24,              sponsors Joseph and Catherine Kauffman.
Bower, Robert, of Robert P and Mary Bower, b. Mar. 20, baptized Nov. 20,                              witnesses Michael Crowley and Tiranes Kramer, sponsor Mary Scandlan.
Buttler, Jeremiah, of William and Jane Buttler, b. Nov. 20, baptized Nov. 22,                          sponsor Thomas Ryan.
Buttler, Mary, of Richard and Rebecca Buttler, b. Apr. 25,1756, baptized Oct. 15,                  sponsors Darby and Bridget Savage.
Carroll, Augustus Patrick, of Morris Carroll and Margaret Canon, b. Aug. 24,                          baptized Sept. 27.
Carroll, John, of Timothy and Elizabeth Carroll, b. Oct. 7, baptized Oct. 17,                              sponsors Edmund Buttler and Margaret Arnold.
Dumb [Thum?], Mary Margaret, of Caspar and Eva Dumb [Thum?], b. Nov. 4,                          baptized Nov. 19, sponsor Mary Margaret Cunin.
Fitzpatrick, James, of James P. and Elsie Fitzpatrick, b. Oct.31, 1757, baptized
             Aug. 29, sponsors Garret Cavernoy and Susie Mequiet.
Godon, Charles, of Charles and Mary Godon, b. Oct. 26, baptized Nov. 2, sponsor                  Susanna Conelin.
Haffert, Mary, of Jacob and Mary P. Haffert, b. Nov. 10, baptized Nov. 23, sponsors              Bryan Carty and Anna Kelly.
Kauffman, James, of Joseph and Anna Catherine P. Kauffman, b. Aug. 14, baptized              Sept. 17, the sponsors being John Gatringer[Cottringer?] and Catherine                      Spengler.
Keeth, Cornelius, of William and Margaret Keeth, b. Oct. 17, baptized Oct. 28,                      sponsor Eleanor Keeth.
Lancely, Eleanor,of Isaac Lancely and Eleanor Croaglan,b. Jun. 21, baptized Sep. 3
Lassher, Mary Catharine, of Leonard and Mary Ann Lassher, b. Nov. 25, baptized
             Dec. 8, sponsor Catharine Vole.
Lewis,  Mary, of David Lewis and _______, b. May 13, 1756, baptized Nov. 5, sponsors              James and Eliz. Wilcox, at Concord,Delaware county, Pa.
Makan, Arthur, of John and Jane P. Makan, b. Nov. 16, baptized Dec. 24, sponsors                Andrew Foley and Elizabeth Burke.
[Philips?], Catharine Elizabeth, of John and Elizabeth [Philips ?], b.Nov. 19,                              baptized Nov. 23, sponsors Bartholomew and Catharine Eliz. Becker.

Troy, Daniel and Patrick (twins), of Paul Troy and Maria le Blanc, baptized Sep. 27.

Wiester, Mary Salome, of Peter and Mary Wiester, b. Oct. 29, baptized Nov. 19,                    sponsors Adam and Salome Wilhelm.

Allison, John, of Richard and Eleanor Allison, baptized July 23.
Baldrich, John, of Robert and Mary Baldrich, b. Sept. 6, baptized Oct. 21, sponsors              John and Sarah Heasy.
Barry, John and James (twins),of William and Mary Barry,b. Jun. 7,baptized Aug. 9,              sponsors Mary Cook and Bridget Hunt.
Benner, Susanna, of Christian and Magdalen Benner, b. Sept. 16, baptized Oct. 3,                sponsors Peter Haider and Mary Catharine Griesmeyer.
[Charlie?], Mary Barbara, of Joseph and Barbara [Charlie?], b. Aug. 14, baptized                    Aug. 15, sponsors Humbert and Barbara Benoit.
Connor, Bridget, of Peter and Dorothy Connor, b. Sept. 17, baptized Sept. 19,                        sponsor Mary Hefferman.
David, Charles, of Anthony and Maria Theresa David, b. May 29, baptized  Jun. 10,              sponsors, Gerard and Catharine Mead.
England, Elizabeth, of Thomas and Anne England, b. Sept. 9, baptized Sept. 15,                      sponsors John Moor and Eliza Doyle.
English, Elizabeth, of Francis and Elizabeth English, b. April 2, baptized ____                            sponsors Firman Pow[deru ?] and Elizabeth Franks.
Esling, Mary Eva, of Paul and Christina Esling, b. Mar. 25, baptized Apr. 1,
             sponsors Philip and Eva Schilling.
Essling, John, of Peter and Maria Essling, b. Jun. 20, baptized Jul.  29,
             sponsors John and Anna Maria Gross.
Essling, Paul, of Nicholas and Mary Joanna Essling, b. Jul. 30, baptized Aug. 4,                        sponsors Paul and Christina Essling.
Eyenson, Sarah, of John and Elizabeth Eyenson, b. Apr. 7, baptized Jun. 27,
             sponsors Christopher Thurnbach and Susan Catherine Geiger
Farrell, Thomas, of Robert Farrell and , b. Mar. 18, baptized Mar. 31, sponsors                      Francis Farrell and Eleanor Swan.
Fitzgerald, John, of David and Phoebe Fitzgerald, b. Jan. 6, baptized Jan. 17,                            sponsors Joseph and Judith Fitzharald.
Fleur, Martin, of Dominic and Nanon Fleur, b. Dec, — 1758, baptized Jun. 27,                          sponsors Martin Haider and Regina Meyer.
Foy, Elizabeth, of Patrick and Margaret Foy, b. Nov. 1, baptized Nov. 8, sponsors                  Martin Welsh and Catharine Foaley.
Fox, Anna, of William and Rosina Fox, b. Aug. 1, baptized Aug. 15, sponsor
             Catherine Ryan.
Friets, Mary Margaret, of Daniel and Joanna Friets, b. Mar. 22, baptized Mar. 25,                  sponsors Peter and Mary Margaret Friets.
Freeman, John, of William, and Elizabeth Freeman, baptized Dec. 2, sponsors                        Peter and Mary Weisser.
Geek, Peter, of Adam and Catharine  Geek, b. Feb. 6, baptized Feb.12, sponsors                    Peter and Elizabeth Hegner.
Geiger, Elizabeth, of Adam and Agnes Geiger, b. July 10, baptized Aug. 2, 
             sponsors Christian Thurnbach and Susan Catharine Geiger.
Griiser, Mary Martha, of Frederic and Mary Elizabeth Graser, b. May 1, baptized                  May 5, sponsors Herman and Mary Martha Faust.
Haider, Anna Maria, of Martin and Margaret Haider, b. Dec. 20, 1758,  baptized                    Mar. 15, sponsors Philip Jacoby and Susanna Geiger 
Hely, Anna, of John and Catharine Hely, b. Jul. —, 1756, baptized Mar. 8, sponsor                  Catherine Dakin.
Hely, Margaret, of the same parents, b. Apr., — 1758, baptized Mar. 8.
Hirst, John Peter, of Nicholas and Barbara Hirst, b. Nov. 1, baptized Nov. 2,                            sponsors Peter and Elizabeth Hegner.
Hoffman, Anthony, of John and Constantia Hoffman, b. Sept. 8, baptized Sept.16,                sponsors Anthony and Regina Ottman.
Hoffman, John George, of Christian and Cunegunda Hoffman, b. Apr. 6, baptized                Apr. 15, sponsors Valentine Cori and Barbara Weber.
Holzhauser, Christian, of Dietrich and Christina  Holzhauser, b. Feb. 20, baptized                Feb. 25, sponsors Christian Bub and Barbara Costin.
Hugh, Henry, of Patrick and Thaniar [Hannah ?] Hugh, b. Apr. 5, baptized May 6,                  sponsors Bernard Martin and Catharine Duken, at Concord [Del. Co., Pa.].
Hunecker, Anna Sibylla, of Mark and Anna Hunecker, b. Aug. 6, baptized Aug. 7,                  sponsors Anna and Sibylla Walter, near Philadelphia.
Hussey, John, of William and Eleanor Hussey, baptized October 5, sponsors Mary                Catharine Griesmeyer and Brian O'Harra.
Kelly, James, of John and Hannah Kelly, b. Feb. 21, baptized Feb. 22, sponsors                        Thomas, and Anna Fitzsimmons, Jr.
Kennedy, James, of James Kennedy and Debora Stephens, b. Apr. 25, 1758,                            baptized Apr. 8, sponsors Thomas Leanon and Catherine Welsh.
Krumholz, Anna Barbara, of John Charles and Anna Maria Krumholz, b. Jun. 30,                    baptized Jul. 8, sponsors Francis and Barbara Sener.
LeBlanc, Mary, of Henry and Mary LeBlanc, b. Sept. 8, baptized Sept. 30, sponsors              Michael Litle and Mary Hefferman.
Lederman,Francis Joseph,of John and Mary Catherine Lederman, b. Apr. 10,                          baptized Apr. 15, sponsors Francis Joseph Lederman and Charlotta Miller.
Lasher,Frederic, of Leonard & Mary Ann Lasher,b. Dec. 19,baptized Dec. 26,                          sponsors Frederick and Elizabeth Graser.
Malleben, Mary, of Thomas and Christina Malleben, b. Apr. 26, baptized  May 19,                sponsors William Gallagher and Magdalen Malleben
McDead, Mary, of John and Margaret McDead, b. Feb. 3, baptized Mar. 15,
             sponsors Jacob and Mary Eva Cassa.
McDonald, Mary, of John and Bridget McDonald, b. Aug. 1, baptized Oct. 21,                          sponsors William Buttler and Thomas Groaly.
Meyern, Anthony, of Elizabeth Margaret Meyern , b. Dec. 27, 1758,baptized  Jan. 2,              sponsors Elizabeth and James Welsh.
Moor, Elizabeth, of John Moor and Catharine Nigart, b. Nov. ___, baptized Dec. 2,                  sponsor Rachael Therry.
Nicholson, John, of John and Sarah Nicholson, b. Dec. 26, 1755, baptized Apr. 29,                  sponsors Edward Hughes and Bridget Hunt.
Picket, Sarah, of Edmund and Mary Picket, b. Dec. 21, 1757, baptized Jul. 2,
             sponsor Thomas Clark, at Concord [Del. Co., Pa.].
Poth, John Adam, of John and Eva Poth, b. September 9, baptized Nov. 11,                              sponsors John Adam and Elizabeth Poth.
Riechart, Dorothy, of Lothaire and Elizabeth Riechart, b. Oct. 3,1753, baptized                      June 2, sponsors Paul and Dorothy Miller.
Riechart, John, of same parents, b. March 1,1758, baptized June 2, sponsor
             John Heiser.
Rohrer,Catharine Elizabeth,of John  and Anna Gertrude Rohrer, b. Feb. 19, 1757,                  baptized Aug. 4, sponsors Andrew and Mary Catharine Englehardt.
Rohrer, Mary Catharine,of same parents , b. May —, 1755, baptized Aug. 4,                            sponsors Bartholomew and Catherine Elizabeth Becker.
Rohrer, Peter, of same parents, b. Jan. —, baptized Aug. 4, sponsor  Peter Dietrich.
Rudolph, John, of John and Margaret Rudolph, b. Oct. 4, baptized Oct. 8.
Savage, Thomas, of Jeremiah Savage, baptized July 25, sponsor Bridget Savage.
Schad, Francis Joseph and John George (twins), of John Peter and Mary Elizabeth                Schad, b. Apr. 13, baptized Apr.19, sponsors John George and Anna Mary                    Martz.
Schnable, James, of Andrew and Eva Schnable, baptized Aug. 23, witnessed by                      Joseph and Mary Magdalen Hanckaun.
Schene, Barbara, of Lawrence and Mary Magdalen Schene, b. Jan.27, baptized                      Feb. 1, sponsors Anton Graf and Barbara Waltrich.
Schilling, Peter, of Philip and Eva Schilling, b. Jan. 14, baptized Jan.18, sponsors                    Peter and Elizabeth Hegner.
Schneider, Anna Regina, of Henry and Barbara Schneider, b. Jan.15,                            baptized Jan. 21, witnessed by Anton Ottman and Anna Regina,
             his wife. 
Schreiner, Mary Anna, of Anselm and Elizabeth Schreiner, b. Sept. 27,
             baptized Sept. 30, sponsors Leonard and Mary Anna Lasher.
Slevin,Margaret, of Patrick and Elizabeth Slevin,b. Dec. 26,baptized Dec. 28,                          sponsors Neal Heart and Eleanor Kennelly.
Spiess, Anthony, of Wolfgang and Anna Catharine Spiess, baptized Nov. 21,                          sponsor Margaret LeBlanc.
Stahler, Anna Maria, of John and Christina Stabler, b. Mar. 19, baptized
             Apr. 1, sponsors John Stahler and Anna Maria Wilhelm.
Ungar, Mary,of Jacob and Anna Margaret Ungar, b. Dec.15, bapt, Dec. 29,  
             sponsors Mark and Anna Hunecker.
Viet, Bartholomew, of Henry and Ottilia Viet, b. Aug. 7, baptized Aug.19,                                sponsors Bartholomew and Catharine Elizabeth Becker.
Viel, Christopher, of Christopher Viel and baptized May 25.
Villar, Mary Elizabeth, of Anthony and Mary Eva Villar, b. Nov. 5,1758,
             baptized Apr. 22, sponsor Mary Elizabeth Stauter.
Waas,Anthony Ignatius,of Sebastian and Anna Mary Waas ,b. Nov. 9,1758,                              baptized Apr. 17, sponsors Anthony and Anna Mary Gabriel.
Waas,Paul Francis Xavier,of the same parents ,b. Feb. 27,1757, baptized Apr. 17,                  sponsors Paul and Dorothy Miller.
Weidman, Henry, of John and Anna Barbara Weidman, b. Jul. 27, baptized  Aug. 4,              sponsors Henry and Mary Catharine MacGray.
White, Charles and Francis (twins), of Charles. and Jane White, b. Feb. 9, baptized                Feb. 23, sponsors Francis and Barbara Sener.
Zeis, John, of John Adam and Mary Anna Zeis, b. Dec. 12, baptized Dec. 19,                              sponsors John and Anna Barbara Weidman.
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